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What Are Meta Decks:

Meta Decks are decks that are usually the best strategy deck to use in Clash Royale. The meta is an evolving process in the game since Supercell tries to balance the game and add new several things every time they update the game. A little balance update changes the whole aspect of the game and the interaction of each card to one another. Basically, a Meta Deck is never constant and there are times that a Meta Deck may not be used for quite some time.

Golem Champ Deck Arena 7 Above

Move like a champ with these Golem decks created by this year’s Clash Royale King’s Cup Grand Winner, YaoYao.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the latest update that Supercell rolled out this February. With a lot of buffs that certain cards received, this heavy deck will surely be deadly. Make use of the Baby Dragon's additional range upgrade. Support the Golem with the best cards to make your push successful.

The Blackest Day Deck — Arena 8

Pave way for the newest buffed units in the Clash Royale Universe!

This deck simply defines the best cards that have been upgraded in the latest update. The P.E.K.K.A's deploy time, the Dark Prince's additional damage and a nastier Poison Spell will bring havoc to the enemy's lair if played well. Do not forget to plant that Elixir Collector to make this deck's epic comeback hard to deal with.

Golem + Poison Deck Arena 6 & Above

A well-known Golem Strategy in Clash Royale is to create a buildup before the eventual push. How about we try hiding the Golem and make a surprising push at the last minute of the game?

Currently, the Poison is getting its spot in most of the arenas. With its stinky yet deadly damage, mixing it with some of the classic cards will help you win trophies. This deck will also help you get rid of a lot of low HP/swarm units like the Skeleton Army in both offense and defense.

Giant Battle Ram Beatdown Deck for Arena 9

The era of the Giant is back! This time he's bringing the Battle Ram in battle.

Though the Executioner received a massive nerf in February's update, making an epic team with the tough Giant is still viable. Not only that, this deck also showcases the newest cards in the game today. In the current meta, a booming number of players are using the Battle Ram and Tornado. Do you think this deck can handle the pressure in the next weeks?

Heavy Battle Ram Push Deck for Arena 9

The RumHam is back with this Heavy Battle Ram Push Deck that can counter the usual Giant push!

This deck shared by RumHam is purely lit, especially in the Tournament battles. With the most useful buff that the P.E.K.K.A received, other cards will feast to support her. With this deck, you can perform defensive and strong counter strategies if played well. The Bowler and the Executioner will handle the ground and air units, as the PEKKA with the Battle Ram maintains pressure throughout. Let your spells help you further to get your target quick!

Giant Witch Poison Deck for Arena 7 and Above!

Giant and Witch combo is already a formidable team in Clash Royale, how about throwing out some Poison Spell on the circle?

We are bringing this classic deck back due to a lot of buffs happened recently. The Witch and Poison's upgrade will surely pull back the past Giant era in the game.

New LavaLoon Raged Deck

Let us bring back the glory of Rage with this new Lavaloon Deck!

In higher arenas, the Lavaloon decks are being seen lately. This deadly deck can keep its phase in the upcoming meta decks in the game. With the help of the Rage Spell, enemies will be in deep dire once they exhausted their elixir early. Control the battle by picking the right cards in both ground and air.

Witch Giant Combo Deck

Want to counter the current Clash Royale game meta? This Witch + Giant combo will help you get through it!

This set of cards can be played well depending on your arena. With the Giant with Witch combo, supporting them with other low elixir units is possible. The Witch is strong especially in the mid arenas, Arena 5-7, depending on its level. With its received buff, can we see her go up to later arenas?


In the past weeks, we have seen a lot of bait decks roamed around the arena. It is really a good thing that the game is pretty well balanced in terms of dealing with the Elite Barbarians. Today, with the massive February 13 Update that Supercell launched, the meta is again shifting to its new chapter.

Like what we have shared in the decks in this article, we believe that the Giant era will come back along with the P.E.K.K.A and Golem decks. Expect to face a good number of Baby Dragon users in the next days. The Executioner's nerf is truly a must. It was just too strong back then, that countering him is a real pain in the neck.

In my opinion, this is a great chance for those players who love to formulate new decks. Mixing newly released cards with the classic ones will bring a different challenge. Especially, if your pre-loved cards are having its buff once again.

We will update this article next time if we see drastic changes in the arena, Chief!

Stay tuned here in Clash Royalepedia!

Last modified: 15, 02, 2017


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