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Clash Royale Prince

A very powerful card in lower Arenas, here are the best Prince strategies that you can use even on the P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse and above!
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Type Epic
Stats at Level 1 HP (1,100), Damage (245), Charge Damage (490), DPS (163)
Technical Details Hit Speed (1.5 sec), Deploy Time (1 sec), Targets (Ground), Speed (Medium), Range (Melee)
Other Details Don't let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Does 2x damage once he gets charging.


The Prince is unlockable from the Training Camp. He is a single target, melee troop that deals moderate to high attack. Unique to the Prince is his ability to deal twice the damage when he accelerates.

On offense, the Prince is highly viable as long as his charge connects to a tower. Make sure to have a tank or a complementary spell such as The Log, Arrows, and Zap to get rid of any distractions.

Using the Prince on defense works too. Although easily distracted by cheap units such as Skellies and Goblins, he can make a good damage against tankers etc.


New Prince Decks:

The Prince is usually paired with a tanker. Some players get creative and they use the Prince for a split push strategy. Check out the newest Prince deck in the arena:

Prince Bait Deck for Arena 4 and Above Giant-Loon No Legendary Deck for Arena 11
A beatdown and bait deck without legendaries!
Wreck Arena 11 without legendaries!
Giant Prince Musket Deck for Arena 2 No Legendary Double Pressure Deck for Arena 8
Basic beatdown deck with the charging Prince!
Do a double push on each lane and make your foe quit!

Prince Decks for Arena 2:

The Prince is unlockable in the Training Camp. He is an Epic card and can deal a great amount of damage in the starting arenas.

Giant Prince Musket Deck for Arena 2 Bone Barrier Deck for Arena 2 Beginner Deck for Winning Quickly in Arena 1 and 2!
Basic beatdown deck with the charging Prince!
Cover your unit with 1 elix Skeletons!
Good support for both air and ground!

Prince Decks for Arena 3:

Arena 3 is usually where Spawners roam around. If you're planning to use the Prince in this arena, make sure you have enough AoE units such as the Valkyrie, Bomber, and the Witch to clear the way.

Arena 3 Deck That Pushed This Redditor To Arena 7! Quickly Destroy Crown Towers with this Arena 3 Rage Deck This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player!
Earn precious trophies!

Quickly Destroy Crown Towers with this Arena 3 Rage Deck

No need to spend, you just need a good deck!

Prince Decks for Arena 4:

Even if there are two legendary cards unlockable in this arena, the Prince still shines. He can now be partnered with other units such as Hog Riders, Giants, Barbarians, and Minion Horde.

Space for new deck Prince Bait Deck for Arena 4 and Above Mini Pekka Deck Strategy for Arena 4 and Above
A beatdown and bait deck without legendaries!
Destroy your opponents with the Mini P, Witch, and Prince!
Prince + Valkyrie Deck On Arena 4 For Consistent Trophy Wins This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player! Prince Squad Deck Strategy for Arena 4 and Above
AoE troop on air and ground!
Play slowly but surely!
Make the Prince unstoppable with the right cards!

Prince Decks for Arena 5:

In this arena, players get to play with spells. They can now use the Wizard to their advantage in clearing the path of the Prince.

Ice Wizard Deck Strategy for Arena 5 The Mirror Deck's Unstoppable Offense in Arena 5 Best Poison Deck For Arena 5 and 6
Partner your Ice Wiz with OP cards!
Mirror that Goblin Barrel to give great damage!
Leave your enemy in despair!
Effective Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5 Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5 This Cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck for Arena 5 will make you win the game quick!
GB with the Epic Prince, Knight and Barbs!
Effective and popular!
Get that elixir advantage!

Prince Decks for Arena 7:

Strategies in Arena 7 are getting advanced, this includes the usage of the Prince. In some decks, the Prince is used to do a split push. A sneaky attack that can put the opponent under pressure.

