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Valkyrie Decks for Arena 5:

Ruler of Furnace Deck for Arena 5
The Furnace presents an ever long opportunity for suport.

Valkyrie Decks for Arena 6:

Electro Skeletor Deck for Arena 6 - 7
An Electro Wizard paired with some of the popular cards in the lower Arena - like the Barbarians and Giant Skeletons!

Valkyrie Decks for Arena 7:

Lava-Loon Valk Deck for Arena 7 to 12 1 Crown Then Defend Deck for Arena 7
Lava-Loon with the Valk!
Siege with BOTH the Mortar and the X-Bow. Protect it you must!

Decks for Arena 8:

Golem Raged Splashers Deck for Arena 8 to 12 GY Cart Valk Deck for Arena 8 to 12 Hog Quadfecta Deck for Arena 8
Golem with two effective splashers!
Tank your GY with the Cart!
The Hog Rider with the Inferno Tower. This is an almost classic deck!
Splash Hog Swarm For Arena 8 Bowler Balloon Deck for Arena 8 Pekka Witch Deck for Arena 8

Attack with the Hog Rider, sneak attack with the Goblin Barrel!

The Bowler keeps things clean on the ground, the Balloon attacks from above.
Sub the Pekka for the Giant, support with the Witch and support with the Valk and Baby D!

New Valkyrie Decks Arena 9:

Mortar Hog Valkyrie Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Mortar Hog Valk Deck for Arena 9 to 12
Mortar, Hog, or Valk!
Hog or Valk to tank!
Hog Valk Exe-Nado Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Hog Valk Mortar Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Valk Rascals Bait Deck for Arena 9 to 12
Two splashers with the Nado!
Hog or Mortar to attack!
Tank with your Valk or Rascals!
Lava Balloon Valkyrie Deck for Arena 9 E-Barbs E-Wiz Rotation Deck for Arena 9
Take out the towers from the air while your opponents are also busy with the Valk and Princess on the ground!
Push depending on your available cards!

Valkyrie Decks for Arena 11:

Valk X-Bow Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12 Off-Meta Valk Freeze Deck for Arena 11 and Leagues
X-Bow Valk for only 3.1 elixirs!
Push with the Valk and Battle Ram! Stop everyone with Freeze!

Valkyrie Decks for Arena 12:

Rascals GY Freeze Deck for Arena 12
Freeze the opponent's defenses!

Valkyrie Decks for Challenges and Tourneys:

Bandit Ram Valk Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Valk + Battle Ram + Bandit

Valkyrie Decks:

2016-05-31-01-08-36-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_10.06.54_AM.png Hog Rider + Zap + Goblins Deck For Pushing in Arena 5
Another Hog Rider, another combo. Here is a very balanced deck with only 3.3 Average Elixirs to push you from Arena 5 to Arena 6!
2016-05-10-10-19-48-sparkygolemwiz.png Overpowered Golem Sparky Wizard Deck for Arena 6
Here's an epic Clash Royale deck you can try to use early in Arena 6! The hype is real with this one! Let's break down how this set of cards can simply wreck a base in just a few moments.
2016-06-01-02-05-08-Screen_Shot_2016-06-01_at_11.04.01_AM.png F2P Deck To Reach Arena 8 - Legendary Arena
This Redditor shares his F2P Deck that helped him survive Arena 7 and join the high rankers on Arena 8!
2016-04-05-07-01-20-rocket.jpg Freeze Hog + Rocket Strategy for Arena 5 & Above
With the Rocket, your Hog Freeze strategy can benefit from its high attack when trying to demolish a tower or two.
2016-05-30-04-19-48-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.19.21.png Anti Spawner Deck to Obliterate Huts in Arena 3
Since Spawner Decks are here to stay, we found an Anti Spawner deck that can help you defeat them in Arena 3.
2016-06-01-02-09-05-Screen_Shot_2016-06-01_at_11.08.34_AM.png Prince + Valkyrie Deck On Arena 4 For Consistent Trophy Wins
The Valkyrie is a moderate to slow moving AoE troop, but with the Prince pushing behind, she'll make it towards a tower in no time!
2016-05-31-02-19-57-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.19.16_AM.png Arena 3 Deck That Pushed This Redditor To Arena 7!
We don't want you to get stuck on the Barbarian Bowl, this deck will be the answer!
2016-05-31-02-24-51-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.22.48_AM.png Effective Hog Rider + Valkyrie Deck For Arena 4 & Above
The Hog Rider can still be played smoothly without the use of the Freeze Spell. Here's an effective deck that can help you secure trophies through the help of the Valkyrie and the Bomb Tower.
2016-05-31-04-32-05-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_1.31.35_PM.png Valkyrie + Freeze Deck on Arena 6 and 7
Valkyrie is not just good on Arena 3. She can still be the star of your deck on Arena 6 and 7 paired with the Freeze Spell. We will teach you the whole deck here
2016-04-27-08-28-13-hoghidearena4.jpg Hidden Hog Rider Deck for Arena 4 & Above
The Hog Rider is indeed one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale. Starting from Arena 4, you can utilize its power properly without the help of the Freeze Spell. This featured deck will let you know how to effectively use this specific card with the support of the Minion Horde.
2016-05-31-02-40-07-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.39.28_AM.png Win Trophies with this Free-To-Play Deck in Arena 7.
Free-to-play players who do not want to spend real money for Clash Royale may get overwhelmed by those who do pay their games. It is a concept found on most free-to-play apps. This article provides a deck that F2P players can use and win in Arena 7.
2016-06-01-02-23-36-Screen_Shot_2016-06-01_at_11.23.00_AM.png Back To Basics With This Giant + Musketeer + Valk Deck For Arenas 5 And 6!
This is the Tanker + Push + Support Basic Strategy that worked wonders in almost every Clash Royale Arena!
2016-06-01-02-25-18-Screen_Shot_2016-06-01_at_11.24.48_AM.png 3 Epic Cards Deck For Arena 3 - 4 Trophy Push!
One Epic card is usually enough but with three on this deck, winning is a sure thing!
2016-05-02-02-16-49-power_deck_arena_6_above.png Power Deck Arena 6 & Above
Learning how to turn your offense to an unstoppable offense? Here is a great deck we can offer for you in Arena 6 and above!
2016-06-26-06-53-52-maxresdefault.jpg Unstoppable Witch Pekka Deck in Arena 8
The two cards that got a boost this season work very well together. Use this P.E.K.K.A Witch deck to cause havoc in Arena 8.
2016-08-24-10-47-20-icy_trifecta_deck.jpg ICY Trifecta Deck - Arena 8 Above
Your favorite Trifecta deck with the Ice Spirit to make it seem so cool!

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