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The Best Clash Royale Arena 11 Deck Strategies

The Electro Valley connects the big gap between the Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena. Prepare to be electrified with its electrifying cards and arena.
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Name Arena 11 - Electro Valley
Trophy Count 3400 - 3799 Trophies, Demotion to Arena 10 at 3350 Trophies
Card Unlocks Tesla, Zappies, Clone, Mirror, Electro Wizard, Sparky
Rewards 22 Victory Gold, x33 Cards (Golden Chests), x66 Cards (Crown Chests), x82 Cards (Magical Chests), x287 (Giant Chests), x738 (Super Magical Chests)

The Electro Valley is the stepping stone to reach the best of the best players in the game. The Electro Valley also features Legendary Cards in the shop. Although you can't have them every day, Clash Royale promises that the cards are in rotation.

Note: All Legendary Cards That Will be Available in the Card Shop Randomly:

Princess Ice Wizard Miner Sparky
princess.png ice_wizard.png miner.png sparky.png
Lava Hound LumberJack The Log Inferno Dragon
lava_hound.png LumberJack.png TheLog.png 2016-10-03-08-26-36-2016-09-22-06-20-29-inferno-dragon.png
Graveyard Electro Wizard Bandit Night Witch
graveyard-card.png 2016-12-12-07-33-20-ElectroWizardCard.png bandit.png night_witch.png
Mega Knight Royal Ghost Magic Archer Space for new card
mega_knight.png royal_ghost.png magic_archer.png

Unlockable Cards Decks:

Tesla Decks Zappies Decks Clone Decks
tesla.png zappies.png clone.png
Mirror Decks Electro Wizard Decks Sparky Decks
mirror.png ElectroWizardCard.png sparky.png

New Decks in Arena 11:

We will put FOUR newest decks in Arena 11. These 4 are arranged from newest to oldest. This will help you check out what is the current meta in the game as well as new cards. Bear in mind that some decks in Jungle Arena, Hog Mountain, and Legendary Arena are also applicable in Electro Valley.

Miner Cart P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Bandit Bridge Spammers Deck for Arena 11 to 12
Miner control with the Cart!
Bandit with other bridge spammers!
3M Ram Jack Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Mortar Tesla Deck for Arena 11 to 12
Make a quick counter-push!
Go on heavy defense!

Previously Featured Decks:

As four new decks are constantly added on New Decks in Arena 11, this section will feature previously featured decks. Decks are arranged from newest to oldest.

Valk X-Bow Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Recruits Hog Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Raged 3M Zappies Deck for Arena 11 to 12
X-Bow Valk for only 3.1 elixirs!
Good defense and quick cycle!
Rage your troops for an extra kick!
4 Spell Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Royal Hogs Trifecta Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Double Hog Tesla Cycle Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
Full defense then spell and Miner chip cycle!
Different Trifecta with the Hogs!
Bombard them with Hogs!
L-Jack Ghost Bridge Spam for Arena 11 to 12 Bandit Zappies Bridge Spam Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11
A raged bridge spam!
Go for an extra Zap power!
UserDeck: Hog 2.6 cycle
Magic Bandit Bridge Spam Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Miner 3M Ram Zappies Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Miner Hut Zappies Control Deck for Arena 11 to 12
Make a push just by dropping them at the bridge!
3M still strong!
Deploy the Miner at the tower for an easy push!
MK, Bandit, and Friends Deck for Arena 11 Barb Barrel plus The Log Equals Double Trouble Dark Magic Bandit Bait Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
UserDeck: Mega Knight with the Bandit.
UserDeck Barbarian Barrel with the Log.
Bait deck with the Magic Archer sniping at the bridge!
Ghost Goison Prince Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Magic Miner-Loon Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Magic Counter-Push Deck for 2v2 Battles
Tank with either the Ghost or the Giant!
Easy Balloon push!
Support and make a heavy comeback!
Magic Hog Zappies Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Magic Golem Double Prince Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Magic P.E.K.K.A Control Deck for Arena 11 to 12
Good defense and a Fireball bait!
Get that Tornado value!
P.E.K.K.A Control decks are popular because of heavy cards!
Guards Magic Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Miner Zappies Control Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Hog Magic Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12
Counter and make an easy push with the Hog!
Different control deck without the P.E.K.K.A!
Pull with the Nado and finish with the Magic Archer!
Magic Archer Bait Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Magic Archer Goison Prince Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Magic Archer Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
The chipping power of the Magic Archer, Princess, and Goblin Barrel!
Top ranking Magic Archer deck in the world for tourneys!
This deck has three spells for only 2.9 elixirs!
New Trifecta Cycle Deck for Arena 5 to 12 Miner Zappies Control Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Zappies Bait Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
New Trifecta made for this meta!
Tank with either the Miner or MK!
Quick Gob Barrel + Ice Spirit push!
3M Zappies Hut Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments Miner Zappies Ladder Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Golem Zappies Hunter Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
Flood with Spear Gobs and surprise with the 3M!
This deck is by OKTAY!
This deck has the 3 newly buffed units in the game!
No Legendary Golem-Nado Ladder Deck for Arena 11 No Legendary Hog Cycle Ladder Deck for Arena 11 Miner Control Zappies Deck for Arena 11 Tournaments
Golem deck without pumps and uses the Tornado.
This deck only costs 2.9 average elixirs!
Make your Zappies go on defense or offense and tank with the Miner.
Double Bomb Double Minions Deck for Arena 11 Giant Miner Zappies for Arena 11 and Above Royal Zappies Deck for Arena 11
Crazy double Bomb and Minions deck that can easily destroy and win the game!
Giant Miner Hybrid that lets you push with either a beatdown or a quick Miner control.
A Royal Giant and Miner chip deck with Zappies for support!
Zappies Beatdown for Arena 11 Korean Payfecta for Arena 11 No Legendary Golem Cart Deck for Arena 10 and 11
An easy Giant beatdown strategy with the Zappies!
Play with the Korean Payfecta!
No legendary deck that can win you three crowns!
Golem Cart Deck for Arena 11 Mega Graveyard Deck for Arena 11 and Tournaments Surgical Goblin Golem Rocket Beatdown Deck for Electro Valley
Golem beatdown with the Cart that can win you a three crown!
A different Mega GY with Poison!
Golem deck that only has 3.6 average elixirs!
Sergioramos Winning Deck in CCGS World Finals for Electro Valley and Tournaments Mortar Spell Bait for Arena 11 3.6 Three Musketeer Cycle Deck for Arena 11
Come play with this $150,000 worth deck!
Great deck that doesn't compromise offense and defense!
Fast 3M cycle to demolish your opponents!


Arena 11 - Electro Valley transports you to an electrifying arena filled with electric bolts and even Tesla towers. Just like in previous Arenas such as the Frozen Peak and Jungle Arena, the Electro Valley will also feature electric-themed cards. The first card to grace it is the Zappies.

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