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What is Meta Decks:

Meta Decks are decks that are usually the best strategy deck to use in Clash Royale. The meta is an evolving process in the game since Supercell tries to balance the game and add new several things every time they update the game. A little balance update changes the whole aspect of the game and the interaction of each card to one another. Basically, a Meta Deck is never constant and there are times that a Meta Deck may not be used for quite some time.

Elite Barbarians Miner Deck for Arena 7

Let the new cancer card greatly decide your victory!

This deck is packed with surprises and can create massive damage overtime. Making a split push combo is possible due to the Hog Rider's availability. Confuse your enemy as you bait them to counter a single tower. Waste their spells to leave your units open!

Bowler Graveyard Elite Barbarians Deck for Arena 8

A very powerful deck that utilizes Bowler, Graveyard, and Elite Barbarians! Climb up the trophy ladder faster!

Before the Elite Barbarians' buff, this Bowler with Graveyard mashup is already up and visible in higher arenas. With the Elite Barbarians together, making a strong push combo is further easy. Let the Bowler bring pressure in the arena as you prepare for the opponent's answer. Drop the Graveyard to surprise the enemy and support your units all throughout. This deck is great for players who like to play slow yet surely. Once the 60-second mark starts, you can make your pushes extra viable.

Elite Barbarians Tornado Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 8 Above

We have been seeing a lot of Hog Cycle Decks. Well, here is a new Hog Cycle Deck including the new cards, Elite Barbarians and Tornado!

Make use of that buffed Tornado Spell and Elite Barbarians to make your Hog Rider extra strong! Support your Hog with the Ice Golem as you wait for your enemy's countermeasures. Learn their deck and counter them accordingly. Pressure them with the Elite Barbarians in any ways you want to distract and waste their elixir. Make sure to cycle your cards thoroughly to answer the enemy's move all throughout the game.

Hog Elite Barbarians Electric Wizard Deck for Arena 8

Electro Wizard + Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider = Total Domination in both offense and defense!

We all know that the Hog Rider with the Elite Barbarians combo is now common in the arena. But with the Electro Wizard on board, can we see and feel the pressure in this one?

Chip in some damage to the enemy's tower by using the Hog with Ice Spirit cheap combo. Use the Zap to quickly eliminate low HP units around to let the Hog Rider have its extra shots. Counter your enemy by the Skeleton Army, Musketeer or the Inferno Tower accordingly. Let the Electro Wizard help on both offense and defense to make a stronger barrier in your every move. Provide further pressure by deploying the Elite Barbarians wisely.

Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider Deck for Arena 8

Support your ever-loved Hog Rider with the Elite Barbarians! Swarm. Crash. Repeat!

This deck is a good deck for users who likes to play nasty strategically. Providing pressure with this set of cards is easy. It can help the players to play fairly on both offense and defense. Play your Hog Rider the way you support it. Occasionally deploy the Elite Barbarians to somehow control the game. Make sure supporting units are behind to increase its possibility to reach their targets quick.

Electro Hog Cycle Mania For Arena 7 Above

We've got the new "cancer" in the arena rocking with the Hog Rider and Electro Wizard, Chief!

Counter and create surprising combos to confuse your enemy in a distinct battle. Run the classic Ice Golem Hog Rider tandem and prepare for an all-out defense. Once you cleared the way, make use of your left units and perform a counter push quick. You can cycle your cards fairly due to this deck's elixir cost. Just like any other E-Barbs deck today, surprising your enemy with it is also a must.

Elite Electro Graveyard Deck Arena 8 Above

Chief Pat’s 12 Win Electro Challenge Deck might be the one that you need to push trophies in the ladder!

Similar with the past Bowler with Graveyard combo, this deck is superb if played wisely. You can swarm, counter and crash towers effectively. You can initiate the attack slowly with the Ice Golem and Archers as you collect Elixir, you can perform a double push strategy afterwards. Counter the enemy by casting the Fireball or Skeleton Army for distraction. Use the Electro Wizard to halt big threats such as Inferno Dragon, Sparky and much more. Let Zap counter the enemy's counter units against your Graveyard. The deck help you further once the double elixir starts.

Graveyard Bowler Deck Arena 8 Above

This Bowler Graveyard deck is recently seen in higher arenas, is this the next best deck in the current meta?

An amazing yet extreme deck without big tanks to rely on. If you successfully form the Bowler Graveyard team combo, supporting them behind will be easier. The cards inside this deck can help you on both offensive and defensive strategies. You just need to study the enemy's deck first to make everything deadly. If you are not comfortable with the Ice Spirit, you can use the Ice Golem instead. By this, you can weaken or kill swarm counters for your main push mashup.


That's it! As we can see, most of the decks in the current meta has its common denominator, the Elite Barbarians! Well, we cannot blame players for not liking it. Supercell buffed it for a reason, to make them real ELITE. Aside from that, we can still see a lot of Hog Rider users in the arena. Though slow push decks are still on, bait decks and fast cycle decks are still the most used in today's season.

Do you think the meta will drastically change after the upcoming update?

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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