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goblins.png The Clash Royale Goblin Guide

Almost always seen as thieves in legend, these little green guys are able to do more than it appears they can. Small, but fast, they are more than adequate to give a Giant a run for his money. Speed is all they need to gain the upper hand. The Goblin is unlockable in Goblin Stadium (Arena 1).


Goblins Decks for Arena 6:

Giant Double Minions Deck for Arena 6 and Above
Pair the Giant with the Musketeer while the Miner makes a sneak attack.

Goblins Deck for Arena 7:

No Legendary Golem Beatdown for Arena 7 and Above Golem Graveyard Deck for Arena 7 and Above Dark Giant Beatdown Deck for Arena 7 and Above
Let the Golem March while the Lightning stands by for high HP foes.
Golem pushes, while the Graveyard distracts everyone else.
Dark Prince + Giant in this deck that brings back the DP in the Arena!

Goblins Deck for Arena 8:

P.E.K.K.A Three Musketeers Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments Free-2-Play Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above 2.9 Miner Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Split the 3M between the Pekka and the Miner!
Try out this F2P No Legendary Hog Cycle deck as shared by Surgical Goblin that doesn't have epics and above.
Have a quick and E-Z Miner Cycle for a GG WP game!
Golem Sparky Beatdown for Arena 8 and Tournaments 2.9 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above Electro PEKKA Hog For Arena 8 Above And Challenges
Overwhelm the opponent with the Golem and Sparky!

A new Mortar Deck aided by Knight, supercharged by the Rocket! No Legendaries!!

Pair the Hog with the Pekka, the Bats, and the Electro Wizard.

Goblins Deck for Arena 9:

Surgical Goblin Insane 2.8 Graveyard Cycle for Arena 9 and Tourneys
Graveyard Poison for Arena 9 and Tourneys!
Surgical Goblin Golem Rocket Beatdown Deck for Arena 9 and Tourneys Sergioramos Winning Deck in CCGS World Finals for Arena 9 and Tournaments 3.6 Three Musketeer Cycle Deck for Arena 9 and Above
This deck is a quick Golem deck at only 3.6 average elixir with three spells!
A Miner-Bandit-P.E.K.K.A control deck that gave Sergioramos the first CCGS World Champ!
A quick and fast Three Musketeer cycle that you can use to destroy your opponents!
Golem Miner Poison Hybrid Deck for Arena 9 and Tournaments Flying Machine Minions Beatdown for Arena 9 and Above Exec Hognado For Arena 9 Above
Play the Golem and the Flying Machine!
Soar to the sky with the Flying Machine. Hit the Ground with the Giant!
The Cycle Hog is back with the Aug. 2017 Balance Update!

Goblins Decks for Arena 10:

Golem Cart Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments No Legendary Golem Cart Deck for Arena 10 and 11 Clone Giant Skelly Cart For Arena 10 And Challenges
Golem with the fast Cannon Cart to destroy towers and even give you a three crown victory!
The Cannon Cart is slowly gaining popularity in the arena and it is doing great with the Golem!
Experience the strength of the Mega Knight supported by the Graveyard!
Three Musketeers Cart Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments Lava Hound Miner Poison Control Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments Clone Giant Skelly Cart For Arena 10 And Challenges
Surprise the opponent with a sudden Three Musketeers Push!
Overwhelm the opponent with 3 legendary cards!
Make way for the Cannon Cart, Giant Skeleton, and the Night Witch!

Goblins Decks for Arena 11:

P.E.K.K.A Hog Deck for Arena 11 Hog Bowler Control Deck for Arena 11
Make a quick Hog Rider push while your P.E.K.K.A stays to defend your base.
A Quick Ice Golem Hog Push Control in the highest arena.
Giant Lightning Beatdown Deck for Arena 11 Mortar Quad Legendary Deck for Arena 11, Challenges and Tournaments 2.8 Mortar Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11
Heavy deck that can also deal with heavy hitters.

A new Mortar Deck aided by the Ice Wizard, Miner, and Minion Horde!

A Mortar Hog Deck for the August 2017 Balance Update!

