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barbarians.png The Clash Royale Barbarians Guide

The Barbarians have the set of skills that will absolutely give a total beat down to all enemy that will cross their path. They are perfect for offense and even defense.


Below are some of the best Barabian Decks we found so far!

New and Updated Barbarian Decks!:

Giant Bowler Beatdown Deck for Arena 8 to 12 Lumber Miner Horde Deck for Arena 8 and Above Electro Skeletor Deck for Arena 6 - 7
Push back the counters with the Bowler!
Two Legendary Cards to win your way out of Arena 8!
An Electro Wizard paired with some of the popular cards in the lower Arena - like the Barbarians and Giant Skeletons!
3.0 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above Barb Ram Deck for Arena 7 Giant-Loon Combo Deck For Arena 5 - 6
Use your hundred Mortars you don't donate and pair it with the Minion Horde!
The Barbarians are it at Arena 7. Destroy everyone with the Baby D, Minion Horde, and Skarmy!
Giant Loon never gets old in Mid Arenas.

Barbarian Decks Archive:

2016-05-25-03-11-08-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.10.02_PM.png Best Deck to Enter Legendary Arena - An Arena 7 Deck
Running through the aisle of Arena 7 is extremely hard. However, the deck in this article is built to reach Arena 8. It was a deck from a fellow clasher with some improvements based on Jason's deck, this year's Clash Royale Champion.
2016-05-25-03-12-54-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.11.58_PM.png Hog Freeze + Mini PEKKA Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above
Can't get enough of Hog Rider + Freeze Spell combo? How about teaming it up with a Mini PEKKA?
2016-04-12-08-58-06-hog_poison.jpg Hog Rider + Poison Spell For Arena 5 & Above
The Poison Spell gives your Hog Rider a chance to take on the tower while you watch your enemy troops die slowly.
2016-04-12-07-57-25-Blackest_day_deck.png The Blackest Day Deck — Arena 8 Strategy Guide
This weird sounding deck helped a Clash Royale player destroy opponents in the Legendary Arena!
2016-05-30-03-37-39-Screenshot_2016-05-30_12.36.53.png Siege Type Strategy
A siege deck primarily uses buildings for destroying or pressuring the enemy's tower. Its average elixir is quite high, so defend all the siege cards at all cost.
2016-05-25-03-15-07-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.14.22_PM.png Huts Deck Strategy
Huts are great on mostly everything. They provide troops to defend, attack, and everything. Check out this deck that utilizes the two huts, Goblin and Barbarian huts!
2016-03-28-06-43-25-clashroyale_decks.jpg Cheap But Effective Deck Without Epics
Do not have any EPIC cards, yet? Then here is a great deck to reach 1700+ trophies from a Reddit user, Byrne14.
2016-05-11-02-29-25-royalgiantbarbshut.png Effective Arena 7 Royal Giant Deck - No Epics
Roaming around the Arena 7 and 8 these days? We are pretty sure you are facing a lot of Royal Giant Decks these days. Here's a deck we can introduce from one of the most trusted Clasher in the Clash Royale universe.
2016-04-18-09-32-14-almost_no_counter.png Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck With Almost No Counter
This deck created by Reddit user named Bruh_Ch2, who shared his experience of successfully climbing to the last arena in the Clash Royale Universe, Arena 8 - The Legendary Arena.
2016-05-25-03-35-44-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.34.53_PM.png Tournament Championship Deck by Jason
Find out how the current Clash Royale champion used a combination of the underrated Giant and the popular Hog Rider to defeat opponents in Helsinki.
2016-04-18-06-25-37-hog_mortar.jpg Hog Rider + Mortar Deck for Arena 6 & Above
So you have seen a lot of Hog + Freeze combo in the upper arenas, how about switching Freeze to Mortar for more fun and trophies?
2016-03-30-05-07-48-maxresdefault.jpg Clash Royale Prince + Barbarian Strategy For Arena 3 & Above
Chief! We compiled some of the handiest deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!
2016-05-25-03-47-45-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.46.48_PM.png Powerful Deck for Arena 4, 5, and 6!
This deck works like the spartan army. Each troop supports each other to create good offense and defence. What's more, each card is strong on their own, thus we dubbed it the "Individuality" deck. 
2016-05-25-03-51-03-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.50.34_PM.png Effective Golem + Barbarians Deck For Arena 7
