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Clash Royale Meta Decks

Check out what is the most popular card there is in the Clash Royale Arena!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on February 15, 2017.
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What Are Meta Decks:

Meta Decks are decks that are usually the best strategy deck to use in Clash Royale. The meta is an evolving process in the game since Supercell tries to balance the game and add several things every time they update the game. A little balance update changes the whole aspect of the game and the interaction of each card to one another. Basically, a Meta Deck is never constant and there are times that a Meta Deck may not be used for quite some time.

Knight Princess Bait Cycle For Arena 11:

Make this classic cycle deck reign once you reach the newest arena in the game today!

Bait cycle decks are one of the most used strategies today. This Knight Princess Cycle is one of the most common things you will see in upper arenas. Let your enemy cast their spells early as you formulate a stronger attack in your next moves. Do not forget to plant that Inferno Tower to counter bulky units. Blast them up with your Rocket and other troops intact.

Goblin Gang Cycle Bait Deck for Arena 9:

Cheap and Chip! Bait decks are coming back and GAMINGwithMOLT made a deck together with the Goblin Gang and the rest of the party.

Kite and swarm your enemies! With this set of cards, making a massive push is quite easy! Chip in damage through your low-elixir units as you cycle your annoying cards quick. Be wary against Spell Decks that may cause trouble later on. Wreck that tower swift as you maintain the pressure up until the last minute of the game.

Giant Loon Ram For Arena 11:

Smash and conquer! Let the Giant + Balloon + Battle Ram combo help push your trophies up to the top!

Looking for an effective slow push deck? This Giant with the Battle Ram and Balloon is something to look out for! Pressure your enemy through Giant and Battle Ram early and surprise them with the Balloon later on. Support your troops with the Ice Wizard and Archers for a bigger chance of reaching your main target. Spells included will surely be handy for the rest of the battle.

Giant Executioner Deck for Arena 9:

Cycle and clear the path of your Giant with the Executioner as support.

From a lot of changes in the past updates, players tend to look for a stable deck. This Giant with the Executioner combo is strong, but with some of the cheapest cards available? Think again!

The well-known duo now comes with a pack of useful support in distinct battles. Once you learned the enemy's strategy, cycling the cards you need to make an effective counter will be easier.

New LavaLoon Raged Deck:

Let us bring back the glory of Rage with this new Lavaloon Deck!

Yes, Lavaloon decks are still a thing in mid to higher arenas. A level 1 Lava Hound is viable enough if teamed up with the best units. Mainly, the deck consists of aerial units. Thus, it can deal well with ground troops. Most of the decks today includes ground units like the Elite Barbarians, Skeleton Army etc. With a lot of air troops and splashers in this deck, smashing today's popular combos are easier than before.

Miner Lava Lightning Deck Arena 8 Above:

Check out Ash's Lava Hound Miner Lightning Deck that puts him into 5100+ Trophies! Of course, this deck is also great to use in Arena 8 and Above!

This classic Miner Lava deck is still viable in higher arenas. Aside from bait decks, Lava Hound decks are clearly seen in Arenas 9 and up. Along with this is the ever popular Giant and Hog Rider mashups. Swarm your enemy with the Tombstone with some of your air units. Once your opponent cast their spells, deploy more units behind the Lava Hound.

Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11:

Use those legendaries extreme power to their extent! Here is a deck showcasing multi-legends together with the cheapest yet useful cards in the arena today!

Having two-three legendaries is a common thing now in the arena. With the classic units intact, making a strong deck is possible.

Same with this Gravy Electro Deck, its firepower is stable and can deal with almost all popular decks today. With the Knight serving as your tank, supporting troops will always be available and viable when you need them.

Battle Ram Graveyard Deck for Arena 9:

A Battle Ram deck with Graveyard and full of splash damage units!

Battle Ram decks are clearly seen in higher arenas. Due to the pressure it can bring, players pick it as one of their main front runners. In this deck, the Bowler and the Executioner is combined. With their powers, eliminating both air and ground units are just a piece of cake. Planting the Elixir Collector is a must to maintain the best mashup you will need in defensive and offensive strategies.

P.E.K.K.A Ram Bandit Beatdown Deck for Arena 11:

StarBoozel from Reddit shared a deck with a surprisingly low Average Elixir cost with a P.E.K.K.A. Check out how this redditor used the Dash from the Bandit and the Battle Ram.

The P.E.K.K.A deployment time buff makes her great comeback visible to everyone. Players are now considering this big threat as their main unit. Teaming her up with a splash, and low elixir troops is really a must. This helps her a lot in reaching her target successfully.

With this deck, forming a strong team is possible. As you wait for the last minute of the battle, you can defend your crown towers fairly. Halt, pressure and then make a strong counter. That are some of the best features of this beatdown deck designed for players in Arena 11.

Gob Gang E-Barbs No Legendary Deck for Arena 9:

You won't need any legendary cards to win with this deck. The newly buffed Baby Dragon, E-Barbs, Musketeer and the Goblin Gang is enough to win you trophies!

Elite Barbarians might have received a nerf in the past updates, but his viability is still strong with the players. E-Barbs are a really great card if played well. Their speed and damage are still commendable, that is why users still root for them even in higher arenas.

Aside from slow push decks, they are also stable with swarm units. With the right spells together, making an effective counter is always attainable. This Goblin Gang E-Barbs deck is the perfect example of a swarm set of cards. Without no legendaries, even F2P can attain success with this one.


In the past weeks, we are still seeing a lot of bait decks in the arena. Along with these are the PEKKA, Lava Hound, Hog Rider and Giant decks.

We believe that the current mixture of meta will be staying for a couple of weeks more. Without a massive update in the cards available, today’s popular decks will surely stay.

The past updates when it comes to the game features are superb. Aside from the Leagues, additional cool features are now live. Due to this, we are sensing a lot of new decks to be rolled out in these categories.

Stay tuned here in Clash Royalepedia!

Last modified: 31, 03, 2017
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