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bomb_tower.png The Clash Royale Bomb Tower Guide

The Bomb Tower can do a lot of damage against swarms and troops that target towers. They are usually in anti-spawner decks and do good in terms of defending and counter-attacking anything that comes to your side of the field. The Bomb Tower is unlockable in Hog Mountain - Arena 10.


The Bomb Tower is often used as a counter card against swarms, try it with these strategies.

The Best Clash Royale Bomb Tower Deck Strategies
2016-05-23-03-02-37-bt1.JPG Golem + Poison Deck Effective For Arena 6 & Above
A fun way to use the Golem is to surprise your opponent by using it as a trump card late in the game! This deck specializes in the perfect blending of low and high elixir cost troops. Check how the user utilizes the deck by pressuring the enemy to deal with the Mighty Golem.
2016-05-23-03-02-37-bt2.JPG Cheap But Effective Deck Without Epics
With an elixir cost of 3.9, this deck is awesome in its own way. Each card you draw will support your current cards in the battlefield. By having two tanks (Barbarians and Knight), your long-range attackers will do more damage to your opponent's. Bomb Tower will distract those flying troops and will severely damage those ground swarmers.
2016-05-23-03-02-40-bt3.JPG Hog Rider + Zap + Goblins Deck For Pushing in Arena 5
One of these deck's strengths is its low average elixir. You can easily cycle through your cards as you can easily deploy them. Hog Rider can easily damage your building while Valkyrie kills everything that will stand in your way. This deck can easily swarm your opponent if he fails to protect the lane.
2016-05-23-03-02-39-bt4.JPG Rocket Cycle Deck for Arena 6 and above!
This deck revolves around the Rocket and the Fireball. You can use them to destroy towers since they cannot be countered. Also, a level 8 Rocket can deal 541 damage to a tower and a level 8 Fireball can deal 251 damage. That is already 800 damage if you focus hitting the tower. A level 8 to 10 crown tower hovers around 2,352 to 2,730. If you do the math, it only takes 4-5 hits before a tower goes down.
2016-05-23-03-02-38-bt5.JPG Anti Spawner Deck to Obliterate Huts in Arena 3
This anti-spawn deck has an average of 3.5 Elixirs. This can provide you an opportunity to deploy and cycle cards faster. Also. the Bomb Tower and Valkyrie are your main cards against spawns because of their splash damage.
2016-05-23-03-02-40-bt6.JPG Effective Hog Rider + Valkyrie Deck For Arena 4 & Above
The deck provides the splash damage is badly needed against a horde of troops. The power of the Valkyrie and Bomb Tower to deal with ground troops are just superb making a hard time especially to spawner decks to deal with this powerful set of cards.
2016-05-23-03-02-39-bt7.JPG Strategy: The Wall Deck for Arena 4
Arena 4 is mostly where players are more offensive than defensive, so using a defensive Deck will bring a surprise to your opponent. Once you build up your Defense/Wall, you'll counter your enemy without using excess elixirs anymore.
2016-05-23-03-02-40-bt8.JPG Arena 4 Giant + Hog Rider Deck to Push into Arena 5
The most basic yet winning strategy will be at play on this deck the tanker + push + support. The Hog Rider's push for Crown Tower and the Bomb Tower formidable defense is where the strength of this deck lies. Aside from that many are familiar with troops like the Giant and the Mini Pekka. Utilizing them properly is something that anyone can do.
2016-05-23-03-02-40-bt9.JPG Best Cheap Deck to Reach Arena 4
Since this deck has cheap cards, defensive moves will get you through the battle as safely as you can. Your pushers can deal decent damages (Knight) and can handle high HP troops (Barbarians and Witch). It is quite a balanced deck and not too overwhelming to use.
2016-05-23-03-02-42-bt10.JPG Win Trophies with this Free-To-Play Deck in Arena 7.
This deck does not use any epic cards except Freeze. It is still a great card even in level 1. This is a great defensive deck especially because of the Bomb Tower. Valkyrie has been a great unit too, as she became more of a valuable unit in decks now.
2016-05-23-03-03-16-bt11.JPG Confuse your Enemy with this Knight-Balloon Deck for Arena 3 - 6
The Knight-Balloon Deck creates panic on the enemy line. It is a strategy that aims to intimidate the other end. It pressures the opponent to just drop whatever he has and not think about it or just give up.
2016-05-23-03-03-14-bt12.JPG Dual Prince Deck Combo for Arena 7 & 8
As we can see, the deck's main power is the Double Prince combo. Making a team with the existing units in lower arenas make them stronger and near unstoppable in every team plays. With the unified lineup, you can sneak, defend and push forward!
2016-06-22-09-12-53-lucky_double_legendary_arena_6.jpg Lucky Double Legendary Deck For Pushing Trophies in Arena 6
What if you get two legendary cards? If those cards are Miner and Ice Wizard, then check out this Clash Royale deck that will boost you from Arena 6 to Arena 7.

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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