There's no way to cheaply deal with swarm troops but the bomber.


As the old saying goes, great defense wins the game. In Clash Royale, a lot of players use huts deck or swarm troops. And we think a way to beat those swarmers is when you have the Bomber with you.


The Bomber will come in handy when your opponent's strategy is to swarm you with weak troops all at the same time. With the Bomber being a semi mid-ranged, area damage troop, the enemy's horde can be defeated in an instant.

The Bomber Deck:

Baby Dragon Barbarians Minion Horde Bomber
Baby Dragon Barbarians Minion Horde Bomber
Goblin Hut Musketeer Freeze Hog Rider
Goblin Hut Musketeer Freeze Hog Rider

Card Roles:

Hog Rider + Freeze- This is a popular strategy. The Hog Rider is deployed to target the towers and is assisted by the freeze. In this way, the hog can optimize the time to attack without HP Damage.

Musketeer- Se can score damage ahead before anyone can attack her.

Goblin hut- For cheap goblins, plus as backup tower defense.

Bomber- The main defensive unit against multiple unit troops.

Minion Horde/Baby Dragon- As air and ground support for the Barbarians and the troops that go on offense.

Barbarians-  Offensive swarm troop. They are also used for defense against counterpush.

Battle Strategy:

Plant your Goblin hut right away if you have it firsthand. In this way, your opponent will get pressured and lose his focus. If not wait for 10 elixirs, so you can manage your moves.

If the opponent lays down a high HP troop backed up with swarms, deploy the Barbarians/Minion Horde/Baby Dragon with the Bomber. The Bomber will go against the swarm troops. The Barbarians/Minion Horde will go against the high HP troop.

When you are all clear and your elixir is full, you can now deploy the Hog Rider + Freeze strategy. Though you may also use a Hog rider + Minion Horde combination.

The Musketeer will be useful whenever there is an open tower with no enemy troops around. If it gets swarmed, use the Bomber if possible. If it is being attacked by any high HP troop, deploy the Barbarians/BabyDragon/Minion Horde.

Use the Bomber whenever you figured out that your enemy is using Huts Deck, or has a lot of Multiple Unit troops.


Arrows and Fireballs will be a huge enemy for this deck since we are showcasing hordes and low HP units. 

Also, timing is a big risk. This is true when your opponent is smart enough to know where you're going to place your next cards. He might frustrate you with more troops and your bomber will eventually lose HP.

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Your bomber is the key troop that can help you fight your way against swarm troops.

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Help your X-Bow and Inferno Tower by dealing with those swarm troops.

The Bomber can only attack ground troops so you must at least know when it is the right time to deploy him. You can also switch up this deck to be able to feature large troops to help you push more offense.

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