If you are new in Arena 7, you can make use of the cards you have from lower arenas to support the Golem for a one big push.


Getting enough cards to support your Golem might be hard. This is true especially if you unlocked him earlier than expected. However, we can build a good deck with cards you already own up to Arena 7. This time, let's pair the Golem with the Barbarians.

Deck Strength:

The power of this deck is unbelievable once you play these cards correctly. Let's discuss them one by one:

• The damage that the Barbarians and Baby Dragon can provide to clean the way, • the supporting blow of your Goblins can commit, • and also the aid that your Elixir Collector and spells contribute,

Add this all up will make your enemy think twice before dropping and making a team combo against yours.

Golem + Barbarians Deck - Arena 7:

Golem Barbarians Arrows Poison Spell
golem.png barbarians.png arrows.png poison.png
Baby Dragon Goblins Spear Goblins Elixir Collector
baby_dragon.png goblins.png spear_goblins.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem - Your main tank that will lead you to winning the game if supported wisely by the troops that you chose to be in this deck.
  • Barbarians - They will be the front (or back) runner and main support of your Golem. They can be the Golem's backup or your defense against counterpush.
  • Spear Goblins - Very versatile in any way for it can attack an air or ground troop. Spear Goblins can save your dying tower by distracting opponents away from the tower’s position.
  • Goblins - Their damage must not be taken for granted especially for those beefy tanks. These Goblins might be carrying low HPs. However, once they reach their target, expect them to deliver good damage.
  • Baby Dragon - This dragon will be mainly for aerial security and can also administer help if needed on the ground. Always make a team with your Barbarians and Golem for full extent.
  • Poison Spell - This is a super effective spell that can slowly but surely kill any incoming troops either in offense or defense. Drop it in advance depending on how or where the clash will happen.
  • Elixir Collector - Will provide and control the elixir that has been used to support your Golem and other troops in the long run. It can also act as a defense by snatching the attention of any troops that will try to devastate your base.
  • Arrows - Can be used either on offense or defense depending on the situation you are in. Always make this available in your hands especially if there are Minions or Minion Horde in the other party.

Battle Strategy:

Wait for your elixirs to be full at the start of the match. Wait how the enemy will respond.

If your enemy plays an offensive game, prepare your Poison Spell. Drop it in front of the tower where the opponent is pushing. Drop you best troop(s) to stop them. If it's an air attack, drop those Spear Goblins or the Baby Dragon. If ground troops are incoming, use your Barbarians, instead.

Once you defended your tower, support your surviving troops with any troops available behind. This can pressure the opponent and allows you to damage his tower as well.

In the second minute of the game, you should already have a feel of what your opponent's cards are. This should allow you to analyze where you should place your Elixir Collector as well. At this moment, you can now drop your Golem and prepare to support it with all your troops. Drop them carefully to avoid direct contact from Fireball or Arrows.

Most of the time, if a player sees an incoming Golem, they will counter it with all their might rather than push the opposite way. This gives you an advantage to almost read the movements of your enemy. If they try to stop your Golem, drop your Barbarians. Depending on the situation, these Barbarians can either be in front or behind the Golem. Drop your Baby Dragon at the back of your Golem next. Once the road is clear, drop your Goblins carefully on a good location. Remember to always have spare elixir. This is for assurance just in case the enemy chose to push the opposite side. Of course leaving the Golem Push alone can also mean that the chance of victory is almost yours.

If you successfully destroyed a tower, you have two choices. Either you go for another crown tower or just guard any of your own towers. Guard your towers if any of those is dying to assure victory.

In the final minute of the game, you can make a wall-like defense by lining up your Elixir Collectors. This is to stop any incoming troops. Defending your towers is better at this point. This is because another Golem Push can take time and elixirs.

Deck Weakness:

This deck might prove challenging when dealing with a Huts Deck. It will slow down your Golem Push.  Also, there are some situations that you will find it challenging to deal with a Hog Freeze deck. You can counter this by making sure your troops are not close to each other.

Alternatively, once you know it will be hard to do a Golem Push, switch to defense immediately to force a draw. A draw is better than losing trophies, making you frustrated with the Golem's slowness and high elixir cost. It will be better to defend and wait for your enemy to commit a mistake. In this way, you can push towards a 1-crown victory.

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Video Gameplay:

Clash Royale UNDEFEATED GOLEM DECK 10 Game Win Streak Shown GOLEM DECK SPOTLIGHT With Melkor6925

Source: Melkor6925

In Closing:

The key for this deck to continuously win is patience, calmness, and a bag of wit. Like what the original deck user showed in the video, there are times when he almost lost in this epic winning streak gameplay but instead of giving up, he presented how to rise in terms of despair. Special thanks to Melkor6925 for this deck we featured here in Mediacraft!


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