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tombstone.png The Clash Royale Tombstone Guide

The Skeleton Deck is a suitable building for players who are into Swarm or Huts deck. It can summon skeletons every 3 seconds. Also, if the Tombstone is destroyed, a swarm of skeletons will spawn from it. The Tombstone is unlockable in Bone Pit - Arena 2.


Tombstone is a good addition to swarming strategies and defense support. Try these strategies we gathered.

New Tombstone Decks 6:

Poison Grave-Nado for Arena 6 and Above
Aid the Graveyard in demolishing towers with the Tornado and Baby Dragon!

New Tombstone Decks 7:

Lava-Loon Guards Deck for Arena 7 and Above
The ever strong Lava Hound, now with the guards.

New Tombstone Decks 8:

Skeleton Barrel Lava Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments
A Lava Hound deck followed by the Skeleton Barrel and tanked by a Miner to give you a three crown victory!

New Tombstone Decks 10:

Mega Graveyard Freeze for Arena 10 and Tournaments
Mega Knight backed up and supported by the Musketeers and Graveyard.

New Tombstone Decks 11:

Giant Skeleton Off Meta Counter Deck for Arena 11 and Tournaments Hog Rocket Executioner Deck for Arena 11
This deck has a 69% win rate that can counter most decks in the arena.
Let the Hog Rider do the attack while Tornado clamps and pulls the enemies away!

New Tombstone Decks:

Graveyard Beatdown Deck for Arena 6 2.9 Hog Princess Cycle Deck for Arena 10 and Above Grave Night Witch Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
A new deck utilizing a rare Graveyard in Arena 6!
Hog Rider + Princess + Ice Golem all for 2.9 elixirs!
Cycle with the Night Witch and Graveyard with the help of the Baby D, Ice Golem, and the Log!
Giant-GB Bait Deck for Arena 9 and Above Lava-Loon Lightning Deck for Arena 11 Bandit Ram Valk Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Can the Princess support the Giant from afar? How about putting the Barrel and the Gang in the mix?
Lavaloon + Lightning Never Gets Old.
Valk + Battle Ram + Bandit

Other Tombstone Decks:

The Best Clash Royale Tombstone Deck Strategies
2016-05-25-03-02-36-ts1.JPG Siege Type Strategy
A Siege Deck is a powerful Clash Royale deck if done right. Its high average elixir may be hard to manage. However, there are also several changes you can make such as getting Tesla instead of Inferno Tower, and many more.
2016-05-25-03-02-53-ts2.JPG Clash Royale Spam Deck Strategy
The main advantage of this deck is that you can counter almost every ground troop and can take out the enemies Crown Towers easily. You can also force your opponent to use a Spell Card for a more positive elixir trade. This will them vulnerable from your next attack.
2016-05-25-03-03-11-ts3.JPG Freeze Hog + Rocket Strategy for Arena 5 & Above
Wicked Gaming, a Youtuber shared his replays for us to see how he dominated those opponents he faced while playing this deck. We found it interesting to share so we made an article for us to check how this set of cards works.
2016-05-25-03-03-27-ts4.JPG Air Attack Deck for Pushing in Clash Royale's Arena 3 - 4
This deck has the ability to counter ground and air units which are greatly used on these arenas. You can't go offensive unless you've manage to counter your enemy's attack. Two of your troops focus on attacking buildings and the rest are for support.
2016-05-25-03-03-46-ts5.JPG Clash Royale Meta-Game: Control Decks
Clash Royale has its own so-called "metagame". It is the share of people who are pursuing distinct lines of play to win the game. Clash Royale's metagame can be broken down into three categories: Beatdown, Control, and Siege.
2016-05-25-03-04-04-ts6.JPG This F2P Arena 4 Deck can push for trophies until Arena 7!
Being familiar with the cards you use can be a strength. In this way, you already know how much elixir it will cost, what damage it will make, and what will counter that troop.
2016-05-25-03-04-20-ts7.JPG P.E.K.K.A + Freeze Deck in Arena 6 For Overwhelming Opponents
The strength of this deck relies on P.E.K.K.A's damage per second. He can take down a tower with 4 attacks. The Freeze Spell will make his life easier by stopping potential counters. The purpose of the other cards in this deck is to protect the Pekka.
2016-05-25-03-04-49-ts8.JPG This Clash Royale Deck Helps Redditor Push Trophies from Arena 4 - 7!
This Non-Freeze Non-Mortar Deck is something to try out if you want change your strategy. This deck promotes split pushing in which your opponent will have to choose what side to defend. This also tricks the opponent that your main troop is on the other lane so he will establish all the defense required.
2016-05-25-03-05-14-ts9.JPG Basic but High-level Deck to get you to Clash Royale's Arena 5
Players tend to immediately use the new cards that they get as they open chests. They will prefer to prioritize those to upgrade because you can't deny what cards like the Hog Rider and the Giant Skeleton can do for you.
2016-05-25-03-05-29-ts10.JPG This Cheap 3.5 Elixir Deck Works Wonders In Arena 4
Since the deck uses many cheap cards, you will be able to cycle through your cards quickly. Furthermore, you will be able to get that one card that you need to counter your enemy.
2016-05-25-03-05-46-ts11.JPG Hog Rider + Barbarians Deck — Arena 4 & Above
The ever popular Hog Rider is available in Arena 4 and utilizing it properly is a must. Check how this deck was played giving a great chance for players to reach Arena 5 in no time.
2016-05-25-03-06-06-ts12.JPG The Knight Rider Deck: "Push" Your Way Through Arena 4
The Knight is another card that is just splashed in a deck. Most players don't really think about his role and just use him as a shield. However, he is quite versatile, has good HP, and can be that card that spells your victory.

New Tombstone Decks:

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