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Clash Royale Meta Decks - August 2017

Check out what is the most popular card there is in the Clash Royale Arena!
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What Are Meta Decks:

Meta Decks are decks that are usually the best strategy deck to use in Clash Royale. The meta is an evolving process in the game since Supercell tries to balance the game and add several things every time they update the game. A little balance update changes the whole aspect of the game and the interaction of each card to one another. Basically, a Meta Deck is never constant and there are times that a Meta Deck may not be used for quite some time.

The Decks below are the meta decks that became popular because of the August 2017 Balance Update

Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above:

The Graveyard in this Furnace. Here's how this set of cards are becoming very popular today! - Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above

Knight, Furnace, Archers. These set of cards are becoming very popular today as fast cycle decks become dominant. Played with the Electro Wizard and you got one of the best deck right now in the arena.

But what if you don't have the Electro Wizard? That will be tough. I suggest you try different ways by switching with the Wizard or switch out two cards to accommodate a card with stun effect.

Check out how it is played here!

Exec Hognado For Arena 9 Above:

Rock the arena with this popular deck today, the Cycle Hog with the Executioner! - Exec Hognado For Arena 9 Above

Cycle and create a solid counter-push against your opponents with this set of cards we featured. Pressure your enemy with the Hog Cycle strategy on offense and the Executioner-Nado mash-up during defense. Learn it all right here in this recommended strategy.

Knight Princess Bait Cycle For Arena 11:

Into fast-cycle swarm strategies? Try and make this classic cycle deck reign once you reach the newest arena in the game today! - Knight Princess Bait Cycle For Arena 11

Bait cycle decks are one of the most used strategies today. This Knight Princess Cycle is one of the most common things you will see in upper arenas. Let your enemy cast their spells early as you formulate a stronger attack in your next moves. Do not forget to plant that Inferno Tower to counter bulky units. Blast them up with your Rocket and other troops intact.

Zap Log Bait Deck Arena 9 and Above:

A working Zap and Log Bait Deck to work against the current meta with just the Princess as Legendary. - Zap Log Bait Deck Arena 9 and Above

Bait and swarm! Weaken your enemy's tower and finish it with a bang! This deck never gets old and right now, it is rampaging in the current meta! Control and make an epic comeback with the cheap cards altogether and rocket the enemy often or by surprise.

Goblin Gang Cycle Bait Deck for Arena 9:

Cheap and Chip! Bait decks are coming back and GAMINGwithMOLT made a deck together with the Goblin Gang and the rest of the party. - Goblin Gang Cycle Bait Deck for Arena 9

Here is another Bait Cycle you can count on during Ladder Matches. Let the Miner and Princess help your squad to have a higher chance of getting those towers quickly.

2.8 Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above:

Pound your enemy with Hog Rider after Hog Rider with this quick 2.8 average elixir deck with no legendaries! - 2.8 Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above

The increase of Hog Knight cycle is being seen in the limelight right now. This cheap deck will help you gain a lot of victories if you play it well. The power of the Tornado and supporting cards will fully distract your enemy once you roll them out.

Hog Bats Cycle Deck For Arena 8 and Above:

The Bats complement the Hog Rider pretty well in this Hog Bats Cycle deck. Perfect for pushing and defense. Make way for this popular set of cards and bag trophies in each battle. - Hog Bats Cycle Deck For Arena 8 and Above

This deck showcases the ever popular Hog Rider with the Log and Electro Wizard. Depending on your Arena, substitutions can be in place. Such as putting the Goblin Gang when you finally acquire it, replacing the Ice Spirit.

Splash Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above:

Beat your opponent with splashers together with the Tornado and wreck through their tower with the Graveyard + Poison combo. - Splash Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above

Another very popular deck in the meta for months now. Equip yourself with two Splash units and the Tornado to clear the way.

Graveyard Bowler Deck Arena 8 Above:

This Bowler Graveyard deck is still on the loose in the current meta. Swarm. Tank and Splash with these awesome featured mashups. - Graveyard Bowler Deck Arena 8 Above

Tired of playing those Golem decks? Then you can try this effective deck starting from the Frozen Peak. Create a strong counter-push with the Bowler and the Graveyard. Prepare spells and drop surprise counters to weaken the enemy. Check and learn this deck quick.

Gravy Bats Cycle Pressure For Arena 10:

Fan of fast-cycle deck? Here's a Knight Gravy set of cards featuring the Bats effective in higher arenas today. - Gravy Bats Cycle Pressure For Arena 10

The rising popularity of the Bats is making this Knight Graveyard mash-up even stronger. Cycle your way through the top as you pressure the enemy with these cheap yet effective cards all throughout the battle.

Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11:

Use those legendaries extreme power to their extent! Here is a deck showcasing multi-legends together with the cheapest yet useful cards in the arena today! - Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11

Having two-three legendaries is a common thing now in the arena. With the classic units intact, making a strong deck is possible.

Same with this Gravy Electro Deck, its firepower is stable and can deal with almost all popular decks today. With the Knight serving as your tank, supporting troops will always be available and viable when you need them.

Electro Hog Barrel Cycle For Arena 9 Above:

Swarm. Wreck. Cycle! Make the Hog Electro mashup great again in this set of featured cards for Jungle Arena and above. - Electro Hog Barrel Cycle For Arena 9 Above

Do not underestimate the power of the Electro Wizard even after the nerf it has received. With the right combination, making a huge positive outcome is still attainable. Here is a deck that can give proof of his ability.

