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Update!! Click here for our new Meta Decks article!!! There is an underlying meta-game underneath the fun game that is Clash Royale. We take a look at the control decks today.


Clash Royale has its own so-called "metagame". It is the share of people who are pursuing distinct lines of play to win the game. Clash Royale's metagame can be broken down into three categories: Beatdown, Control, and Siege.

And today we will be focusing on the Control Deck.


If the Beatdown Decks are close to Proactive Decks then Control Decks are the Reactive Decks. These are the decks that can counter your opponents attacks with Elixir-positive trades which then you can use 2-3 card line of play to take an Arena Tower with your excess Elixir.

They are great for opponents that use MOB Decks because it is mostly the easiest to counter.

Control Deck:

Baby Dragon Arrows Minions Tombstone
Baby Dragon Arrows Minions Tombstone
Freeze Spear Goblins Giant Skeleton Hog Rider
Freeze Spear Goblins Giant Skeleton Hog Rider

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon: A great troop for either defensive or offensive. They deal area/splash damage to Ground Troops which can be a great counter to MOBs like Skeleton Army. They also deal great damage to Arena Towers.
  • Spear Goblins: They are great for countering or defending against the charge attack of Princes or for pulling enemy troops.
  • Minions: Along with Baby Dragons, these Minions can take down buildings and Ground Unit Troops in a flash.
  • Tombstone: Another perfect counter for the Prince. Bring this down to stop the Prince and distract him while your Arena Towers takes him down.
  • Freeze: Perfect to use if your opponent brings down a huge MOB or high-damage-dealing troops to counter you Giant Skeleton. Make sure to time it perfectly.
  • Arrows: If your enemy uses MOBs and you don't have Freeze or Baby Dragons, you can use Arrows to counter them much easily.
  • Giant Skeleton: This Giant Skeleton will surely bring the BOMB to the party, and by that , I meant literally a HUGE BOMB! He'll deliver a bomb to your enemy towers to deal huge amounts to it and in an area around it. Although, they are very vulnerable and can be easily countered by MOBs and Inferno Towers.
  • Hog Rider: Perfect to partner up with the Giant skeleton, they can push the Giant Skeleton faster, and can destroy enemy towers easily without breaking a sweat. They are the number one building destroyer in Clash of Clans and they are the same in Clash Royale.

The best way for you to create a Control Deck is to have counter and re-counter cards, hence the two or more spell cards.

Deck Strategy:

Control Decks are like "Reactive Decks". You are mainly going to counter and re-counter your enemy. So just save up enough counter spell cards, troops, and elixirs. Wait for your enemy to waste their elixirs trying to take down your Towers easily. Once you manage to perfectly counter them, you can drop down a Prince and a Hog Rider to finish them up nice and clean.

Of course, the cards above can be interchanged with other cards that can fit in the role.

Deck Weakness:

The main problem of this deck is that you prioritize with counter cards and little-to-no defense or offense. You can't put down your offensive cards without waiting for your enemy to put down their own so you can counter. If the enemy is using a Siege Deck, then it is a huge counter for Control Decks, since Control Decks are waiting for enemy troops to cross the bridge. If your opponent uses buildings like the X-Bow, then you don't have any good defense against it.

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I hope you liked this article, I suggest you check out the other metagame categories to fully understand everything.

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