Mega Log Giant for Arena 7 and Above Giant Prince Poison for Arena 7 Dual Prince Deck Combo for Arena 7 & 8
Bring them down with the Giant Log!
Goison with the Prince and support!
Make your opponents tremble with the Double Prince!
The Best Clash Royale Prince Strategies
2016-04-15-11-08-24-dark_prince_prince_wall.jpg Clash Royale Arena 8 Double Prince + PEKKA Deck Strategy
The Prince and Dark Prince made their own debut separately, making them two of the most popular cards being used today in the Clash Royale Universe. The Prince possesses critical damage in a single-target while the Dark Prince carries the splash damage, making them a perfect combo together. As we focus on these two troops in this article, we will be introducing the decks we collected in each arena, here in Clashroyalepedia.
2016-08-19-09-14-17-the_classic_deck.jpg The Classic Deck - Arena 8 Above
Are you missing your Arena 1 troops? Try out this Classic deck by Ash. He combined your most trusted old school troops with the newest spells and Guards for support.
2016-08-17-07-15-10-womby_deck.png The Wombo Combo Deck Arena 8 Above
The deck's catchy name is nothing against the pushing power of this deck! The most basic strategy with the Giant as its tanker and the Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince for that destructive damage!
2016-04-12-07-57-25-Blackest_day_deck.png The Blackest Day Deck — Arena 8 Strategy Guide
The power of this deck is kind of immeasurable because of the power those Princes' brought giving them a nice team-up with the PEKKA. In times of clash, your spells can surely save your team providing massive damage pressuring your opponent on how they will deal effectively on these near perfect combo.
2016-04-12-10-52-12-golem_ice_wiz.jpg Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Strategy — Arena 8
This Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Guide was shared by nickatnyte, a Youtuber, who showcases different decks in his channel, giving players a lot of choices on what deck they could effectively play in a certain arena. This deck is ‘balanced’ in its own way because it gives each of the card the support it needs.
2016-03-30-05-07-48-maxresdefault.jpg Clash Royale Prince + Barbarian Strategy For Arena 3 & Above
Chief! We compiled some of the handiest deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!
2016-05-23-08-28-40-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.28.19_PM.png A Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck to Reach Arena 4 Quickly!
This deck primary cards are all used for pushing, leaving little for defense and more to offense. It is a risky deck for those who are new to using it. On the other hand, it is an efficient deck to get many trophies.
2016-05-23-08-31-05-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.30.41_PM.png Clash Royale Meta-Game: Beatdown Deck
Clash Royale has its own so-called "meta-game". It is the share of people who are pursuing distinct lines of play to win the game. It can be broken down into three categories: Beatdown, Control, and Siege.
2016-05-23-08-33-06-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.32.42_PM.png This Cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck for Arena 5 will make you win the game quick!
The low elixir cards on this deck is surely its strength. While your opponent is waiting for his elixir to fill up or at least hit a mark, you are already on your way pushing for a crown. Not only do a fast push but you can also whip out a card to do defense in a matter of seconds.
2016-05-23-08-37-21-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.36.57_PM.png Prince + Valkyrie Deck On Arena 4 For Consistent Trophy Wins
The Valkyrie is a great AoE troop against group units such as Barbarians. It is also great against low HP troops like Spear Gobs, Archers, and Skeleton Army. Pairing her with the Prince will let us do a massive push in no time.
2016-05-23-08-40-19-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.39.54_PM.png Low-Level and Low-Elixir Deck For Arena 4!
On this Clash Royale deck, the Prince is supported by Gobs and Spear Gobs in pushing. It doesn't have any tanker so you have to employ a hit and run strategy. Since the Prince with the Gobs and Spear Gobs run fast, your opponent might just leave one of his crown towers to your hands and just focus on the other.
2016-05-23-08-41-49-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.41.22_PM.png Arena 3 Deck That Pushed This Redditor To Arena 7!
This deck is mostly composed of Arena 1 cards, so that means you can focus on upgrading them with ease! Requesting Arena 1 troops to your clan should be a breeze too! The only Arena 3 unit that this deck has is the Barbarians, since they almost counter every card in the game.
2016-05-23-08-43-07-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.42.47_PM.png Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5
The Hog Rider is usually partnered with the Freeze Spell in Arena 4 and above. But if you don't have a Freeze spell, then how about partnering the Hog with the Prince? With each of them riding their preferred mode of transportation, these two cards are really something to try out.
2016-05-23-08-46-48-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.46.16_PM.png This F2P Arena 4 Deck can push for trophies until Arena 7!
