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The Hog Rider can still be played smoothly without the use of the Freeze Spell. Here's an effective deck that can help you secure trophies through the help of the Valkyrie and the Bomb Tower.


This deck will let you play your Hog Rider excellently without the help of the famous Freeze Spell. In this article, you will see how the original creator of the deck devastates his enemies by taking an almost full control in every game that he participated. 

Deck Strength:

The deck provides the splash damage is badly needed against a horde of troops. The power of the Valkyrie and Bomb Tower to deal with ground troops are just superb making a hard time especially to spawner decks to deal with this powerful set of cards. While in offense, your Hog Rider will do just fine with the support of the Goblins behind performing extra damage to knock down a tower.

Hog Rider + Valkyrie Deck Arena 4 & Above:

Hog Rider Valkyrie Bomb Tower Minion Horde
hog_rider.png valkyrie.png bomb_tower.png minion_horde.png
Goblins Spear Goblins Fireball Arrows
goblins.png spear_goblins.png fireball.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

Hog Rider. The main source of damage against the enemy's tower. Always make a team with the Spear Goblins and Goblins behind to perform extra damage to a chosen tower. If possible, seek help from Valkyrie or Minion Horde as well.

Valkyrie. Her AoE damage will help your Hog Rider survive from a pesky set of troops. Best used in killing a set of Barbarians or Skeleton Army. Can also deal enough damage in fighting bulky troops like Giant and Giant Skeleton. 

Bomb Tower. Dealing with any spawner deck will be easier as this building tower can deal critical damage against them. If needed, support this by dropping your Goblins if a Hog Rider will try to demolish it. Utilize your Minion Horde or Arrows to secure it from air troops.

Minion Horde. Its main assignment is to kill any beefy tanks like the Giant or a horde of Barbarians. It is untouchable and deal a lot of damage. However, it can be killed by the Arrows, instantly. Use them with care.

Goblins. Can kill any high HP troop in no time. These little guys only cost two elixirs when dropped but can deal severe damage if ignored. Use them mainly in defense and/or helping your Hog Rider in destroying a tower. They can also be used as a distraction against a set of incoming troops if your Bomb Tower is not yet available to defend.

Spear Goblins. They can be very useful anytime for it can attack air and ground units. Place them in a good spot to avoid direct contact with some spell cards or troops. 

Fireball & Arrows. These spells will play a vital role for your Hog Rider to successfully wreck a tower. By the use of the Arrows, you can constantly kill any low HP troops that will stop your Hog Rider. It can also be dropped against a Minion Horde that will take down your Bomb Tower. Fireballs are great in critically damaging a set of Barbarians or any horde of troops. This can also be used in demolishing a building card.

Battle Strategy:

In the first minute of the game, drop your Spear Goblins in any of those defenseless towers. Wait for your opponent's reaction and make a move against it. If a bunch of troops is coming to crash your tower, drop your Minion Horde. If it is a set of ground units, help it with your Fireball to quickly annihilate those. Once you successfully defended your base, drop your Valkyrie with the Spear Goblins and Goblins behind her and wait if your opponent will counter this move. If they ignore this, prepare your Hog Rider behind these troops to perform a lot of damage in the targeted tower.

Dropping your Bomb Tower is also a good move to deal easily with any swarm troops. This tower can also help you buy time to distract your opponent's units. This works best against Balloon, Hog Rider, Prince and the like. Repeat the first strategy up until the second minute of the game to successfully smash down a tower.

When the 60-second mark begins, given that you have destroyed a tower already, keep on pressuring your enemy. Make a Hog + Valk or Hog + Gobs combo to continuously block their combo. By this, they will not focus on destroying your tower but also be conscious in defending. This will give you more time to ruin their plan in extending the game.

Deck Weakness:

There will be situations that you will be having a trouble dealing with a Balloon or Hog deck. If your opponent brought an Elixir Collector with them, chances are the rotation of the cards will be faster, making those dangerous troops available in no time. We recommend that if you face this kind of deck, be careful and vigilant in dropping your counter cards to successfully defend your base. Luckily, this kind of deck will only be faced around Arena 5 or Arena 6 and are rare to face in Arena 4.

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Clash Royale - Best Deck Arena 4 & Arena 5 and Attack Strategy with Hog Rider & Valkyrie Combo

Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

This deck can bring a really hard time to your opponent because of its splash damage. Because of this, the Hog Rider can do his job smoothly, giving you an early lead in the game. 

Special thanks to Ash for sharing this deck!


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