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giant.png The Clash Royale Giant Guide

The Giant is one of the earliest troops you can encounter in Clash Royale. As a testament to his name, he has high HP and is wired to only attacking buildings. If used properly and with support troops behind him, the Giant can easily push a tower or two. The Giant is already unlocked in the Training Camp.

The Best Clash Royale Giant Deck Strategies
2016-08-20-01-09-42-unbeat_giant_log_-_arena_7_above.png Gan's Unbeatable Giant Log Deck - Arena 7 Above
A good classic Giant + Witch combo plus The Log to get rid of any annoying troops along the way.
2016-08-19-09-14-17-the_classic_deck.jpg The Classic Deck - Arena 8 Above
Are you missing your Arena 1 troops? Try out this Classic deck by Ash. He combined your most trusted old school troops with the newest spells and Guards for support.
2016-08-17-07-15-10-womby_deck.png The Wombo Combo Deck Arena 8 Above
The deck's catchy name is nothing against the pushing power of this deck! The most basic strategy with the Giant as its tanker and the Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince for that destructive damage!
2016-08-15-03-54-42-Giant_Lumber_Guards_Deck_-_Arena_8_Above.png How To Easily Win With the Lumberjack - A Deck for Arena 8 Above
Still figuring out what troops, spell, and building to combine with your LumberJack? Go with the classic tanker + push + support that you can get on this deck.
2016-04-25-10-48-51-arena_7_guide.jpg Best Deck to Enter Legendary Arena - An Arena 7 Deck
Running through the aisle of Arena 7 is extremely hard. However, the deck in this article is built to reach Arena 8. It was a deck from a fellow clasher with some improvements based on Jason's deck, this year's Clash Royale Champion.
2016-04-05-03-20-04-goblin_wallpaper.png This Goblin Barrel & Huts Deck Combo Works Great for Clash Royale's Arena 4!
It is an advantage to own two huts we all know can spam a single lane effortlessly. But with a great number of troops, comes a great elixir cost for every card. Wait, did I hear this kind of line somewhere in the past? Well, going back, in this article, we will introduce a swarm deck that can help you reach higher arenas but with patience.
2016-05-23-06-46-28-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.46.09_PM.png Clash Royale's Giant Deck Strategy to Push for Trophies in Arena 3!
The Giant has a huge amount of HP and destroys buildings faster than other troops. Although they are really slow and can be defeated easily by MOBs, the right troops behind him can spell the difference between utilizing this strategy to or against your favor.
2016-05-23-06-50-42-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.50.09_PM.png Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Without Baby Dragon or Prince
It’s pretty frustrating not owning your dream cards in the early run of the game. You always wait for a Free Chest. Or maybe wait for any other chest to be available and do hope for an epic card to randomly appear. But don’t worry my dear clasher, you are not alone. Even I do not have a Baby Dragon, yet. I have got the Prince but seldom use it as one of the cards in my main deck. Packed with early troops from the training camp, here is a more elixir friendly deck we have found on Youtube by Spencer23$
2016-05-23-06-52-44-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.52.18_PM.png Tournament Championship Deck by Jason
Clash Royale players had finally gotten their first official tournament in Helsinki, Finland. The said event happened in April 16, 2016. Out of the 200 participants, only one dominated the game, and his name is Jason, beating everyone with his Giant deck. Let us check how he utilized this Giant + Hog Rider + Elixir Collector Combination.
2016-05-23-06-55-02-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.54.32_PM.png F2P Deck To Reach Arena 8 - Legendary Arena
Arena 8 is where the big boys play and also a haven of P2W (pay to win) players. For sure, some of the F2P players are excited to reach the Legendary Arena and battle against big fishes. However, that is just half of the story. Earning enough trophies to get to the coveted Arena can be a nuisance to F2P players. Sometimes they usually get beaten to a pulp.
2016-05-23-06-56-37-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.56.20_PM.png A Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck to Reach Arena 4 Quickly!
This deck primary cards are all used for pushing, leaving little for defense and more to offense. It is a risky deck for those who are new to using it. On the other hand, it is an efficient deck to get many trophies.
2016-05-23-06-58-20-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.57.50_PM.png Clash Royale Meta-Game: Beatdown Deck
Clash Royale has its own so-called "meta-game". It is the share of people who are pursuing distinct lines of play to win the game. It can be broken down into three categories: Beatdown, Control, and Siege.
2016-05-23-06-59-39-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_3.59.19_PM.png Clash Royale Arena 4 Control Deck
Because of the size and colossal built of the Giant, this deck backbone’s is like a wonderful offense and defense combination.
2016-05-23-07-02-10-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.01.47_PM.png Air Attack Deck for Pushing in Clash Royale's Arena 3 - 4
