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Arena 5 (Spell Valley)
Trophy Count 1,400 - 1,699 Trophies, Demotion to Arena 4 at 1350 Trophies
Card Unlocks: Graveyard, Poison, Fire Spirits, Freeze, Furnace, Wizard, Night Witch
Rewards 12 Victory Gold, x18 Cards (Golden Chests), x37 Cards (Crown Chests), x47 Cards (Magical Chests), x161 (Giant Chests), x414 (Super Magical Chests)

Clash Royale Arena 5 Overview:

The Clash Royale Arena 5 sits between the hodgepodge that is Arena 4 and the experienced players of Arena 6. As a middle ground, many Clash Royale players in this Arena start by sticking their tried-and-tested fast cycle decks that have won them countless trophies in Arena 4, only to find out they cannot defeat basic Giant Push strategies.

Generally speaking, Arena 5 is where players test the waters again. With all kinds of deck strategies being played out, the best Arena 5 deck might not be the one that has won in Arena 4, but might be something entirely new, or even basic.


Unlockable Cards Decks:

Graveyard Decks Poison Decks Fire Spirits Decks
graveyard-card.png poison.png fire_spirits.png
Freeze Decks Furnace Decks Wizard
freeze.png furnace.png wizard.png
Night Witch Decks

New Arena 5 Deck(s) Addition:

New Trifecta Cycle Deck for Arena 5 to 12 No Legendary Ultimate Counter Deck for Arena 5 and Tournaments
New Trifecta made for this meta!
Deck that can counter any deck in the arena!
No Legendary Baby-Loon Prince Deck for Arena 5 Giant Splash Deck for Arena 5
Deck that has 3 win condition cards!
A good counter to counter-push deck!

This Month's Top Rank Clash Royale Decks:

Based from experience, many Clash Royale Arena 5 deck(s) employ the likes of the Zap and the Poison Spell. These two spells are almost a requirement to many Hog Cycle decks these days. If you are unlucky, you might face the Ice Wizard, a Legendary Card that can slow down units. You won't encounter much Hog Freeze decks anymore in this Arena, but you'll encounter the occasional Golem decks and Lava Hound decks.

Below is the list of the Best Clash Royale Arena 5 Decks based on popularity:

Top Picks : Arena 5

New Trifecta Cycle Deck for Arena 5 to 12


Giant Splash Deck for Arena 5


No Legendary Baby-Loon Prince Deck for Arena 5


No Legendary Ultimate Counter Deck for Arena 5 and Tournaments


Hog-Gob No Legendary Deck for Arena 5


Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5

Ice Wizard Arena 5 Decks:

The Ice Wizard is one cool wizard. He is also a Legendary Card that can slow down units. It also has an average amount of HP to boot. He can be used on both offense and defense and can make a great support unit to a push. On defense, he can slow down units to give your counter units enough time to get rid of the intruders.

Space for new deck Frozen Hog King's Cup Tournament Deck Guide Unbeaten Ice Hog Rider Deck - Arena 5 Above This Deck Made a Level 6 Reached Arena 8!
The Hog-Freeze made it to the King's Cup!
A Trifecta with the Ice Wizard!
Make it to the top!

Other Arena 5 Decks:

Hog Rider Arena 5 Decks:

The Hog Rider has proven himself worthy even after unlocking him in Arena 4 - P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse. In Arena 5 where spells are made, he was usually partnered with the Freeze or the Zap spell to get rid of any low HP counters. With the arrival of the Fire Spirits, he was also made a good synergy.

Space for new deck Space for new deck Space for new deck Hog-Gob No Legendary Deck for Arena 5
Hog and Goblin Barrel combo for a direct kill!
Lava Hound Deck for Arena 5 Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5 Poisonous Giant Hog Deck - Arena 5 Above Unbeaten Ice Hog Rider Deck - Arena 5 Above
Lava Hound plus splash!
Popular and Effective Hog - Prince!
Double push or split push!
Go to an unbeaten winning streak!
Hog Freeze + Cannon Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above Trifecta Deck Arena 5 and Above Hog Rider Freeze Deck Strategy For Arena 5 & Above! A Great Hog Zap Rocket Deck To Help You Pass Arena 5
Hog-Freeze and lure with the Cannon!
The birth of the Trifecta!
Go back to the classic Hog - Freeze!
Hog-Zap with the unstoppable Rocket!

