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Here are the best Skeleton decks and statgies for Clash Royale Larry and his buddies are free and can be used without their summoner! Never underestimate what they can do in your deck, Chief!


The Skeletons card is obtainable in Bone Pit - Arena 2. This card summons 3 single target, melee Skeletons with very low HP. Just like the Goblins, it is a low-cost card and can damage pretty well when it levels up.

As these Skellies are easily Zapped, Arrowed down, or countered, they are not used for offense. They are great in supporting though. They can put a stop to any counter cards facing a tank. Players can also use it to distract the Inferno Tower and probably bring it down.

On defense, players can use the Skeletons to lure units in the middle of the arena to activate both tower archers. It can even counter the Wizard if he is already distracted. Skeletons is the card of choice against single target units.


New Skeletons Decks:

The Skeletons are a great addition to any kind of decks. It can be a Cycle, Zap Bait, or even heavy decks with the Golem or P.E.K.K.A. They can be used as a cycle card or a way to chip damage. For just 1 elixirs, they are truly worth more. Check out the newest decks with Larry and the crew.

2.8 Hog Tesla Cycle Deck for Tournaments Royal Elite Beatdown Deck for Arena 7
Push with the Hog Rider and the Ice Golem. Support with the Musketeer and the Log!
Here's a deck utilizing both the Elite Barbs and the Royal Giant!
3.3 P.E.K.K.A Hog Deck for Arena 11 Quick Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 10 No Legendary Giant-Loon Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Kill with the PEKKA and push with the Hog!
Go with siege while surprising everyone with the Mini Goblin.
Using the nostalgic Balloon + Giant combo on September 2017!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 2:

Arena 2 is the house of the Skeletons. Players can unlock different kinds of Skeletons in this arena. Although Skeletons can be unlocked here, not many players uses the unit in their decks.

Space for new deck Giant Skeleton Deck Strategy for Arena 2 and 3 Bone Barrier Deck for Arena 2
Exhaust your opponent's elixirs!
Cover your unit with 1 elix Skeletons!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 3:

Arena 3 usually houses Spawner decks since players can get a hold of both the Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut. These Skellies can make a mean damage or lure them away from your crown towers.

Space for new deck Space for new deck Skeletons Deck that can surprise opponents in Arena 3
Get an elixir advantage and surprise your opponent!
Quickly Destroy Crown Towers with this Arena 3 Rage Deck This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player! 3 Epic Cards Deck

Make your troops go on a Rage!

Slow and steady!
A Balloon Rage combo!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 4:

The P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse is the home of the Hog Rider and the fiercest unit in the game - the P.E.K.K.A. This is also where players can have a chance to unlock a legendary card. As a 1 elix spell, the Skeletons can fit in nicely.

Raged Pekka + Balloon Deck 3.3 Elixir Low Cost Deck for Easily Overwhelming Opponents in Arena 4 Fast Hog Rider Deck for Arena 4 and 5
A PEKKA with the Balloon is a scary sight!

Spam and overwhelm with just 3.3 average elixir cost!

Give them a taste of a Hog Cycle!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 5:

Arena 5 is where players can get to meet the two Wizards, one legendary and one rare. This is where they are exposed to additional spells in the game which is usually a counter to the Skeletons. Nonetheless, players are still using this 1 elix card in their deck.

Upgraded Hog Rider + Lightning Deck for Arena 5 and Above Hog Rider + Giant Skeleton Deck for Arena 5 to 7 Trifecta Deck Arena 5 and Above
Utilize the Lightning Spell with the Hog + Valk!
Wreck and kick in Arena 5 with the Hog and Giant Skel!
The birth of the Trifecta!
Three Musketeers Without Three Musketeers For Arena 5 P.E.K.K.A + Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck For Arena 5 and Above Witch Wizard Deck For Arena 4 to 6
Trifecta with an almost Three Musketeers for Arena 5!
Double the trouble!
Combine the splash damage of the Witch and the Wizard!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 6:

Skeletons are still in demand even in Arena 6. Together with the heavy Golem, players can complement its high elixir cost to these cheap 1 elix unit.

Golem Poison Beatdown Deck for Arena 6 and Above Inferno Golem Beatdown For Arena 6 Above Overpowered Golem Sparky Wizard Deck for Arena 6
Baby D + Golem + Poison Deck!
Melt the tower and win!
The Miner Knight 2.9 Elixir Deck - Arena 6 Above Trifecta Control Deck (With Poison) Arena 6 and Above Best Golem and Mini PEKKA Deck - Arena 6 to 8
A 2.9 Elixir Deck!
Make fast cycles and support it with the buffed Poison!
The mighty tank and mini destroyer!
Dirty All Air Deck for Arena 6 and Above Rage Witch and Xbow Deck for Arena 6 Push! Arena 6 Skeletal Deck for Pushing to 2000 Trophies!
Minions parade with Skeletons and Cannon!
Fast paced deck that will surprise your enemy!
Have an all out Skeleton deck!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 7:

Once players reach Arena 7 - Royal Arena, they already know the basics in the game and they've already chosen their preferred strategy. Players can now use the Skellies in advance technique such as using them as a lure or putting them behind a distracted unit to bring it down.

Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above All-Skeleton Deck for Arena 7 Royal Giant Miner Deck for Arena 7 and 8
Can the Furnace be the new power card? Let's see how it will work with Graveyard + Electro Wizard!
Troll with an all Skellies deck!
Melt away counters while pushing!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 8:

Arena 8 used to be the Legendary Arena before Clash Royale introduced the Frozen Peak. In this arena, Skeletons are still used as a distraction to incoming ground units. They can also take care any sneaky Miner attacks to a tower or Elixir Collector.

