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dark_prince.png The Clash Royale Dark Prince Guide

The Dark Prince is going to provide the extra spice the every Clash Royale player is looking for! As what they say, if you want to take harm on his mushy core you have to pass and break his shield first. The Dark Prince according to Clash Royale Deck Builder has been seen in almost 36% of the last 50 competitive decks and at-least 1.5% of Clash Royale players have already obtained this powerful card. The Dark Prince is unlockable in Royal Arena - Arena 7.


Dark Prince Decks for Arena 7:

Giant Double Prince Miner Deck for Arena 7 to 12 Giant Double Prince Wiz Deck for Arena 7 to 12 Double Prince Wiz Beatdown Deck for Arena 7 to 12
Push with the double Prince!
Three spells and a Wiz!
Double Prince with good support!
Giant Double Prince Triple Spell Deck for Arena 7 to 12 Inferno Double Prince Deck for Arena 7 to 12 Double Prince Triple Spell Deck for Arena 7 to 12
Support with three spells!
Inferno D, Double Prince, and Triple Spells!
Double Prince with Triple spell!
P.E.K.K.A Double Prince Hut Deck for Arena 7 to 12 Goison Double Prince Deck for Arena 7 and Tourneys P.E.K.K.A Double Prince Miner Deck for Arena 7 and Above
PPP are back!
Check out the classic Double Prince with the Giant.
A mighty heavy push with the Princes and the Pekka!
Golem Double Prince Beatdown for Arena 7 and Above Graveyard Hog Freeze for Arena 7 Dark Giant Beatdown Deck for Arena 7 and Above
Dark Prince + Prince + Golem!
Distract the towers with the Hog Rider while the Graveyard do their work.
Dark Prince + Giant in this deck that brings back the DP in the Arena!

Dark Prince Deck for Arena 8:

Dark Golem Wiz Deck for Arena 8 to 12
Rage your Golem and splashers!
Dark Golem Nado Deck for Arena 8 to 12 No Legendary Dark Giant Deck for Arena 8 to 12 Dark Golem Jack Deck for Arena 8 to 12
Use the Nado with your splashers!
Tank with the Giant or Dark Prince!
Have a stronger push and counter-push with the L-Jack!

Dark Prince Deck for Arena 9:

Giant Double Prince Dart Gob Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Dark Rascals Bait Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Double Prince Triple Wizard Deck for Arena 9
Snipe with the Dart Gob!
Bait and then bombard with the Rockets!
UserDeck: 1 Hog, 2 Princes, and 3 Wizards!
Giant Hunter Splash Beatdown Deck for Arena 9 to 12 Dark Golem Triple Musketeer for Arena 9 Bandit Ram Bridge Spam for Arena 9 Tournaments
Support your Giant or make a split push!
Ultra heavy deck for an unstoppable push!
The deck that won 40 Grand Challenges in a week!
Triple Spell Bait Deck for Arena 9 to 12 P.E.K.K.A Double Prince Hunter Deck for Arena 9 and Tournaments Double Prince Triple Wizard Hog Deck for Arena 9
Bait deck with three spells!
An unstoppable P.E.K.K.A Double Prince
Bringing back the power of the Double Princess backed by the Hog Rider and Ice Wizard.

Dark Prince Decks for Arena 11:

P.E.K.K.A Dark Prince Control Deck for Arena 11, Challenges and Tournaments
The Pekka and Dark Prince, along with Poison to deal with creeps.

Dark Prince Decks for Arena 12:

Dark Bandit Bridge Spam Zap Bait for Arena 12 Triple Spell Bridge Spam Deck for Arena 12
Bridge spam that can bait the Zap!
Bridge spam with three spells!

Dark Prince Decks for Challenges and Tourneys:

Dark Golem LumberJack Deck for Arena 8 Above, Challenges and Tournaments TMD YaoYao Dark Mortar Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Protect the Golem with the Dark Prince. Make it fast when the Lumberjack dies!
A Championship Deck with 2 win conditions!

Old Dark Prince Decks:

The Best Clash Royale Dark Prince Strategies
2016-04-12-07-57-25-Blackest_day_deck.png The Blackest Day Deck — Arena 8 Strategy Guide
The power of this deck is kind of immeasurable because of the power those Princes' brought giving them a nice team-up with the PEKKA. In times of clash, your spells can surely save your team providing massive damage pressuring your opponent on how they will deal effectively on these near perfect combo.
2016-04-15-11-08-24-dark_prince_prince_wall.jpg Clash Royale Arena 8 Double Prince + PEKKA Deck Strategy
The Prince and Dark Prince made their own debut separately, making them two of the most popular cards being used today in the Clash Royale Universe. The Prince possesses critical damage in a single-target while the Dark Prince carries the splash damage, making them a perfect combo together. As we focus on these two troops in this article, we will be introducing the decks we collected in each arena, here in Clashroyalepedia.
2016-04-12-10-52-12-golem_ice_wiz.jpg Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Strategy — Arena 8
This Golem + Ice Wizard Deck Guide was shared by nickatnyte, a Youtuber, who showcases different decks in his channel, giving players a lot of choices on what deck they could effectively play in a certain arena. This deck is ‘balanced’ in its own way because it gives each of the card the support it needs.
2016-04-05-07-43-42-maxresdefault.jpg Rage Three Musketeers Deck Strategy in Arena 7 and Above!
These three girls will destroy any high HP monster on both air and ground. With three of them, they can cause some serious damage to any tower if left unattended.
2016-05-23-09-15-49-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.15.28_PM.png PEKKA + Wizard Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 7
With the Pekka's immense attack, the Wizard supplements the Pekka's weakness by clearing the road for it, whether on the ground or in the air. The Dark Prince will also clear the path, allowing the Pekka to reach the tower. Horde troops will also have a problem, as you have low-cost elixir cards that can counter them.
2016-05-23-09-06-35-Screen_Shot_2016-05-23_at_6.06.11_PM.png Dual Prince Deck Combo for Arena 7 & 8
This Clash Royale deck includes your favorite cards from the past arenas giving support to your main troops: the Prince and Dark Prince. Packed with good offensive and defensive units, see how this set of cards can devastate players in the said Clash Royale arenas.

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