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goblin_hut.png The Clash Royale Goblin Hut Guide

If you have Spear Goblins in your deck, you know how effective they are at AA defense. Why not add to your airtight defense a building that keeps shelling them out? The Goblin Hut is unlockable in Goblin Stadium - Arena 1.


Goblin Hut Deck for Arena 7:

Goblin Pressure Deck for Arena 7
The Baby Dragon Backed by the Musketeer and Archers. Sneak the Goblin Barrel when everyone's busy.

Goblin Hut Deck for Arena 9:

X-Bow Double Spawner Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments
Siege and Spawner.

Goblin Hut Deck Archives:

The Goblin Hut is great for defense support and lowkey offense, here are some strategies that includes it.

The Best Clash Royale Goblin Hut Deck Strategies
2016-05-24-03-42-10-hd1.JPG Huts Deck Strategy
This deck's primary key cards are the Barbarian hut and Goblin hut. They are going to be the defensive and offensive anchor of this deck.
2016-05-24-03-42-24-hd2.JPG Dual Push Deck Strategy
This deck is primarily used for devastating both towers of the enemy. Risky move, but it is totally worth the risk. This is still experimental, but so far, it works perfectly for Arena 2-4.
2016-05-24-03-42-37-hd3.JPG Effective Arena 7 Royal Giant Deck - No Epics
The utilization of all supporting cards makes this deck extra special. They give extra time for your main card to deal extra blows against towers, making it hard to counter. Your cards will also cycle faster.
2016-05-24-03-42-49-hd4.JPG Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Strategy — Arena 8
This Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Guide was shared by nickatnyte, a Youtuber, who showcases different decks in his channel, giving players a lot of choices on what deck they could effectively play in a certain arena.
2016-05-24-03-43-08-hd5.JPG This Goblin Deck Strategy Can Help You Push from Arena 4 - 6!
Goblins are one of the most-loved troops in the Clash Royale Universe, which is in direct contrast with Clash of Clans. In Clash of Clans, Goblins are just those pesky little green guys who love to take resources directly once they were deployed.
2016-05-24-03-43-24-hd6.JPG Clash Royale Spam Deck Strategy
The main idea of this deck is to swarm your enemy troops and Crown Towers with your MOBs that can be used for positive elixir trades if used correctly.
2016-05-24-03-43-36-hd7.JPG This Goblin Barrel & Huts Deck Combo Works Great for Clash Royale's Arena 4!
It is an advantage to own two huts we all know can spam a single lane effortlessly. But with a great number of troops, comes a great elixir cost for every card.
2016-05-24-03-43-51-hd8.JPG Goblin + Tesla Combo to Push in Arena 4!
Goblins… Goblins everywhere! With the rising popularity of these green guys, Clashers made different useful decks that can help to bag lots and lots of trophies in specific arenas.
2016-05-24-03-44-04-hd9.JPG Goblin + Mini PEKKA Combo to Push in Arena 6!
AThis Korean YouTuber made a different blend of Goblin deck combo showcasing the huge power of the Mini PEKKA. With the help of the Baby Dragon and the Bomber, the key players on this deck can successfully reach and destroy a tower.
2016-05-24-03-44-19-hd10.JPG This Cheap 3.5 Elixir Deck Works Wonders In Arena 4
Since the deck uses many cheap cards, you will be able to cycle through your cards quickly. Furthermore, you will be able to get that one card that you need to counter your enemy.
2016-05-24-03-45-53-hd11.JPG A Low-Elixir Goblin + Freeze Spell Combo for Winning Trophies in Arena 6!
Imperial Gaming, a Youtuber, made a team with the Goblin Squad and Freeze Spell. He was able to dominate his enemies through the use of this fun yet useful deck that can be used in Arena 6.
2016-05-24-03-46-07-hd12.JPG Prince Squad Deck Strategy for Arena 4 and Above
This Prince defensive deck aims to give you 1-0 victories by playing disruptive cards. This, in turn, will allow you to generate elixir advantage while pressuring the opponent.

Last modified: 15,09,2017



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