Air type units are troops in Clash Royale that are, you guess it, flying. In this way, they are free from being destroyed by high attack units like the Pekka or the Prince. When many decks in Arena 3 focused on taking down the tower as soon as possible, it also means most decks have this high atack-yet-ground only troops.
2016-05-23-07-05-04-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.04.43_PM.png No Epic Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 6 - 7
This Arena 6 Deck without epics makes use of ranged troops as your pushing units. Since they're at the back of the tanker - the Giant they're free to aim and fire at any countering troop. They can also target the tower without being damaged.
2016-05-23-07-09-47-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.09.24_PM.png Basic but High-level Deck to get you to Clash Royale's Arena 5
Sources guarantee us that this deck has a 100% win rate when played right. To be able to use this deck properly and still win on Arena 3 and up, each troop card should be at least on level 5.
2016-05-23-07-10-47-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.10.25_PM.png Pushing Deck Guide for all Arenas
If you like an aggressive play-style then this deck is perfect for you. This deck prioritizes pushing, which can be hard to counter if played right. It also consists of cards that you can get from Arenas 1 and 2.
2016-05-23-07-13-01-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.12.29_PM.png Beginner Deck for Winning Quickly in Arena 1 and 2!
The best Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck is surprisingly something very easy and useful to anyone trying out Clash Royale for the first time. Also, you can even use this deck even for Arena 2.
2016-05-23-07-15-14-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.14.44_PM.png Back To Basics With This Giant + Musketeer + Valk Deck For Arenas 5 And 6!
One of the most basic technique in Clash Royale is, the tanker + push + support strategy. This time, it was used on Arena 5 - 6. This Arena 1 fundamental plan still works even on higher arenas. With its usual charm of having the Giant with the Musketeer at his back to do the pushing, the Valkyrie has been added to clear out any incoming Skeleton Army or Spear Gobs / Gobs.
2016-05-23-07-16-36-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.16.17_PM.png Bone Barrier Deck for Arena 2
This 3.4 Elixir Deck boasts of having two of the most used card on the early Arenas - Mini P.E.K.K.A. and the Prince. Since they do a lot of damage to anything on their path, they are surely the most favored unit by beginners. Aside from the chunky 4 and 5 Elixir cards, it also has the cheapest 1 Elixir card - Skeletons! That do a lot of damage if used correctly.
2016-05-23-07-17-52-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.17.31_PM.png Featured Deck: Kira
Are you just starting to play Clash Royale? Are you having a hard time fixing your own Deck because you have no idea what the cards do? Don't worry, I'll show you my own Card Deck which you can copy if you want.
2016-05-23-07-19-19-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.18.56_PM.png The Arena 1 Deck that will push you until Arena 4!
Just in case you're not getting the card you want or you just don't want to change your deck all the time, we raked the internet to give you this deck. It is from Reddit user, tarjoilija. He shared his Arena 1 deck card in eliminating foes from Arena 1, 2, and 3.
2016-05-23-07-21-20-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_4.20.56_PM.png This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player!
This deck has an average of 3.6 Elixir cost and is pretty well rounded. The best thing about it is you usually get the cards right away on the chests that you get as they are mostly common cards. Since the cards are pretty popular on chests, they will be upgraded right away and become stronger.
2016-06-19-15-50-05-giant_7.jpg Giant Decks That Works in Arena 7
Giants are becoming more and more popular! We stumbled upon a Supercell forum that focuses on this mammoth.
fill_750_468_2016-05-16-22-27-14-No_epic_no_legendary.jpg No Epic No Legendary Deck to Reach 2500 Trophies
Are you not lucky enough to get your hands on Epic or Legendary cards? No worry! Here is a deck best suited for those who cannot get Epic or Legendary cards in Clash Royale!
fill_750_468_2016-05-10-10-08-31-X-BowCard.png X-Bow Spam Deck for Arena 6
Exploiting the Mirror's reflection ability, we combine it with some powerful cards that can make the difference in Arena 6
2016-06-01-08-10-06-giant_hog_poison.jpg Giant Hog + Poison Spell Deck Arena 5 to 8
The Giant + Hog Rider is gaining popularity, again! Here’s another awesome deck for this perfect duo with the stinky Poison Spell!
2016-05-31-08-34-37-hog_giant.png Hog Rider Giant Deck for Arena 6 and 7
This powerful Clash Royale duo is paving their way again in higher arenas these days. How can they be so hard to counter?
2016-06-07-04-35-21-lvl_8.jpg Level 8 for Arena 8 No Legendary Deck
Legendary Cards are really hard to come by so we will teach you to use easy to get cards to play against hardened players on Arena 8!
2016-06-09-11-50-18-giant_witch.jpg Witch Giant Combo to Reach Legendary Arena
Want to counter the new Clash Royale game meta? This Witch + Giant combo will help you get through it!

New Giant Decks:

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