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cannon.png The Clash Royale Cannon Guide

They have been used in battles throughout history. Many versions of the cannon have been made and not all are equal. With the hit speed being one of the lowest seen in the game, this is one monster you'll want to have on your side of the field (when they work for you, of course). The Cannon is unlockable in Barbarian Bowl - Arena 3.


Cannon Decks for Arena 8:

Free-2-Play Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Try out this F2P No Legendary Hog Cycle deck as shared by Surgical Goblin that doesn't have epics and above.

Old Cannon Decks:

Hello Clashers! Here's our best Cannon Decks.

fill_750_468_2016-04-06-07-26-40-Hog_Mini_Pekka.jpg Hog Freeze + Mini PEKKA Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above
Can't get enough of Hog Rider + Freeze Spell combo? How about teaming it up with a Mini PEKKA?
2016-06-13-05-58-05-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_2.57.00_PM.png Dual Push Deck Strategy
Want to crush your opponent morale? Then try this deck that can utterly destroy both sides of the enemy's territory!
2016-06-13-06-01-00-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.00.05_PM.png Powerful Deck for Arena 4, 5, and 6!
This deck works like the spartan army. Each troop supports each other to create a good attack and defense.
2016-05-11-02-29-25-royalgiantbarbshut.png Effective Arena 7 Royal Giant Deck - No Epics
Roaming around the Arena 7 and 8 these days? We are pretty sure you are facing a lot of Royal Giant Decks these days.
2016-04-20-06-36-33-fastcycle.jpg Fast Cycle Deck For Arena 8
Looking for a cheap yet useful deck at the highest arena? Check Molt's deck and see how he deal and wrecked popular decks at the Legendary Arena.
2016-06-13-06-04-42-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.03.54_PM.png Low Elixir Deck for Arena 5
Are you having a hard time dealing with enemies in Arena 5? Well, here is a deck you may want to try.
2016-04-05-04-57-38-new_freeze_cannon.png Hog Freeze + Cannon Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above
Hog Rider and Freeze Spell perfectly work together. But how about adding a Cannon for defensive purposes? Here is a useful deck that you can try, Chief!
2016-06-13-06-07-53-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.07.19_PM.png A Triple Spell Deck On Arena 5 That Will Cast You Until Arena 7!
Spells are not usually main cards but support or for defense, but this time, we will focus on it.
2016-04-19-08-09-01-lytning_hog.png Hog Rider + Cannon Deck Strategy For Arena 4 and Above
Don't have the Freeze Spell, yet? We have another deck for the most beloved Hog riding guy that can be effective as early as Arena 4!
2016-06-13-06-13-12-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.11.52_PM.png This Deck With Level 7 Commons Pushed this Redditor to 2600+ Trophies - Arena 7!
Time to look back and upgrade your common cards, it might give you the push you need to reach the Royal Arena!
2016-06-13-06-17-58-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.17.24_PM.png Valkyrie + Freeze Deck on Arena 6 and 7
Valkyrie is not just good on Arena 3. She can still be the star of your deck on Arena 6 and 7 paired with the Freeze Spell. We will teach you the whole deck here.
2016-06-13-06-20-47-Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_3.19.12_PM.png Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
The deck might look like a troll but trust us, this will wipe the smile off your opponent's face while you still both have fun!
2016-04-08-08-20-40-gob_freeze.jpg A Low-Elixir Goblin + Freeze Spell Combo for Winning Trophies in Arena 6!
In this Goblin deck, you will see how Freeze Spell perfectly fits with these Green Guys!
2016-05-06-02-29-46-sparkyminer_arena_6.png Sparky + Miner Deck For Arena 6 & Above!
The Sparky + Miner Deck will surely give your enemy some surprising combos!
