Even in early Clash Royale arenas, the Witch card can be a game changer for beginning players who are lucky enough to acquire one. Armed with an impressive ranged attack, and the passive ability to spawn skeletons wherever she goes, few cards are able to stand against a Witch + combo.

But how does it stack up in arenas beyond the Bone Yard? When used efficiently, this card can hold its own against the biggest and baddest decks, and we'll show some of our favorite combinations.


This counter deck is built for stopping/slowing the enemy, and countering everything they throw at you. Meanwhile, you build combinations that exhaust your enemy's elixir. Counter their Giant or heavy-hitter with Barbarians and then drop a Witch behind it. These two cards have remarkable synergy, and together, will make a tough front for your enemy to break through. Keep defending against whatever they have, and soon you'll have a well-balanced army on its way to take their towers!

Deck Overview:

Spear Goblins Barbarians Mini P.E.K.K.A Bomber
Spear Goblins Barbarians Mini P.E.K.K.A Bomber
Witch Zap Baby Dragon Giant Skeleton
Witch Zap Baby Dragon Giant Skeleton

Card Roles::

  • Witch - Your primary pusher. With her splash damage, she can pair with most buffer-types in your deck while offering shelter for those troops. However, since we'll be using this deck defensively, the Witch makes for a decent horde smasher. Use against air and land types, but avoid dropping it in front of point-damagers like Prince or P.E.K.K.A.
  • Bomber - Gives your beefy guys some cover for the long walk across the bridge. Best if used at a high level (7+) to avoid being targeted by [[[Arrows]]] in one hit. Never underestimate the damage one overlooked Bomber can do.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A - He's gonna be our slice-and-dice factor for big meatwalls (Knight, Prince) and destroyer of most troops. But he can't do it alone! Give him cover with Spear Gobs or Witch to keep your amped android alive longer.
  • Barbarians - Deploy these guys as often as possible to deal with pesky Princes and even Giants. They make a great shield for Witch, nestling her right in the center for a magic destructo-sand-witch. (Haha, get it?) Terrible puns aside, these guys are the perfect base for a dangerous soup of defeat for your enemy.
  • Baby Dragon - If you got it, use it. Good for offense and defense, what's not to like? Of course, if you don't have one, I've subbed Minions to good effect. You still get that ground-invulnerability of a flying type with ranged damage. Be wary of Arrows, cause these guys pop like balloons.
  • Spear Goblins - Cheap troops used to take down flying nuisances like Minions and Balloons. It can get a little difficult when taking on Baby Dragon, so use a durable distraction to draw it's fire away from the Gobs long enough to finish it.
  • Giant Skeleton - Your walking shield. Alternately, good for defense. Can clear away hordes of little Goblins/Skeletons in a flash, and be the damage sponge for your amassing army behind him. If this card isn't in your bag, you can use Giant in lieu of Giant Skeleton. Just be aware that Giants are distracted real easy by any building your opponent wants to plop down in front of him.
  • Zap - Because it's cheaper than Arrows and does the same thing. Use it against groups of little troops that might otherwise do some major harm to your towers. Again, if you don't have this, use Arrows. One extra elixir point won't kill your deck.

Battle Strategy::

First (0:30) Seconds: If you're big enough to play in Arena 5, you know most players like to wait until the elixir bar is full for maximum efficiency. In case your opponent likes to rush into it, this deck is versatile enough to match them tit-for-tat. Don't spend elixir trying to push your way into the lanes -- wait for your opponent to come to you. Counter appropriately, building combos when you can. If you find you're struggling to keep up with their unit-spam, give them a big ole' distraction in the way of Giant Skeleton/Giant in the empty lane, using Zap when possible to clear out waves. Remember one thing: Defend! Getting a free tower at this point in the game is not worth leaving your buildings unattended.

Middle: This is where you begin to see your synergy. As you deploy units to counter, you also see them work together. Your Spear Goblins will keep your Barbarians alive, while your Witch spawns still more skeletons to engulf them all. The more you use, the bigger you get. You might even get your opponent to exhaust all their elixir trying to get to your towers, opening them for a convenient quick-shot right to the hitpoints. Pull your Giant/Giant Skeleton out to give them something to deal with, accompanied by Minions and Bomber to send them on their happy little mission to boom-town. But, time it right! If it's still too early for pushing, and your towers are still in constant peril (siege-type decks will do that), don't risk it. Let the natural synergy of the cards take you to their towers -- don't force it.

Last (0:60) Seconds: Go, go, go! If you haven't been able to get one-up on your enemy yet, now is the time to do it. Build your ball of death relentlessly, using Zap as often as possible to keep their troops at bay while yours marches. Chances are, your opponent will be waiting for this moment to put the final squeeze on you - and that's okay. If they're focusing on one lane alone, you can easily deploy some cheap troops (Minions/Spear Gobs) to draw some attention to the other lane long enough to waste elixir trying to stop it. Witch it up! Double Witch is a formidable pair, and if you can get two on the field with some Barbarians, even better.


While this deck is built to counter a lot of play styles, it has a couple of vulnerabilities. First, we don't have any defensive buildings. This can be a bonus for some, who feel they waste elixir with minimal effect, or perhaps your buildings aren't the level you wish they would be. Either way, this means that Giants have less distractions to go through on your field, leaving your tasty towers wide open for targeting. You can avoid this by rationing your elixir, using it only when you need it to counter. A well-placed Witch with a few summoned Skeletons can take it down effectively, but don't be blind to the other troops they send your way. Be smart.

You might also run into trouble with Hutters/Tombstones. This is because they can spawn constant troops, and because we're playing defense, we cannot make our way across the bridge to take out the huts. This pattern will eventually lead to a giant ball of Goblins/Barbarians/Skeletons and you're throwing all your elixir just to try and stem the tide of battle. We included Zap/Arrows, but it sometimes will not be enough to blast away the small guys when they have 2+ Huts in play. My advice is to use Valkyrie to its fullest against decks like these, and do damage from a distance with Zap/Arrows directly to the annoying Huts.

Another issue you might find is that this deck will not work if you're used to playing offensively. Having tried (and failed) myself, take it from me that this group is best used defensively. This may mean you don't gain any ground against your opponent until the very last, maybe even finishing in a draw. If you like sacking 'em fast, this isn't the deck for you.

Related Deck Strategies:

Controlling the battlefield is a different tactic than countering. It's a great way to fluster your opponent and calmly take the field for your own.

Here's one that might tailor to a different type of playstyle for Arena 5. Commonly used. Uncommonly beaten.

For fans of Hog+Freeze or Balloon+Freeze, this will be a sure winner. Command your toxins as part of this duo, using them to paralyzing effect while running with Hog Rider.


Personally, I feel there is really no end to the types of decks that the Witch can star in, and even more combinations can be made with her as support. This was a great type of deck to get to use, and I think I'll keep using it for a lot longer. It's a completely different type of battle strategy, and works smoothly against 90% of my battles. Which Witch is your fave? Keep experimenting, and happy Clashes!


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