3.0 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above:

Don't be discouraged if you're F2P and want to battle it out with the best. This deck will help you reach Arena 11 and go to the leagues! - 3.0 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above

Surprised? Well, in the past days, this Mortar deck is getting popular in the arena. Learn the right way on how to utilize this deck through our featured article.

Lightning Lava Deck Ft. Miner Log Arena 7 Above:

Can’t get enough of the Lava Lightning combo? This deck can help you push trophies and win tournaments as well! - Lightning Lava Deck Ft. Miner Log Arena 7 Above

It is back! One of the most used decks in the arena is now back in the present meta. Distract your enemy to make your available cards support the Hound all the way! With the annoying ability of the Miner, making a surprise comeback will be your strength in taking down opponents.

New LavaLoon Raged Deck:

Let us bring back the glory of Rage with this new Lavaloon Deck! Counter your enemy's swarms to make your own Swarm Squad! - New LavaLoon Raged Deck

Yes, Lavaloon decks are still a thing in mid to higher arenas. A level 1 Lava Hound is viable enough if teamed up with the best units. Mainly, the deck consists of aerial units. Thus, it can deal well with ground troops. Most of the decks today includes ground units like the Elite Barbarians, Skeleton Army, etc. With a lot of air troops and splashers in this deck, smashing today's popular combos are easier than before.

Baby Lava Loon Deck for Arena 6:

Get to play an effective and working deck in Arena 6 featuring the Lava Hound partnered with a flying AoE unit - the Baby Dragon. This deck also has the Balloon for that OP win. - Baby Lava Loon Deck for Arena 6

Have you tried mixing the Baby Dragon in the popular Lavaloon combo? If not yet, this is your chance to see them in real action. If you are a fan of slow-push/aerial mash-ups, then this one is worth a try.

Ultra Heavy Golem 3M Deck for Arena 9

Go on extra heavy with this Golem Three Musketeers deck with the Battle Ram and get to three crown your enemy. - Ultra Heavy Golem 3M Deck for Arena 9

This deck is literally heavy, but it is worth it. Create a massive push with the Golem and the Three Musketeers. Bombard your enemy with cheap counters/pressure early as you invest for the right amount of elixir before you cast havoc.

Ram Heal Three Musketeers For Arena 11:

Doom your enemy with this unusual set of cards! Let this deck help you reach higher in the Leagues! - Ram Heal Three Musketeers For Arena 11

A rise of Three Musketeers users is also being seen in the limelight today. In this featured deck, you will mainly pressure the enemy with the Battle Ram and the Minion Horde. After learning the opponent's deck, you can now deploy the Three Musketeers making split attacks with the Knight or Battle Ram. Do not forget to plant that Elixir Collector to make the impossible, possible!

Miner Ram Bandit Synergy For Arena 11:

The Miner Bandit mashup is getting out of hand in various arenas! Here is a deck from Coltonw83 of Youtube that can be used in Tourneys and even Ladders! - Miner Ram Bandit Synergy For Arena 11

Worried about the Ram and Electro Wizard's nerf? Fear not! This synergy can still have you win further. Let the Bandit and the Miner help you out along with the nastiest spells in the arena today.

Golem Night Witch For Arena 9 Above:

Mix the Night Witch with the Golem and create a new mashup you can count on during Challenges and Ladder Rankings. - Golem Night Witch For Arena 9 Above

This new duo is taking the arena by storm along with some of the best supporting cards in the game today. The nerfed Night Witch might be a bit different, but its power is still handy in such situations. Let this help you reach the Legendary Arena by showcasing its Golem-based power!

No Legendary Golem Baby Dragon For Arena 9 Above:

Looking for a Golem Baby Dragon set of cards without any legendaries? Check this deck which can help you bag trophies from tourneys and ladder matches. - No Legendary Golem Baby Dragon For Arena 9 Above

No legendaries? No problem! Here is an effective Golem Lightning Classic without any legendaries to lean on. Mainly composed of aerial units, collect extra elixir and make a powerful squad at the right time.

Night PEKKA Bandit Knockdown For Arena 9:

Coltonw83's winning deck is here to stay and be played! Pressure and eliminate your enemy with this set of cards starting in the Jungle Arena! - Night PEKKA Bandit Knockdown For Arena 9

This is a deck that has delivered victories in Spanish Tournaments. The P.E.K.K.A remains as a dominant card. The Night Witch and Log is there to support the Pekka in reaching the tower.

Overall - After the August 2017 Balance Update:

After the Night Witch's nerf, we are still seeing a lot of Night Witch based decks especially, in higher arenas. The Golem is undeniably one of the best cards today in terms of tournament or ladder rankings. As for the Hog Rider, it is still one of the most effective cards in bagging trophies.

We are also monitoring the current usage of spells such as the Heal and the Poison. We are sensing a boom of Mirror users to execute the stack abilities of this spells.

Hope to see a new twist in the Clash Royale meta.

Keep on playing, Chief!

How about you? Are there any more decks you are facing a lot these past few days? Share it below in our comment section!

Stay tuned here in Clash Royalepedia!

Last modified: 15, 08, 2017

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