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barbarian_hut.png The Clash Royale Barbarian Hut Guide

The Barbarian Hut is a building card that spawns Barbarians in a matter of seconds. It is very popular in Clash Royale's Arena and in Clash Royale strategies involving huts. Together with the Tombstone and the Goblin Hut, these 3 are almost always part of the Huts deck. This type of deck is focused on spawning troops to overwhelm the opponent with quantity.


Barbarian Hut Deck for Arena 9:

X-Bow Double Spawner Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments
Siege and Spawner.

Barbarian Hut Deck Archives:

Want to scare your enemies with a number of barbarians? The Barbarian hut will be of help to you!

The Best Clash Royale Barbarian Hut Deck Strategies
2016-05-20-06-40-37-2_hog_rider....JPG Huts Deck Strategy
This deck's primary key cards are the Barbarian hut and Goblin hut. They are going to be the defensive and offensive anchor of this deck.
2016-05-20-06-40-37-4_witch___rage....JPG Hog Rider + Giant Skeleton Deck for Arena 5 to 7
The power of the Hog Rider is immeasurable, especially if paired with the right troops. This deck is from Ash, a trusted clasher, who challenged his subscribers by showcasing the capability of this particular set of cards. In this deck introduction, we will provide some good points on how to play it excellently and effectively.
2016-05-20-06-40-37-6_this_cheap_3.5_elixir....JPG Clash Royale Spam Deck Strategy
The main idea of this deck is to swarm your enemy troops and Crown Towers with your MOBs that can be used for positive elixir trades if used correctly.
2016-05-20-06-40-37-5_this_goblin_bareel....JPG Witch + Rage Spell Deck For Arena 4 to 7!
This almost unstoppable Clash Royale deck can provide you a crown easily. This is all because of the "Rage" surprise. In terms of defense, this deck can deal with any troops easily with the support of your spell and building cards. This set of cards can also deal perfectly against Bomb Towers, one of the main villains for this deck.
2016-05-20-06-40-37-1_huts_deck.JPG This Goblin Barrel & Huts Deck Combo Works Great for Clash Royale's Arena 4!
This set might not be an elixir friendly deck but can help you in the long run for the game. Spamming a single lane will be a good plan through the help of your Giant that can walk like a boss in the other lane, while supporting him with any of your available cards behind. By doing this, you are making a dual push - giving your opponent a hard time.
2016-05-20-06-40-36-3_clash_royale_spam....JPG This Cheap 3.5 Elixir Deck Works Wonders In Arena 4
Since the deck uses many cheap cards, you will be able to cycle through your cards quickly. Furthermore, you will be able to get that one card that you need to counter your enemy. You will always be able to drop some troop to defend or attack, while the other expensive cards that your opponent has won't be dropped because they have to wait for the elixir to fill.

Last modified: 26,06,2018


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