GotSodium shared his deck on the Supercell forums on how he used his Arena 4 deck climb to Arena 7! Without spending a single money on this game, he shows us how to maximize your Arena 4 deck to conquer the world of Arenas 5 and 6 and land on Arena 7! And of course, we will share it with you as well.
2016-05-23-08-48-45-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.48.21_PM.png This Deck With Level 7 Commons Pushed this Redditor to 2600+ Trophies - Arena 7!
Since most of these cards are commons, for sure you've used them before on your way up. So familiarization will be one of its strength. This is a control deck. This means the strength lies when you successfully defend and dry out your enemy's elixir - the perfect time to make the push.
2016-05-23-08-51-21-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.51.01_PM.png Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
There are serious Clash Royale players and some are just too noob or trolls. But what if we combine both? Having this Super Fun Time Deck while you're focusing to win will surely give you a taste of both worlds! We got this deck from ArtNJ on a thread on Supercell. He shared his deck that captured our attention and maybe this is something you will like too!
2016-05-23-08-53-33-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.53.09_PM.png This Clash Royale Deck Helps Redditor Push Trophies from Arena 4 - 7!
This Non-Freeze Non-Mortar Deck is something to try out if you want change your strategy. This deck promotes split pushing in which your opponent will have to choose what side to defend. This also tricks the opponent that your main troop is on the other lane so he will establish all the defense required. This, of course, will make his other lane wide open!
2016-05-23-08-55-15-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.54.53_PM.png Pushing Deck Guide for all Arenas
If you like an aggressive play-style then this deck is perfect for you. This deck prioritizes pushing, which can be hard to counter if played right. It also consists of cards that you can get from Arenas 1 and 2.
2016-05-23-08-56-27-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.56.09_PM.png Prince Squad Deck Strategy for Arena 4 and Above
With some few exceptions, the Prince is unstoppable once he charges. Partnering with the right troops, troops that can counter his weaknesses is a great way to push for a tower or two.
2016-05-23-08-58-12-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.57.54_PM.png Beginner Deck for Winning Quickly in Arena 1 and 2!
The cards used on this Clash Royale Beginner Deck are the usual cards you'll get after the Training Camp. It is composed of 4 commons, 3 rares, and 1 epic card with a 3.8 average elixir count. On this deck we'll teach you the tanker + push + support. It's the most basic and the best beginner strategy of the game.
2016-05-23-08-59-46-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.59.27_PM.png Prince + Common Cards Deck For A Fast Climb To Arena 7!
This Prince defensive deck aims to give you 1-0 victories by playing disruptive cards. This, in turn, will allow you to generate elixir advantage while pressuring the opponent. The important part to remember about this Prince deck is that 1-0 victory is still a victory. Even if you don't take home all 3 crowns, you will still be able to quickly advance.
2016-05-23-09-01-28-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.01.04_PM.png Bone Barrier Deck for Arena 2
If you're just new to the game or just downloaded Clash Royale on your phone, we'd love to welcome you aboard! Aside from the first timer confusion, you probably don't know what cards to put in your Deck. Don't worry we are here to help.
2016-05-23-09-04-00-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.03.44_PM.png Featured Deck: Kira
Are you just starting to play Clash Royale? Are you having a hard time fixing your own Deck because you have no idea what the cards do? Don't worry, I'll show you my own Card Deck which you can copy if you want.
2016-05-23-09-05-29-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.05.08_PM.png This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player!
This deck has an average of 3.6 Elixir cost and is pretty well rounded. The best thing about it is you usually get the cards right away on the chests that you get as they are mostly common cards. Since the cards are pretty popular on chests, they will be upgraded right away and become stronger.
2016-05-23-09-06-35-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.06.11_PM.png Dual Prince Deck Combo for Arena 7 & 8
This Clash Royale deck includes your favorite cards from the past arenas giving support to your main troops: the Prince and Dark Prince. Packed with good offensive and defensive units, see how this set of cards can devastate players in the said Clash Royale arenas.
2016-05-23-08-17-25-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.17.04_PM.png Clash Royale Prince Deck Strategy for Arena 4
The main objective of this Prince deck for Arena 4 is to build a superior defense and a potent offense. With an excellent defensive capability against any flying cards, the sole purpose of this build is to defend and to provide an efficient offensive attack.
2016-05-23-08-22-05-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_5.21.45_PM.png Dual Push Deck Strategy
This deck is primarily used for devastating both towers of the enemy. Risky move, but it is totally worth the risk. This is still experimental, but so far, it works perfectly for Arena 2-4.

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