Goblins Decks for Challenges and Tournaments:

Mortar Ladder Deck for Arena 8 and Above Hog Mega Knight Deck for Challenges and Tournaments Mega Knight Miner Control for Challenges and Tournaments
Destroy the enemy's pushes with the Mortar!
Overwhelm the enemy with the Mega Knight!
A Miner Control deck with the ability to counter-push with the Mega Knight.
Grave P.E.K.K.A Deck for Challenges and Tournaments Triple Leg PEKKA Poison Beatdown For Challenges and Tourneys 2.8 Miner Control Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Graveyard + Pekka + Night Witch & Electro Wizard
The Power of the Pekka and your other ground troops to finish towers fast.
Miner + Bandit + Inferno Dragon + Ice Golem!

New Goblins Decks:

Mega Knight Miner Control for Challenges and Tournaments Hog E-Barb Split Push Deck for Arena 8 and Above Electro Cart Graveyard For Arena 10 Above
A Miner Control deck with the ability to counter-push with the Mega Knight.
Split your push between the Hog Rider and the E-barbs!
Check out the power of the Cannon Cart along with the Elec Wiz and Graveyard.
2.9 Hog Princess Cycle Deck for Arena 10 and Above Giant Gravy Cart For Arena 10 Surgical Goblin CCGS Winning Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Hog Rider + Princess + Ice Golem all for 2.9 elixirs!
Let the Giant and Cannon Cart deal in the Arena with the Graveyard & Executioner!
With just 3.1 elixirs, learn how you can win the match!

Goblin Decks:

Here are all the best Goblin decks and strategies to help you go from Arena 1 to 8!