More Arena 5 Decks:

These decks are a combination of Common, Rare, Legendary cards in Arena 5. A word of caution though, some of these decks might not work in the current meta. Feel free to change some units/cards in the deck.

General Clash Royale Arena 5 Decks

The Best Clash Royale Deck to reach Arena 3 - 7!


This F2P Arena 4 Deck can push for trophies until Arena 7!


This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player!


Fireball Deck to Burn Towers in Arena 4 and above


Powerful Deck for Arena 4, 5, and 6!


Mirror + Fireball and Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5 and 6!

All Huts Furnace Deck For Arena 5!


Fire Spirits Deck For Arena 5 And Above!

Defensive Witch Deck for Arena 5 and above!

Focused-Knight Deck for Pushing Trophies for Arena 5


Giant + Musk + Valkyrie Deck for Arena 5!

Unstoppable Rocket Deck for Arena 5
Cannon Deck Top Defensive Build In Arena 5
Effective Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5
Cheap Elixir Deck for Arena 5!
Basic but High-level Deck to get you to Clash Royale's Arena 5
Obliterate Opponents with Arena 5 Rocket Punch Deck!
Ice Wizard Deck Strategy for Arena 5
Defend Against Swarm Troops with this Bomber Deck for Arena 5
Control the Game with This Witch Deck for Arena 5!
The Mirror Deck's Unstoppable Offense in Arena 5
Low Elixir Deck for Arena 5
Triple Spell Deck for Arena 7!
P.E.K.K.A + Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck For Arena 5 and Above
F2P Lava Hound Deck for Pushing From Arena 4 to 7
Zap Arena 5 Deck to Control Swarms!
F2P Balloon Deck on Arena 5 to Help You Hike to the Legendary Arena!

2016-08-15-04-49-29-anti-meta-deck.jpg Anti - Meta Deck - Arena 5 to 7
A deck that is similar to a Trifecta minus the Musketeer's fire power. She's replaced by a small but terrible Mini P.E.K.K.A
2016-08-03-08-11-12-unbeaten_hog_rider_deck.png Unbeaten Ice Hog Rider Deck - Arena 5 Above
Want to have the longest winning streak like Clash on Gan? Try out this deck and see if you can top it!
2016-07-27-08-57-52-poisonous_hoggiantdeck.png Poisonous Giant Hog Deck - Arena 5 Above
Even if the Giant and the Poison Spell got nerfed, you still have the trusty Hog Rider to bring home the bacon!
2016-07-18-07-02-00-3musket.jpg Three Musketeers Without Three Musketeers For Arena 5
Since the Three Musketeers are available on Arena 7. Try having one on Arena 5 for devastation!
2016-07-08-11-06-03-bestvalkgiant.png Best Giant Valkyrie Deck For Trophy Push - Arena 5 to 7
Looking for the best cheap Clash Royale deck that will help you to push trophies? Here's a cheap Giant + Valkyrie combo deck with only common and rare cards that you can utilize starting from Arena 5.
2016-06-22-03-53-13-1.jpg Witch + Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 5 and Above
With the Rage spell's boosted stats together with the Mini P.E.K.K.A and the Witch's range and Skeletons this is a sure win!
2016-06-23-05-32-27-RISKY_PEKKA_DECK.jpg Risky But High Reward Epic P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 5 to 7
P.E.K.K.A has recently been buffed by the June 21, 2016 update! Check out this amazing powerful deck that can pressure your enemies to defend his lane all the time.
2016-06-02-10-05-21-maxresdefault.jpg A Great Hog Zap Rocket Deck To Help You Pass Arena 5
This Hog Rider + Zap combo can be considered as a classic. Along with the Trifecta and the Hog Rider + Freeze.

Other Decks:

  • Find other Arena 5 Decks Here: Archive Decks for Arena 5. The decks in there are not guaranteed to work in the current meta.
Last modified: 25,06,2018

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