Get your troops in tip-top shape with the Heal Spell! Get to know the best decks with it HERE!

The Best Clash Royale Heal Deck Strategies

The Heal spell can restore a troop's HP within 3 seconds. This spell card is a game changer to some as they can now do pushes without worrying much about counters. Find out the best Heal Spell decks in the arena here.
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Type Rare
Stats at Level 1 HPS (100/sec)
Technical Details Radius (3), Duration (3 sec)
Other Details Heal your troops to keep them in the fight! Friendly troops are healed over time while in the target area. Doesn't affect buildings.


The Heal spell is the first card available in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain. It has the ability to restore a troop/s HP for 3 seconds within its range. It heals every 0.5 seconds.

Using the Heal spell on offense is recommended. Use it together with the Balloon, Goblin Barrel, etc. As long as your units are not killed in one shot, the Heal spell can make your troops effective.

The Heal spell on defense is also effective. You can use it to restore your unit's HP as a clutch or while it is defending your base. It can also negate the effects of the Poison Spell but it can only last for 3 seconds.

New Heal Decks:

The Heal spell only costs 3 elixirs. It can be paired with the Balloon, Goblin Barrel, the Three Musketeers, and even the Golem for a mightier push. Check out the four newest decks that we have.

Cheap Heal Miner Minion Cycle For Arena 10 Big Balloon Beatdown for Arena 10
A cycle deck featuring the Heal spell and the Minion Horde!
Give more damage with this Balloon + Heal combo!
Mega Golem Heal For Arena 10 Heal Three Musketeers Synergy For Arena 10
Heal the unstoppable Golem!
Heal the whole 3 Musketeers squad!

Do you have a Heal Deck of your own?

For just 3 elixirs, the Heal spell can save your push long enough for it to connect. It can also help you have a devastating win over your opponent by using it with the correct troops. It does take up one card slot in your deck, so choose wisely!

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