If you are new in Arena 7, you can make use of the cards you have from lower arenas to support the Golem for a one big push.
2016-05-25-03-52-21-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.51.51_PM.png Balloon Freeze Strategy For Arena 5 & Above
Looking for an alternative way of using your Freeze Spell? How about trying an air troop as your main card?
2016-05-25-03-59-49-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_12.59.15_PM.png Clash Royale Arena 4 Control Deck
If you are a fairly balanced Clash Royale player who likes to do both offense and defense, it's time to take note of this strategy which can help you in Arena 4.
2016-05-30-04-13-21-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.12.51.png Easily Push to Arena 4 With this Low Elixir Deck
Tired of always losing and not getting past Arena 4? Do you think it is because you don't have Epic or Legendary cards? Well, you can beat Arena 4 with common and cheap cards. Here we will be discussing, in terms of elixirs, Affordable Basic deck to get you past Arena 4.
2016-05-30-04-14-44-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.14.21.png Low Elixir Deck for Arena 5
Are you having a hard time dealing with enemies in Arena 5? Well, here is a deck you may want to try.
2016-05-30-04-15-57-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.15.29.png F2P No Epic Deck for Arena 7
You can definitely enjoy Clash Royale and reach Arena 7 even if you are an F2P player with no epic cards. Learn more about it here.
2016-05-30-04-17-14-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.16.47.png Aggressive Deck that can get you through Arena 5 - 7
Reddit User, Kouxy, shared how this deck is so fun to use plus it got him through Arena 7!
2016-05-30-04-18-34-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.18.11.png 3.3 Elixir Low Cost Deck for Easily Overwhelming Opponents in Arena 4
This low-cost Clash Royale Deck will spam your enemy troops in a flash since their elixir is really cheap.
2016-05-30-04-19-48-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.19.21.png Anti Spawner Deck to Obliterate Huts in Arena 3
Since Spawner Decks are here to stay, we found an Anti Spawner deck that can help you defeat them in Arena 3.
2016-04-05-04-57-38-new_freeze_cannon.png Hog Freeze + Cannon Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above
Hog Rider and Freeze Spell perfectly work together. But how about adding a Cannon for defensive purposes? Here is a useful deck that you can try, Chief!
2016-05-30-04-21-57-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.21.29.png Arena 3 Deck That Pushed This Redditor To Arena 7!
We don't want you to get stuck on the Barbarian Bowl, this deck will be the answer!
2016-05-30-04-23-31-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.23.06.png Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5
Hog Rider is usually paired with a Freeze Spell but this time we'll share you this Hog + Prince Deck that will fast track you to victory.
2016-05-30-04-25-57-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.25.31.png Giant Skelebarrel Strategy for a massive trophy push in Arena 3!
Combining the Giant Skeleton and Barrel as a strategy is one smart way to play!
2016-05-25-04-27-34-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.27.02_PM.png This Deck With Level 7 Commons Pushed this Redditor to 2600+ Trophies - Arena 7!
Time to look back and upgrade your common cards, it might give you the push you need to reach the Royal Arena!
2016-05-30-04-10-02-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.09.24.png Your Opponent Will Not Expect This Counter Deck in Arena 3
With an average elixir cost of 3.9, this is the deck to play against the most the common decks in Clash Royale's Arena 3.
2016-05-25-04-34-59-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.34.31_PM.png Best Cheap Deck to Reach Arena 4
Joester100, a Reddit User, gives us his tips on using Arena 2 Cards effectively to reach Arena 4.
2016-05-25-04-37-40-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.37.13_PM.png Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
The deck might look like a troll but trust us, this will wipe the smile off your opponent's face while you still both have fun!
2016-05-25-04-38-53-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.38.22_PM.png No Epic Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 6 - 7
Epics are usually the death bringer to any game, but this deck works perfectly without them!
