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Frustrate your enemies with this deck in Clash Royale.


A siege deck primarily uses buildings for destroying or pressuring the enemy's tower. Its average elixir is quite high, so defend all the siege cards at all cost.

Note that this deck is pretty hard to manage, especially the fact every match will always be in overtime.


A Siege Deck is a powerful Clash Royale deck if done right. Its high average elixir may be hard to manage. However, there are also several changes you can make such as getting Tesla instead of Inferno Tower, and many more.

The Siege Deck:

Barbarians Bomber Minion Horde Arrows
barbarians.png bomber.png minion_horde.png arrows.png
Inferno Tower Rocket Tombstone X-Bow
inferno_tower.png rocket.png tombstone.png x-bow.png

I have never used a siege deck before. I did, however, encounter many of them and they really are a pain to play against.

Here is a very good Siege deck that can dominate Arena 4 (based on maxigenepi on

Card Roles:


  • X-Bow - Main siege weapon for destroying crown towers.
  • Tombstone - To distract enemies such as hogs, giants, etc. They slow down tanks.
  • Rocket - Destroy low HP towers, and units swarming your own tower.
  • Inferno Tower - Kill tanks, such as giants, hogs, golems, etc.
  • Arrows - Kills low HP units that are trying to destroy X-bow
  • Minion Horde - for defending/attacking another lane. Can also put down to kill tanks that aim to destroy X-Bow.
  • Barbarians - 'Same use as Minion Horde.
  • Bomber - Same use as Arrows.

Battle Strategy

First of all, note that X-Bow had its range decreased by 1. You cannot cheese it anymore. However, it still can reach the enemy's tower if it is behind the bridge, since it has the same range as the Mortar now which is 12.

At the start of the match, do not put down your X-bow right away. By using a siege deck, you cannot be on offense. Rather, let your enemy come to you. In this way, you can preserve your elixirs and buildings. Once the enemy attacks, defend it with the Minion Horde or Barbarians.

If the enemy tries to push the lane, put down the X-bow on the other side. It will most likely deal heavy damage to the enemy's tower when left unattended. Use arrows or bomber when he puts down low HP units, and inferno tower or the tombstone beside it to destroy other units that have higher HP like Giants. Finally, once the enemy tower is below 300-400 health , use your Rocket to destroy it.

Deck Weakness:


Here are the usual counters for each card of the Siege Deck.

  • Fireball - Can easily kill Minion Horde or deal damage to the X-bow and Inferno Tower.
  • Minions - Usually to counter X-bow since it cannot attack aerial units.
  • Minion Horde - Same with Minions.
  • Barbarians - To push a lane or deal damage to the X-bow.
  • Baby Dragon - To counter X-bow since it cannot do attack aerial units.
  • [[Spear Goblin | Spear Goblins] - To distract X-Bow's attacks, and kill Skeletons.
  • Wizard - To destroy X-Bow and other units because of its high AOE damage.
  • Hog Rider - Quick and can easily get to your X-bow or Inferno Tower.
  • Rocket - To quickly dispose of your X-Bow and Inferno Tower.

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The Siege Type Deck strategy is very technical and requires a bit of patience. Remember to always make room to defend the Inferno Tower, or you might lose your focus.


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