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With the help of the epic Prince, Knight and Barbarians, this deck can be useful up to Arena 7.


With the main help of your bulky and dangerous troops, your Goblin Barrel will be ignored in some situations. This gives it the time to painfully damage a tower of your choice. With only a few high-rated cards, this deck is surprisingly effective up until Arena 7 in dealing with legendary cards and famous duos.


Deck Strength:

The best part of this deck is that every card can be used to take down any bulky troops along the way. Making a combo is easy. Also, any of them can be dropped for emergency purposes. They can stop swarm and bulky troops in just a moment. This will give you time to cycle your cards efficiently.

Goblin Barrel + Prince Deck Arena 5 & Above:

Wizard Goblin Barrel Knight Prince
wizard.png goblin_barrel.png knight.png prince.png
Barbarians Minion Horde Bomber Arrows
barbarians.png minion_horde.png bomber.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

Goblin Barrel. This card is going to act as your annoying trump card all throughout the game. You can either use it as a surprise card during end game. You can also throw it at the start of the match. You need to be tricky in releasing them.

Prince. His damage is one of a kind and can wreck a tower single-handedly if left ignored. But because of his single-target feature, he can easily get distracted by any troops on site. Pairing or making a team with the Barbarians and Knight is a great idea. This will make them somehow temporarily unstoppable.

Barbarians. They will be your ultimate tank to let your Prince and other troops attack. Their damage is superb, making them a versatile kind of card in the Clash Royale Universe. Be always aware of Bomb Towers or any splash damagers. The Barbarians cannot last much longer in dealing with those.

Knight. Teaming it up with the Barbarians and Prince is the main combo of this game. However, you can still use him alone while defending your tower. His damage can make an unsupported Hog Rider be killed easily.

Minion Horde. They will serve as your air defense. These Minions are also very effective in dealing with big tanks like PEKKA, Golem, and Giant Skeleton. Though their HPs are low, utilizing them in the right situation will be favorable to you.

Bomber. This guy can just easily blow anyone who interrupts your Barbarians + Prince combo in no time. His splash damage makes him one of the most annoying troops in the game. Place him behind your tank troops to dodge any attacks as possible. 'Wizard. His damage can bring a horde of minions down in just a single blow. Just like the Bomber, place him behind your tanks to use his skill in full extent. His HP is on average giving it extra blows to anything if left alone after a clash.

Arrows/Fireball. Mainly used to stop swarm troops like Minion Horde or Skeleton Army. Arrows are useful in taking down low HP troops and can also kill the legendary Princess in higher arenas.

Deck Strategy:

During the first minute of the game, always wait for your Elixir to reach 10. Wait for your opponent’s move if you did not draw a good team combo to demolish a tower.

You can make the first move if you got the Barbarians or Knight, Prince, and Bomber. If you are lucky enough, you can reach the crown tower easily. Drop your Barbarians near the river and immediately cast your Prince in the center of them. Wait for your elixir to pump up a bit. After that, make your Bomber’s appearance on the battlefield by dropping it behind the Barbarians + Prince combo. By this, you can somehow stop any potential counter troops. Given that this combo made a major damage to your opponent’s tower, let your elixir  pump and wait for your opponent's next move. If a Prince or a Giant has been used to push your base, use your Knight or Minion Horde to stop them immediately. The Knight’s damage and attack speed can kill those easily with the help of your crown tower.

While doing the strategy above, you will be reaching the second minute and eventually the last minute of the game. Before the game drops at the 60-second mark, make a push by throwing your Goblin Barrel on a dying tower. Once you confused your enemy in your bogus move, it's time for the last moves.

Once successfully done, pressure them by dropping your main troops in the middle of their lair to stop them getting a crown tower in your base.

Deck Weakness:

This deck might have a difficulty in facing building decks(e.g Mortar or Xbow Deck). You also have to conserve elixir because you only have the Minion Horde and Wizard to deal with the air troops. Dropping them at a different position is much needed to still control the game.

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