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x-bow.png The Clash Royale X-Bow Guide

I know you've been there, doing the usual hoarding of elixirs, thinking of what card to use, and then boom somebody pulled up an XBow and all you can do is watch your towers get crumpled and crumbled! Boo-hoo! But no worries, RockU got your back and me ItchyMonkey will teach you a thing or two for countering those nasty Xbows! The X-Bow is unlockable in Builder's Workshop - Arena 6.


X-Bow Decks for Arena 5:

Combo Clash Deck for Arena 5
Go on crazy offense with the Hog + Prince + X-Bow or on major defense with this Combo Clash Deck.

X-Bow Decks for Arena 7:

Siege God Deck for Arena 7 to 11 1 Crown Then Defend Deck for Arena 7
Play extra dirty with the Mortar, X-Bow, and Royal Giant!
Siege with BOTH the Mortar and the X-Bow. Protect it you must!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 8:

X-Bow Triple Spell Deck for Arena 8 to 12
High trophy X-Bow deck that reached top 4 global!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 10:

X-Bow Double Spawner Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments NW X-Bow Deck for Arena 10
Siege and Spawner.
New Lava Hound + Balloon + NW for Arena 10!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 11:

Valk X-Bow Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12 X-Bow Triple Ice Deck for Arena 11
X-Bow Valk for only 3.1 elixirs!
The #1 deck in the world for ladder matches used by Som333 from Sandstorm.

X-Bow Decks for Arena 12:

X-Bow Rocket Cycle Deck for Arena 12
Rocket cycle for an unstoppable win!

X-Bow Decks for Challenges and Tourneys:

P.E.K.K.A X-Bow Deck for Tournaments 3.0 X-Bow Cycle Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Pekka on one lane, while the X-bow lays down the ultimate siege.
Ice Wizard Deck and X-Bow present new opportunity for more Crown Tower wins in the Arena 9!

X-Bow Deck Archive:

Here are some strategies for your X-Bow to showcase its abilities.

The Best Clash Royale X-Bow Deck Strategies
2016-05-23-03-47-33-xb1.JPG Siege Type Strategy
A Siege Deck is a powerful Clash Royale deck if done right. Its high average elixir may be hard to manage. However, there are also several changes you can make such as getting Tesla instead of Inferno Tower, and many more.
2016-05-23-03-47-33-xb2.JPG The Best Clash Royale Deck to reach Arena 3 - 7!
Players were stuck somewhere between Arena 3 to 4 and beyond that is why we will try to give focus starting from Arena 3 onwards. We will have some combination of word explanation and video sharing throughout the article. You ready, Chief? Let’s clash!
2016-05-23-03-47-33-xb3.JPG Defensive Deck Strategy
Wondering how many building cards Supercell introduced in today’s talk of the town game, Clash Royale? Well, currently there are 10 building cards that can surely use as a defensive type item during gameplay.
2016-05-23-03-47-34-xb4.JPG X-Bow Deck in the Legendary Arena
The strength of the X-Bow is in its range and attack speed. Left alone it will destroy your enemies arena tower. The X-bow can be placed safety on your side of the arena while it can reach and do damage to your enemies towers. At the cost of 6 elixirs, it is a fair trade considering it can destroy crown towers if left unchecked.

Last modified: 30, 07, 2018

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