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elixir_collector.png The Clash Royale Elixir Collector Guide

The Elixir Collector is unlocked at Arena 8 - Frozen Peak and is a very valuable card in the long run if used right. It is a building that costs 5 elixirs to make that provides players with extra elixirs.


Elixir Collector will bring you an advantage against the enemies. Here are some proofs that it can go with any deck strategies.

New Elixir Collector Decks for Arena 6:

Golem Poison Beatdown Deck for Arena 6 and Above
Baby D + Golem + Poison Deck!

New Elixir Collector Decks for Arena 7:

Golem Double Prince Beatdown for Arena 7 and Above No Legendary Golem Beatdown for Arena 7 and Above
Dark Prince + Prince + Golem!
Let the Golem March while the Lightning stands by for high HP foes.

New Elixir Collector Decks for Arena 8:

P.E.K.K.A Three Musketeers Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments Golem Sparky Beatdown for Arena 8 and Tournaments Sparky Night Witch Beatdown for Arena 8 and Tournaments
Split the 3M between the Pekka and the Miner!
Overwhelm the opponent with the Golem and Sparky!
Let a revitalized Sparky do the talking the Arena.

Elixir Collector Decks for Arena 9:

3.6 Three Musketeer Cycle Deck for Arena 9 and Above
A quick and fast Three Musketeer cycle that you can use to destroy your opponents!
P.E.K.K.A Hog No Legendary Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments P.E.K.K.A Bandit Control Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments Ultra Heavy Golem 3M Deck for Arena 9
Pekka on one lane, the Hog on the other. A truly classic deck strategy!
A deck for ladders and tourneys, the Pekka will bring you victory!
Three Musk + Battle Ram + Golem in Arena 9 (Plus Pump too!)

Elixir Decks for Arena 10:

Golem Cart Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments
Golem with the fast Cannon Cart to destroy towers and even give you a three crown victory!
Three Musketeers Cart Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments Tanks and Runts Deck for Arena 10 Golem 3M Decks for Chest Farming in Arena 10
Surprise the opponent with a sudden Three Musketeers Push!
The Sparky and the Lava Hound for the ultimate offensive push.
The Log will take off the swarms that try to defeat your Golem.

Elixir Collector Decks for Arena 11:

No Legendary Golem Cart Deck for Arena 10 and 11 Mega P.E.K.K.A Heavy Deck for Arena 11 Golem NW Bandit Beatdown for Arena 11
The Cannon Cart is slowly gaining popularity in the arena and it is doing great with the Golem!
The Mega Knight, Pekka, and the Bandit in one counterpush deck!
Even after death, the Golem has the Golemites and the NW has the Bats to finish the game!
Giant Mega Knight Leg Mashup For Arena 11 Above 3.5 Three Musketeers Cycle Deck for Arena 11 P.E.K.K.A Dark Prince Control Deck for Arena 11, Challenges and Tournaments
Do a Giant - Mega Knight beatdown and sneak in with the Bandit for either a split or a more powerful push.
A fast Three Musky Cycle Deck with Pump that got into top 5 Global.
The Pekka and Dark Prince, along with Poison to deal with creeps.

Elixir Decks for Arena 12:

Golem 3M Ram Deck for Arena 12
Heavy full offense deck!

Elixir Collector Decks for Challenges and Tourneys:

P.E.K.K.A X-Bow Deck for Tournaments
Pekka on one lane, while the X-bow lays down the ultimate siege.
3M Bridge Spam for Challenges and Tournaments 4 Musketeers Beatdown Deck for Challenges and Tournaments 3M Ram Miner Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Bring back the Bridge Spam with the Three Musketeers!
The power of the Giant + Three Musketeers
The power of the Three Musketeers, the Battle Ram, and the Miner!

Deck Collection:

P.E.K.K.A Ram Deck for Arena 8 and Above Cart Night Ram For Arena 10 Cart Night Bandit For Arena 10 And Challenges
Let the Baby Dragon, Battle Ram, and Pekka defeat the enemy tower!
OJ's Cannon Cart Deck featuring the meta cards on July 2017!
Let the Night Witch and Bandit bring you to victory with the help of the Cannon Cart!

Other Elixir Collector Decks:

The Best Clash Royale Elixir Collector Deck Strategies
night-pekka-ban-ram.png Night PEKKA Bandit Knockdown For Arena 9
Eliminate the competition with the P.E.K.K.A, Bandit, and Elixir Collector!
2016-05-24-02-57-47-ec1.JPG Clash Royale Arena 8 Double Prince + PEKKA Deck Strategy
In the legendary arena where highly skilled players reside, take a look at this Double Prince + Pekka strategy and see if you can be one of the masters of Clash Royale.
2016-05-24-02-58-02-ec2.JPG Rage Three Musketeers Deck Strategy in Arena 7 and Above!
Using the Rage + Three Musketeers deck is a high risk - high reward tactic that can help you push trophies if executed properly.
2016-05-24-02-58-18-ec3.JPG The Blackest Day Deck — Arena 8 Strategy Guide
An Arena 8 player, GoinNGeitHer from the Supercell Forums, shared his own deck with a bizarre name which is composed of the famous duo, Prince + Dark Prince with the PEKKA. He said he wrecked and paved his way in the leaderboards of Arena 8 with this deck.
2016-05-24-02-58-34-ec4.JPG Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Strategy — Arena 8
This Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Guide was shared by nickatnyte, a Youtuber, who showcases different decks in his channel, giving players a lot of choices on what deck they could effectively play in a certain arena.
2016-05-24-02-58-50-ec5.JPG Effective Arena 7 Royal Giant Deck - No Epics
Roaming around the Arena 7 and 8 these days? We are pretty sure you are facing a lot of Royal Giant Decks these days. Here's a deck we can introduce from one of the most trusted clasher in the Clash Royale universe.
2016-05-24-02-59-04-ec6.JPG Tournament Championship Deck by Jason
Clash Royale players had finally gotten their first official tournament in Helsinki, Finland. The said event happened in April 16, 2016. Out of the 200 participants, only one dominated the game, and his name is Jason, beating everyone with his Giant deck.
2016-05-24-02-59-22-ec7.JPG Fast Cycle Deck For Arena 8
Looking for a cheap yet useful deck at the highest arena? Check Molt's deck and see how he deal and wrecked popular decks at the Legendary Arena.
2016-05-24-02-59-36-ec8.JPG Overpowered Golem Sparky Wizard Deck for Arena 6
Here's an epic Clash Royale deck you can try to use early in Arena 6! The hype is real with this one! Let's break down how this set of cards can simply wreck a base in just a few moments.
2016-05-24-02-59-50-ec9.JPG F2P Deck To Reach Arena 8 - Legendary Arena
Arena 8 is where the big boys play and also a haven of P2W (pay to win) players. For sure, some of the F2P players are excited to reach the Legendary Arena and battle against big fishes.
2016-05-24-03-00-05-ec10.JPG Dual Pekka Deck For Quick Tower Wins in Arena 6!
Clash Royale has 2 P.E.K.K.As. One of them is the Mini P.E.K.K.A and the other is the Giant P.E.K.K.A. They are both great offensive units that can deal massive damage against towers and other units.
2016-05-24-03-00-20-ec11.JPG Effective Golem + Barbarians Deck For Arena 7
Getting enough cards to support your Golem might be hard. This is true especially if you unlocked him earlier than expected. However, we can build a good deck with cards you already own up to Arena 7.
2016-05-24-03-00-33-ec12.JPG Rocket Cycle Deck for Arena 6 and above!
The Rum Ham wrote a very quick article on Reddit regarding the best siege deck in Clash Royale's legendary arena. He wrote the foundation such as the Rocket and Bomb Tower.
2016-05-24-03-00-47-ec13.JPG F2P No Epic Deck for Arena 7
Usually, Epic cards are hard to obtain since it takes so much luck to get them. And players often get tired of waiting for nothing and are also tempted to spend their coins to get those cards but they usually cost big.
2016-05-24-03-01-01-ec14.JPG PEKKA + Wizard Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 7
See how Ash played one of his favorite PEKKA deck in the higher Clash Royale Arenas. He utilized these Clash Royale deck against any opponent type. How far can the Pekka take you? Let's find out today!
2016-05-24-03-01-15-ec15.JPG This Deck Made a Level 6 Reached Arena 8!
The deck might look normal, but believe it or not, this is the exact cards that made a level 6 player reached the Legendary Arena. Check how he utilized the cards harmoniously defeating high level clashers in the highest arena in Clash Royale today.
2016-05-24-03-01-31-ec16.JPG Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
There are serious Clash Royale players and some are just too noob or trolls. But what if we combine both? Having this Super Fun Time Deck while you're focusing to win will surely give you a taste of both worlds!
2016-05-24-03-01-44-ec17.JPG No Epic Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 6 - 7
With Epics as the usual death bringer to any troop, this Arena 6 Deck without any epics is surely worth a try. I tried this deck myself and replaced the Elixir Pump with a Musketeer and it works wonders on Arena 3 and 4 too! The deck has given me win after win or at least a draw.
2016-05-24-03-02-00-ec18.JPG A Low-Elixir Goblin + Freeze Spell Combo for Winning Trophies in Arena 6!
Imperial Gaming, a Youtuber, made a team with the Goblin Squad and Freeze Spell. He was able to dominate his enemies through the use of this fun yet useful deck that can be used in Arena 6. Let's find out what the deck is.
2016-05-24-03-02-16-ec19.JPG Sparky + Miner Deck For Arena 6 & Above!
The Sparky + Miner combo will be your main troops. They will critically attack a targeted tower simultaneously.
2016-05-24-03-02-31-ec20.JPG Dual Prince Deck Combo for Arena 7 & 8
This Clash Royale deck includes your favorite cards from the past arenas giving support to your main troops: the Prince and Dark Prince. Packed with good offensive and defensive units, see how this set of cards can devastate players in the said Clash Royale arenas.
2016-05-24-03-02-44-ec21.JPG Power Deck Arena 6 & Above
This Clash Royale deck consists of cards that can turn its defensive troops into an offensive one. Without getting any serious damage from its enemy's, this set of cards can make team combos harmoniously.
2016-05-24-03-02-58-ec22.JPG Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 7 and 8
We have an 18-0 record using these cards! Here’s a shared Clash Royale deck from one of the most trusted Clasher, Galadon, showcasing the mighty power of the Hog Rider.
2016-05-24-03-03-16-ec23.JPG X-Bow Deck in the Legendary Arena
The X-bow is unlockable from Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl. It is a building with probably the longest reach in the game. It focuses on single ground troop or building and fires its rapid shot arrows.
2016-05-24-03-03-30-ec24.JPG Miner Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8
This sneaky Clash Royale deck showcases the ability of the Miner. We got this deck from the Super Magical Cup, an Open-Entry Tournament in which players participate or spectate in live battles.
2016-05-24-03-03-47-ec25.JPG Golem Furnace Deck in Arena 7
It's frustrating for some Clash Royale players to aim for a legendary card but still get the same Epics and Rares. They stock up and need to be upgraded. However, you still wish for a Legendary card to come out of a chest but to no avail.
2016-06-29-03-33-55-lava_baby.jpg The LavaBaby Strategy for Arena 6 and 7
Surprise your opponent with a strong and costly Lava Hound just when you hit the double elixir mark!

Last modified: 8,08,2018


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