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There is an underlying meta-game underneath the fun game that is Clash Royale. We take a look at the beatdown decks today.


Clash Royale has its own so-called "meta-game". It is the share of people who are pursuing distinct lines of play to win the game. It can be broken down into three categories: Beatdown, Control, and Siege.

And today we will be focusing on the Beatdown Decks.


Clash Royale players who have Beatdown Decks tend to be more proactive. They tend to spend elixirs on troops that are likely to generate a large amount of damage-to-cost ratio if uninterrupted. This deck can be filled with a mixture of different troops so you can create different or new strategies. In this way, you can adapt to your enemy defenses for every match that you get.

Beatdown Deck:

Baby Dragon Skeleton Army Musketeer Giant
Baby Dragon Skeleton Army Musketeer Giant
Spear Goblins Arrows Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A
Spear Goblins Arrows Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - Great pushers, cheap, and provide great defense against ground attacking troops. They are also great against MOBs due to their area/splash damage.
  • Spear Goblins - If you manage to put two of them down or with a Baby Dragon, then you can force your opponent to counter it. If they use their only counter like Arrows, then you can summon up another MOB like the Skeleton Army.
  • Musketeer - Great offense and support. Drop them down behind a Giant or any other troop, and they can take down other enemy troops from afar. Because their range is quite far, they can also attack Crown Towers without getting attacked by the King Tower.
  • Giant - Perfect meatshields, you can use them to either pull enemy troops away from your Arena or as a defense for your other high-damage-dealing troops.
  • Skeleton Army - These can take down troops with huge HP's or even Arena Towers in just mere seconds if they aren't countered. Or if they are countered, the high-hp unit will have his life cut in half already.
  • Arrows - Defense for those pesky MOBs.
  • Prince - They deal tons of damage with their charge attack. They are also fast which makes them really great for a classic Beatdown Deck.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A - Probably the strongest yet cheapest rare card for a Beatdown Deck. The Mini Pekka is quick and can destroy Crown Towers easily if unnoticed.

The Beatdown Deck should consist of troops that can deal huge damage and at the same time are also elixir cost-efficient.

Deck Strategy:

When using the Beatdown Deck, don't wait for your opponent to make a move. You should be the one to start the opening salvo.

At the beginning of the match, drop down a cheap troop first like Baby Dragons or a Mini P.E.K.K.A. Once your opponent tries to counter it, find a way to re-counter. You can do this by dropping down Spear Goblins or a Musketeer. Alternatively, you can also split-push with a Mini P.E.K.K.A or a Prince if you have more elixirs. If however, your opponent drops down troops first, then find a way to counter it quickly. Drop down a Baby Dragon or a Mini P.E.K.K.A to take them down easily. You can use Musketeer + Giant + Mini P.E.K.K.A for a core push. The Giant will be the meatshield, the Mini P.E.K.K.A will deal tons of damage. The Musketeer at the back will protect them.

You can also use a Spear Goblin if you want to protect your musketeer, and then drop down the Prince quite farther from the Arena Towers so he has time to charge up his lance for more damage. If your enemy gives up or doesn't summon up any troops anymore, you can finish it up with a Skeleton Army.

Deck Weakness:

Beatdown Decks' main weakness are decks with lots of defensive cards.

If your opponent has a lot of counters, then you'll just be wasting your elixirs trying to force your way into their Arena which will result in a tragic loss. So make sure you also wait for your enemy to use their counters on your cheap troops before using down your main troops.

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In Closing:

Although this deck can be countered easily with spells, not any can get those spells card ready for play as much as they want to.

So make sure to use the cards on your deck counteractively so you can have an elixir advantage than your enemy.


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