These are old decks for Arena 3. They are not guaranteed to work in the current meta.

Last modified: 3,05,2017
fill_750_468_2016-04-15-08-43-06-balloon_giant_arena_2.jpg Clash Royale’s Balloon Deck Strategy for Arena 2 to 4!
In this strategy, the Giant and Baby Dragon are used to take on enemy attacks so that the other troops, Bomber, Fireball, Goblin Hut, Musketter and Arrows, can provide proper defense attack and clear a lane to give way to the Balloon. The Balloon will have to go straight to a tower without sacrificing its HP and then latching onto a tower until it gets destroyed.
2016-05-26-02-43-10-3-6.JPG Skeletons Deck that can surprise opponents in Arena 3
Disguising yourself as an ultimate newbie in the beginning of the game may bring you just enough time to blast a full attack. Your enemy will probably be using his cards improperly, this strategy recommends you take advantage of their mistakes. With the use of the Skeletons that seem weak but helps in fast cycling your deck, and other support troops (Spear Goblins, Bomber, Arrows, and Barbarians). Main damaging troops will be your Giant, Musketeer and the Prince.
2016-05-26-03-50-15-3-9.JPG Frustrate Players with this Defensive Arena 3 Tesla Deck
The Tesla is known as the ultimate defense card since it has a wider AoE from all the other cards. Also it protects itself by hiding underground when no troops are in its Area. In this strategy, the Giant is the main offense and the rest of the cards are for support and defense. We have the Barbarians and Fireball for counterpushing. While Minions, Arrows and Spear Goblins are defenses against enemy troops. And the Goblin Hut as both defense and low-key back-up.
2016-05-26-03-51-26-3-12.JPG This Archer Deck for Arena 3 is perfect against over-committing opponents
Archers are mostly used as aback-up to higher HP troops, but this deck strategy takes support seriously. Here, the deck is built to slow down the pace and taking advantage of enemy's inaccuracy. Main squad to be deployed is the Archer behind the Giant, Baby Dragon and Spear Goblins. While for defending your towers, the Tombstone, Arrows, Bomber and Minions are the way to go.
2016-05-26-03-51-39-3-13.JPG Quickly Destroy Crown Towers with this Arena 3 Rage Deck
Rage can be of most help when pushing for enemy crowns. Since the Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A deals a lot of damage, it is best to boost with Rage. The 1-elixir Skeletons is used to help cycle the deck faster and to trigger enemy to do wrong moves. While the Witch, Minions, Musketeer, and Spear Goblins will be used as defense from enemy troops that targets your towers.
2016-05-27-00-19-26-33-3.JPG This Balanced Witch Deck Can Help You Push Trophies in Arena 3 and 4
We all know that the Witch deploys skeletons and attacks both air and ground troops herself. This ability of hers can lead a deck into balancing offense and defense. The Witch lead the defense and can be a support offense troop together with the Musketeer and Bomber. Arrows, Spear Goblins and Bomb Tower are in the Defense line. While the Giant pushes for offense and supported by a sneaky offense by the Minions.
2016-05-27-00-19-54-33-5.JPG Air Attack Deck for Pushing in Clash Royale's Arena 3 - 4
Most decks that go directly after towers have high HP ground troops, and this deck suggest to keep safe from them by using a lot of air troops. Air troops are flying so they won't be risking their HPs from high damaging troops. And the good thing about air troops like the minions and Baby Dragon is that they attack ground troops well.
2016-05-27-00-21-46-33-10.JPG Clash Royale’s Balloon Deck Strategy for Arena 2 to 4!
The Balloon is a dreadful one when it clutches onto a tower, it can take it down alone. But for assurance, this strategy uses the tank to lure the tower into focusing on him while the Balloon gets to the tower without HP reduction. Support is also provided by Bomber, Baby Dragon and Musketeer.

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