2016-04-25-10-48-51-arena_7_guide.jpg Best Deck to Enter Legendary Arena - An Arena 7 Deck
Running through the aisle of Arena 7 is extremely hard. However, the deck in this article is built to reach Arena 8. It was a deck from a fellow clasher with some improvements based on Jason's deck, this year's Clash Royale Champion.
2016-08-17-07-15-11-New__1.7_Elixir_Troll_Deck_-_Ft._The_Log.png New! 1.7 Elixir Deck - Ft. The Log Arena 8 Above
The Log is the only Legendary Spell card in the game. Combined with some of the cheapest troops available GAMINGwithMOLT created a quick 1.7 elixir deck.
2016-08-09-05-46-56-2.6_troll.png Crazy 2.6 Elixir Troll Deck - Arena 9
Annoyingly simple. Annoyingly effective! By Clash On Gan.
2016-05-31-01-08-36-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_10.06.54_AM.png Hog Rider + Zap + Goblins Deck For Pushing in Arena 5
Another Hog Rider, another combo. Here is a very balanced deck with only 3.3 Average Elixirs to push you from Arena 5 to Arena 6!
2016-04-18-06-25-37-hog_mortar.jpg Hog Rider + Mortar Deck for Arena 6 & Above
So you have seen a lot of Hog + Freeze combo in the upper arenas, how about switching Freeze to Mortar for more fun and trophies?
2016-05-31-01-19-24-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_10.18.33_AM.png This Goblin Deck Strategy Can Help You Push from Arena 4 - 6!
Love swarming? How about using these green guys for some fun and action?
2016-04-20-06-36-33-fastcycle.jpg Fast Cycle Deck For Arena 8
Looking for a cheap yet useful deck at the highest arena? Check Molt's deck and see how he deal and wrecked popular decks at the Legendary Arena.
2016-04-26-09-16-08-witchragedeck.jpg Witch + Rage Spell Deck For Arena 4 to 7!
See how the Witch + Rage + Hog Rider combo can help you secure victory and trophies in Clash Royale's Arena 4 and above!
2016-04-20-09-29-09-3muskpekka.jpg Three Musketeers + PEKKA Deck For Arena 8
Let your opponent go crazy by handing them devastating blows from this epic combo for the Legendary Arena!
2016-05-25-03-51-03-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.50.34_PM.png Effective Golem + Barbarians Deck For Arena 7
If you are new in Arena 7, you can make use of the cards you have from lower arenas to support the Golem for a one big push.
2016-05-30-04-13-21-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.12.51.png Easily Push to Arena 4 With this Low Elixir Deck
Tired of always losing and not getting past Arena 4? Do you think it is because you don't have Epic or Legendary cards? Well, you can beat Arena 4 with common and cheap cards. Here we will be discussing, in terms of elixirs, Affordable Basic deck to get you past Arena 4.
2016-05-31-02-01-14-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_10.54.29_AM.png This Cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck for Arena 5 will make you win the game quick!
An Elixir Advantage can make or break any game in a snap. This cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck will give you crowns you never imagined.
2016-05-30-04-17-14-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.16.47.png Aggressive Deck that can get you through Arena 5 - 7
Reddit User, Kouxy, shared how this deck is so fun to use plus it got him through Arena 7!
2016-05-30-04-18-34-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.18.11.png 3.3 Elixir Low Cost Deck for Easily Overwhelming Opponents in Arena 4
This low-cost Clash Royale Deck will spam your enemy troops in a flash since their elixir is really cheap.
2016-05-31-02-09-45-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.08.49_AM.png PEKKA + Wizard Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 7
The Pekka is incredible in Clash Royale's Arena 7. Just pair him with troops that can counter its weakness against swarms and fast troops.
2016-05-30-04-19-48-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.19.21.png Anti Spawner Deck to Obliterate Huts in Arena 3
Since Spawner Decks are here to stay, we found an Anti Spawner deck that can help you defeat them in Arena 3.
2016-05-31-02-13-24-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.12.05_AM.png Low-Level and Low-Elixir Deck For Arena 4!
This deck is composed of easy-to-get cards without any tankers that will win you trophies faster!
2016-05-31-02-19-57-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.19.16_AM.png Arena 3 Deck That Pushed This Redditor To Arena 7!
We don't want you to get stuck on the Barbarian Bowl, this deck will be the answer!
2016-04-08-10-47-56-mini_pekka_gobs.jpg Goblin + Mini PEKKA Combo to Push in Arena 6!
The Goblin + Mini Pekka combo is one strategy that lets you overwhelm opponents with sheer quantity.
2016-04-26-10-57-07-deck_from_lvl_6_to_arena_8.jpg This Deck Made a Level 6 Reached Arena 8!
Yes! You read it right, Chief! Check how awesome this deck defeats high level players in the highest arena in Clash Royale universe.
2016-05-31-02-24-51-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.22.48_AM.png Effective Hog Rider + Valkyrie Deck For Arena 4 & Above
The Hog Rider can still be played smoothly without the use of the Freeze Spell. Here's an effective deck that can help you secure trophies through the help of the Valkyrie and the Bomb Tower.
2016-05-31-02-27-23-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.26.51_AM.png This F2P Arena 4 Deck can push for trophies until Arena 7!
You don't need to change your style or you don't have to buy cards on the shop. This deck is a win until you reach Arena 7.
2016-05-25-04-36-19-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.35.50_PM.png Best Cheap Deck to Reach Arena 4