No Legendary Giant-Loon Deck for Arena 8 and Above Night P.E.K.K.A-Loon Deck for Arena 8 and Above 3.0 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Using the nostalgic Balloon + Giant combo on September 2017!
Baby D + Pekka with a couple of low-elixir legendaries!
Use your hundred Mortars you don't donate and pair it with the Minion Horde!
Night Electro Giant For Arena 8 Above Three Musketeers Bats Deck For Arena 8 Above Lightning Hog-Nado Night Witch For Arena 8 Above
Let the Giant be supported by Legendary Cards - the Elec Wiz and the Night Witch!
Make your three Muskets do an extra mile with the help from the Bats and the Knight!
The original Lightning Hog-Nado with the OP Night Witch!
Miner Night Witch Control Cycle for Arena 8 Cheap Pekka Mirror Deck for Arena 8 Three Musketeers + PEKKA Deck For Arena 8
A cheap deck that can move to a great counter-push!
Double the PEKKA, Double the Terror!
Give out devastating blows!
Mirror Hog Rider Troll Deck for Arena 8! Clash Royale Arena 8 Air Deck Mortar Deck Strategy Guide for Arena 8
Troll and have fun!
A basic Baby Dragon + Balloon deck with counters!
An effective building card partnered with helpful spells!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 9:

In Arena 9 - Jungle Arena, the Skellies are used against tower locking units such as Giants, RG, Miner, and the Hog Rider. They can give a positive elixir trade too just in case the opponent uses Arrows or Zap.

3.0 P.E.K.K.A Cycle Deck for Arena 9 and Above 2.8 Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above 3.0 Fast Cycle Balloon Deck for Arena 9 and Above
A 3.0 Cycle deck that lets you spam a lot of PEKKA in the arena.
The Hog Rider is still valuable!
Deploy that Balloon + Executioner for this very light fast cycle deck!
No Legendary Golem Baby Dragon For Arena 9 Above Three Musket Ram Split Deck for Arena 9 Cheap Giant Executioner Deck for Arena 9
You don't need a Legendary with this Golem Baby D combo!
Split the Musket and partner with the Ram!
Cycle with the Giant and Executioner!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 10:

The Skeletons are still going strong in Arena 10 with or without the fourth Skelly. They are still luring units in the middle and chopping down bit by bit the opponent's HP.

Quick Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 10 Knight Log Hognado For Arena 10 Cart Miner Control Deck for Arena 10 and Above
Go with siege while surprising everyone with the Mini Goblin.
Tornado + Log with the Hog Rider for that tower push.
Let the Miner + Elec Whiz point you to Victory. Protect from swarms with Poison!
Gravy Bats Cycle Pressure For Arena 10 Night Giant Heal For Arena 10 Above Frozen Deck for Arena 10
Cycle your way for another Graveyard again and again!
Heal your units to bring home the trophies!
Classic beatdown with the Princess chipping in for more damage!
Miner Ice Nado Deck for Arena 10 Mega Golem Heal For Arena 10 Cheap Giant Loon Deck For Arena 10
Sneak in with the Miner to start your push!
Heal the unstoppable Golem!
The return of the classic Giant-Loon!

Skeletons Decks for Arena 11:

Advanced to intermediate players are seeing good value from these Skeletons. They are still used as a lure or a Zap/Log/Arrows bait or a cheap counter against single target troops.

2.8 Hog Tesla Cycle Deck for Tournaments 3.3 P.E.K.K.A Hog Deck for Arena 11 2.9 Gob Barrel Cycle Deck for Arena 11
Push with the Hog Rider and the Ice Golem. Support with the Musketeer and the Log!
Kill with the PEKKA and push with the Hog!
A fast cycle deck with the Goblin Barrel at its core.
Mortar Rocket Knockdown For Arena 11 Goison Night Witch For Arena 11 Ram Heal Three Musketeers For Arena 11
Surprise with an off meta and bombard your enemies with the Mortar-Rocket!
Classic Goison with the OP Night Witch!
Spread some doom with the 3 muskets and the Ram!
Goison Night Witch For Arena 11 Night Giant Graveyard For Arena 11 Electrifying PEKKA Miner Chip Best For Arena 11
Bring down towers with the classic Goison and the OP Night Witch!
Giant Beatdown with the Graveyard and Night Witch!
Go crazy with the PEKKA and Legendaries!
Giant Loon Ram For Arena 11 Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11 Hog Bait Cycle Deck For Arena 11
Giant-Ram or Loon-Ram, Your Choice!
Cycle your cards to always get the Graveyard!
Easily access the Leagues with this deck!

Skeletons Decks for Challenges and Tournaments:

Advanced to intermediate players are seeing good value from these Skeletons. They are still used as a lure or a Zap/Log/Arrows bait or a cheap counter against single target troops.

2.8 Hog Tesla Cycle Deck for Tournaments
Push with the Hog Rider and the Ice Golem. Support with the Musketeer and the Log!

Do you have your own Skeletons Deck Strategy?

Skeletons might be easily killed with AoE units and spells but they sure are effective! They can bait out the spells, distract the enemies, lure them in the middle or chop them down nice and slow. They are truly a good 1 elix card to have in any deck.

Do you have Clash Royale decks you want us to feature? Feel free to use our SUBMIT A DECK feature on the site. If it is looking good, we will feature it on the site just like these USER SUBMITTED DECKS.

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Last modified: 1, 11, 2017

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