2016-05-13-08-14-27-hog_cycle_arena_7_8.jpg Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 7 and 8
We have an 18-0 record using these cards! Here’s a shared Clash Royale deck from one of the most trusted Clasher, Galadon, showcasing the mighty power of the Hog Rider.
2016-05-08-02-33-10-ea011a3d6-1.jpg X-Bow Deck in the Legendary Arena
Use this X-Bow deck to take out OP opponents in the Legendary Arena.
2016-05-16-09-13-38-minercontrol.png Miner Control Deck for Arena 7 and 8
The latest Super Magical Cup was held last May 14 on Twitch and we got an interesting deck to share that you can use in Arenas 7 and 8.
fill_750_468_2016-05-11-03-33-19-Lava_hound.jpg Lava Hound Deck for Arena 6
Lava Hound is one of the newest cards in Clash Royale. It may be the most expensive Legendary card now, but this deck can easily demolish opponent's tower with the right card to support it.
fill_750_468_2016-05-11-05-36-55-2.9elix.png Low Elixir Deck to Take You to the Legendary Arena!
Can't believe what you read? Then check this article how this Clash Royale player managed to push his trophies from 2400+ above!
2016-05-31-10-06-31-hog_guards.png Guards + Hog Rider Deck Arena 7 & 8
Been wondering what kind of Clash Royale strategy will fit for the Guards ability? In this featured deck, you will never look at these shielded guys the same way again.
2016-06-01-08-10-06-giant_hog_poison.jpg Giant Hog + Poison Spell Deck Arena 5 to 8
The Giant + Hog Rider is gaining popularity, again! Here’s another awesome deck for this perfect duo with the stinky Poison Spell!
2016-06-03-11-12-22-3plelegend.png Triple Legendary Deck Arena 7 and 8
Find out why this Clash Royale Strategy was called as the “new cancer” in higher arenas.
2016-06-06-10-03-26-miner_trick_deck.jpg The Miner Trick Deck Arena 7 and 8
This Clash Royale beatdown deck will introduce how dirty the Miner can be.
2016-06-06-10-46-49-hog_lightning.jpg Upgraded Hog Rider + Lightning Deck for Arena 5 and Above
Here’s another effective Clash Royale Hog Rider deck with the proper utilization of the Lightning Spell.
2016-06-07-14-06-45-no_elixir.jpg Best Hog Cycle Deck with No Elixir Collectors
Hog Riders are on the loose! He is becoming the weapon of choice in every arena. Another Hog Rider deck variation won't hurt as it will promise pure pressure on your opponent!
2016-06-07-08-02-56-trifecta_arena_5_above.jpg Trifecta Deck Arena 5 and Above
Witness how this so-called Trifecta deck dominates any set of cards in particular arenas.
2016-06-08-08-30-50-fastcycledeck.png Fast Cycle Deck Arena 7 and 8
Here's a deck you can effectively use in the Royal and Legendary Arena without utilizing any beefy tanks in-game.
2016-06-10-08-26-55-Royal_Giant_and_Wizard.jpg Royal Giant + Wizard Deck Arena 7 & 8
Royal Giant is a powerful unit for destroying towers. However, he is vulnerable against counters. This is why Wizard comes to his rescue to make the Royal Giant a complete tank.
2016-06-09-11-50-18-giant_witch.jpg Witch Giant Combo to Reach Legendary Arena
Want to counter the new Clash Royale game meta? This Witch + Giant combo will help you get through it!
2016-06-13-06-58-48-trifecta_control.png Trifecta Control Deck (With Poison) Arena 6 and Above
The sudden increase of the Hog Valk Musketeer combo is surprising, especially in higher Clash Royale arenas. Want to learn how to utilize them effectively? Here is the deck that dominated all players from the past Super Magical Cup, The Trifecta Control Deck.
2016-06-21-08-59-42-maxresdefault.jpg Insane 2.3 Elixir Deck That Works Even In Legendary Arena!
Want to make a great Clash Royale deck that can possibly get you to Legendary Arena?
2016-06-29-03-33-55-lava_baby.jpg The LavaBaby Strategy for Arena 6 and 7
Surprise your opponent with a strong and costly Lava Hound just when you hit the double elixir mark!

Last modified: 24, 01, 2018



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