Joester100, a Reddit User, gives us his tips on using Arena 2 Cards effectively to reach Arena 4.
2016-05-25-04-37-40-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.37.13_PM.png Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
The deck might look like a troll but trust us, this will wipe the smile off your opponent's face while you still both have fun!
2016-05-31-02-32-56-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.32.10_AM.png Basic but High-level Deck to get you to Clash Royale's Arena 5
This deck has lots of common troops. Sometimes the level of these troops spells the difference between victory and defeat.
2016-05-25-04-41-37-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.41.08_PM.png This Cheap 3.5 Elixir Deck Works Wonders In Arena 4
You can easily push your way to Clash Royale's Arena 4 with this cheap swarm deck. With just 3.5 elixirs you will be able to swarm the field wit troops.
2016-04-08-08-20-40-gob_freeze.jpg A Low-Elixir Goblin + Freeze Spell Combo for Winning Trophies in Arena 6!
In this Goblin deck, you will see how Freeze Spell perfectly fits with these Green Guys!
2016-05-31-02-40-07-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.39.28_AM.png Win Trophies with this Free-To-Play Deck in Arena 7.
Free-to-play players who do not want to spend real money for Clash Royale may get overwhelmed by those who do pay their games. It is a concept found on most free-to-play apps. This article provides a deck that F2P players can use and win in Arena 7.
2016-05-31-02-41-50-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.41.15_AM.png The Knight Rider Deck: "Push" Your Way Through Arena 4
By taking advantage of some in-game physics, your Knight can attain Hog Rider speeds.
2016-05-31-02-43-23-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.42.46_AM.png Confuse your Enemy with this Knight-Balloon Deck for Arena 3 - 6
Intimidate your Clash Royale opponents by continually pushing until he just drops whatever he has.
2016-05-31-02-45-12-Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_11.44.44_AM.png The Arena 1 Deck that will push you until Arena 4!
This Arena 1 Deck can surely be your staple until you reach Arena 4.
2016-05-06-05-53-16-lavalooon.jpg Lavaloon Deck - Arena 7 and 8
The most-loved air combo from Clash of Clans is now possible in Clash Royale! Have you tried using the Lava Hound? Here is a great deck introduced by a clasher and the result is fantastic!
2016-05-06-04-44-20-dirtyhogrider.jpg The Dirty Hog Miner Deck - Arena 6 & Above
So you have seen how the Hog Rider and Miner wreck tower easily with a Bomb Tower as a defense, but how about an Inferno Tower, instead?
2016-05-13-08-14-27-hog_cycle_arena_7_8.jpg Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 7 and 8
We have an 18-0 record using these cards! Here’s a shared Clash Royale deck from one of the most trusted Clasher, Galadon, showcasing the mighty power of the Hog Rider.
fill_750_468_2016-05-10-08-06-45-minerroyal.jpg Royal Giant Miner Deck for Arena 7 and 8
The buffy Royal Giant ft. Miner is a must-use combo in higher arenas. Check why the original creator of this Clash Royale deck says that the Miner is a "Diamond in the Rough"
fill_750_468_2016-05-10-07-59-07-hogminerdrag.png Hog Miner Baby Dragon Deck for Pushing in Arena 7
Here's another Clash Royale strategy for your Hog Rider and Miner. But this time, we will tweak it with the use of the Baby Dragon.
fill_750_468_2016-05-09-07-49-49-firespiritshog.jpg Fire Spirits Hog Rider Deck for Arena 5 and Above
Did you use the Fire Spirits, already? If not yet, here's a great Clash Royale deck that you can use to unleash its power from within!
fill_750_468_2016-05-10-10-08-31-X-BowCard.png X-Bow Spam Deck for Arena 6
Exploiting the Mirror's reflection ability, we combine it with some powerful cards that can make the difference in Arena 6
fill_750_468_2016-05-11-03-33-19-Lava_hound.jpg Lava Hound Deck for Arena 6
Lava Hound is one of the newest cards in Clash Royale. It may be the most expensive Legendary card now, but this deck can easily demolish opponent's tower with the right card to support it.
2016-05-10-06-18-24-1.jpg Flying Goblin Trick Deck for Arena 5
This will make your opponent's trophies fly towards you!
2016-05-16-08-46-14-maxresdefault__1_.jpg Clash Royale Spawner Deck in Arena 4 to Push You to Arena 5 in a Day!
This Clash Royale deck will surely bait your opponent in using their Arrow Spell prematurely!
fill_750_468_2016-05-10-10-00-41-39.png Arena 5 Zap Deck to Stun Minion Horde and Control Swarms
Stun your opponents and let your team deliver one extra attack with this Zap deck for Arena 5!
2016-06-21-08-59-42-maxresdefault.jpg Insane 2.3 Elixir Deck That Works Even In Legendary Arena!
Want to make a great Clash Royale deck that can possibly get you to Legendary Arena?
2016-06-24-16-57-59-nickatnyte.jpg Rocket Cycle Troll Deck for Arena 7 & 8
Nickatnyte created this Rocket Cycle deck to troll level 9 players on Arena 8. It looks like it's a sure three crown win!
2016-06-26-09-39-50-maxresdefault.jpg Double Hog Rider Deck for Arena 7 and 8
The Hog Rider took a hit with the recent Clash Royale Update. However, will it be enough to slow him down?
2016-06-29-03-33-55-lava_baby.jpg The LavaBaby Strategy for Arena 6 and 7
Surprise your opponent with a strong and costly Lava Hound just when you hit the double elixir mark!
A New Hog Witch Deck For Arena 6 and Above
Even with the nerf, the Hog Rider is still as strong as ever. What if we partner him with the Witch?

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