The Baby Dragon can be a dominant force that is tough to stop in Clash Royale.


The Baby Dragon deck that I am going to share here is just basic; all troops featured in this build are all obtainable from the early stages of the game. I am 100% sure that the following pieces of this deck are already acquired by our friends in Clash Royale.


What makes the Baby Dragon really special is his ability to fly and his splash damage. This allows him to wipe out a horde of low hit points troop.  In my experience, the Baby Dragon is one of the agilest and flexible card in this game.

Pairing up the Baby Dragon with a strong point-damage troop like the Musketeer, or with a high HP troop like the Giant will definitely give every opponent a run for their Elixirs.

Baby Dragon Deck for Arena 3:

Baby Dragon Giant Musketeer Arrows
baby_dragon.png giant.png musketeer.png arrows.png
Knight Spear Goblins Archers Fireball
knight.png spear_goblins.png archers.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

Baby Dragon, Giant, and Musketeer – As the centerpiece of this deck build, the Baby Dragon should always be protected. The Giant will stand as a tanker that will also serve as a decoy to distract enemy troops while the Musketeer will take out opposing troops that will stand on their way.

Arrows and Fireball – These spell cards will take care of the enemy troops attacking from the opposite lane. These cards are also effective for taking out hordes.

Spear Goblins – A cost effective and low Elixir kind of troop. The Green Goblins are also effective in backing up the Baby Dragon. They are also an excellent choice on countering different types of troops, whether its an aerial or ground type. 

Archers - They can absorb multiple shots from the opposing enemy and are also efficient if placed behind a tanker.

Knight - The Knight can be a perfect shield to protect low HP units like the Archers.

Battle Strategy:

At the beginning of the match, always make sure to wait until you reach your elixir is full. Once you opponent drops the first unit, immediately deploy the Giant and summon the Spear Goblins and the Baby Dragon behind.

In case the enemy drops another unit attacking the opposite lane, you can drop down the Archers and send out the Knight to shield and protect. Once the Elixir is fully replenished drop the Giant again and couple it with the Spear Goblins. This strategy allows you to take down the right side Crown Tower.

After destroying the right tower, you can now take your time to replenish your Elixir. You can likewise take the time to devise another defend and counter scheme. Don’t forget to gauge how many Elixir your enemy has left in his tank. Continuously send out some cheaper troops like Spear Goblins to overwhelm your enemy opponent, this approach can absolutely help, as your enemy is starting to rattle and lose all confidence that he has in his sleeves.

Now for the final blow, once the Elixir bar is all fill up, send out the super combo; the Giant, thoroughly tracked by the Baby Dragon and the Musketeer. This is also the time that the Spear Goblins will join the party. This is one insanely powerful combo since the Giant will tank, push back and absorb every attack from the opposing troops. While the advancing party of the Baby Dragon, Musketeer and Spear Goblins will clear out every enemy and buildings.


2016-04-13-09-10-05-Baby_Dragon_Deck_Weakness.JPG 2016-04-13-09-10-06-Baby_Dragon_Weakness.JPG

Though you will get a lot of victories from this build, there are moments when you will feel overpowered or overwhelmed, most especially if you’re rival drops a powerful unit. The key here is to remain focused and always stay sharp, most particularly on your opponent's Elixir count.

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I haven’t seen a perfect deck combination in my entire playing of Clash Royale. So don’t lose hope if your deck or this deck is experiencing a winning drought.

Always remember that Clash Royale is a strategic game similar to chess. You have to mindfully consider every move and every piece you are going to tap in order to get the winning vibe.

Special thanks to Ash for inspiring me to try this deck and sharing a video on how things should be properly accomplished.

Clash Royale - Best Baby Dragon Deck and Strategy for Beginners!


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