2016-05-25-04-40-11-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.39.41_PM.png This Clash Royale Deck Helps Redditor Push Trophies from Arena 4 - 7!
This deck will surely give you a winning spree since the strategy of this deck is to confuse your enemy.
2016-05-25-04-41-37-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.41.08_PM.png This Cheap 3.5 Elixir Deck Works Wonders In Arena 4
You can easily push your way to Clash Royale's Arena 4 with this cheap swarm deck. With just 3.5 elixirs you will be able to swarm the field wit troops.
2016-05-25-04-43-12-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.42.38_PM.png Prince Squad Deck Strategy for Arena 4 and Above
You just cannot stop the Prince, particularly if you pair him with the right troops.
2016-05-25-04-45-01-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.44.30_PM.png Back To Basics With This Giant + Musketeer + Valk Deck For Arenas 5 And 6!
This is the Tanker + Push + Support Basic Strategy that worked wonders in almost every Clash Royale Arena!
2016-04-26-08-00-12-hog_barbs_arena_4.jpg Hog Rider + Barbarians Deck — Arena 4 & Above
We have found a great deck utilizing your Hog Rider and Barbarians as early as Arena 4!
2016-05-25-04-47-32-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.46.43_PM.png 3 Epic Cards Deck For Arena 3 - 4 Trophy Push!
One Epic card is usually enough but with three on this deck, winning is a sure thing!
2016-05-25-04-48-56-Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_1.48.28_PM.png This Slowpush Deck Lets You Win Crowns as an F2P Player!
Here's a good deck that lets you push for trophies without having to spend real money.
2016-05-06-04-44-20-dirtyhogrider.jpg The Dirty Hog Miner Deck - Arena 6 & Above
So you have seen how the Hog Rider and Miner wreck tower easily with a Bomb Tower as a defense, but how about an Inferno Tower, instead?
2016-05-02-02-16-49-power_deck_arena_6_above.png Power Deck Arena 6 & Above
Learning how to turn your offense to an unstoppable offense? Here is a great deck we can offer for you in Arena 6 and above!
2016-05-11-04-14-06-effecthound.jpg F2P Lava Hound Deck for Pushing From Arena 4 to 7
Some might say that the Lava Hound is not a fine Legendary Card, but this F2P wants to break those rumors! Do you believe he pushed his trophies way up to the Legendary Arena using the Hound? Here's an effective deck you can start using at Arena 4!
2016-05-19-04-47-34-insane-golem-deck-clash-royale-a-400x225.jpg Golem Furnace Deck in Arena 7
Since Legendary cards are hard to find, you can use the Golem and the Furnace to crush enemies on Arena 7.
fill_750_468_2016-05-19-15-52-00-allout_barbs.jpg All Out Barbarians Deck to Push Trophies in Arena 7
Tired of using your meta deck in Clash Royale? Try this new, simple, and easy to learn deck to compete in Arena 7 and above?
2016-05-17-03-19-39-P44Pe8v.png Magical P.E.K.K.A and Wizard Deck to Push Trophies in Arena 7
A combination of the strongest and most awesome troop are the key for this glorious deck.
fill_750_468_2016-05-16-22-27-14-No_epic_no_legendary.jpg No Epic No Legendary Deck to Reach 2500 Trophies
Are you not lucky enough to get your hands on Epic or Legendary cards? No worry! Here is a deck best suited for those who cannot get Epic or Legendary cards in Clash Royale!
2016-05-16-08-46-14-maxresdefault__1_.jpg Clash Royale Spawner Deck in Arena 4 to Push You to Arena 5 in a Day!
This Clash Royale deck will surely bait your opponent in using their Arrow Spell prematurely!
2016-05-25-22-16-30-AIR_DECK.jpg Clash Royale Arena 8 Air Deck
The Legendary Arena is home for those who are very much experienced in Clash Royale. Some of the cards are not utilized here, like the Balloon. Here is a deck that will make it useful once again.
2016-06-23-05-32-27-RISKY_PEKKA_DECK.jpg Risky But High Reward Epic P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 5 to 7
P.E.K.K.A has recently been buffed by the June 21, 2016 update! Check out this amazing powerful deck that can pressure your enemies to defend his lane all the time.
2016-06-26-09-39-50-maxresdefault.jpg Double Hog Rider Deck for Arena 7 and 8
The Hog Rider took a hit with the recent Clash Royale Update. However, will it be enough to slow him down?
A New Hog Witch Deck For Arena 6 and Above
Even with the nerf, the Hog Rider is still as strong as ever. What if we partner him with the Witch?

New Barbarians Decks:

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