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archers.png The Clash Royale Archers Guide

These Archers are there since the very start of the game at the Training Camp. We are sure you will have a long journey ahead with these bow handling twins. They cost 3 elixirs and can be formidable against aerial troops such as Minions and Balloons.


Below are Clash Royale Strategies where the Archers are part of the deck:

The Best Clash Royale Archer Deck Strategies

Arena 1 & 2:

2016-05-20-04-14-18-beginner_deck.PNG Beginner Deck for Winning Quickly in Arena 1 and 2!
The cards used on this Clash Royale Beginner Deck are the usual cards you'll get after the Training Camp. It is composed of 4 commons, 3 rares, and 1 epic card with a 3.8 average elixir count. On this deck we'll teach you the tanker + push + support. It's the most basic and the best beginner strategy of the game. You should be interested to know that the Current Clash Royale Champion has a beginner deck similar to this. So laying out your basic foundations is the best way to become a skilled Clash Royale player.

Arena 3:

2016-05-20-04-09-53-pushing_deck.PNG Pushing Deck Guide for all Arenas
The main strength of this card is how you can easily create this deck and the power of early pushing. Once you've successfully played the right strategy, countering this deck would be difficult.
2016-05-20-03-47-45-affordable_deck.PNG Easily Push to Arena 4 With this Low Elixir Deck
This is a great deck for players who don't have those epic or even legendary cards. The cost is pretty cheap, but it does require patience. You will level up, not by taking the King's tower down every time but by taking down the arena towers first.
2016-05-20-02-38-51-arena_3_archers_decks.PNG Arena 3 Archers Deck
This Deck is all about slowing down the pace, countering, and seizing every advantage on your opponent’s inaccuracies. The main objective of this build is to defend and fight back in return. With Archers being deployed with the Giant, the Baby Dragon, and Spear Goblins, this build is destined to bring wreckage and total uproar to the other side of the battlefield.
2016-05-20-03-14-17-clash_royale_arena_3_deck_to_reach_arena_4.PNG A Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck to Reach Arena 4 Quickly!
It uses all Arena 1 and tutorial level cards, so all cards can be bought in every arena as long as you have all of the cards. You can get to Arena 6 with this deck if you have all the common cards on level 7, all rare cards on level 5 and at least level 2 prince.
2016-05-20-04-01-22-giant_skelebarrel.PNG Giant Skelebarrel Strategy for a massive trophy push in Arena 3!
The strength of this deck is that the defense units are low-cost cards. In this way, the defense can easily be deployed when needed. Striking against the towers should be at the precise moment, so your enemy may assume that he'll get the victory and may drop all he can to push offense. On the contrary, you also have great defense and a tricky offense so he will be surprised with that.

Arena 4:

scoobs-epic-deck.png Scoobs No Legendary Epic Deck for Arena 4 and Above
Balloon on the air while the Prince handles the rest below.
2016-05-30-04-38-18-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.37.39.png Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Without Baby Dragon or Prince
With an average elixir cost of 3.8, this deck can make an offense or defense move at the same time. Your Knight and/or Giant will serve as your damage soaker troop while your Bomber and Witch will do the splash damage.
2016-05-20-03-36-54-clash_royale_archers_spam_deck_strategy.PNG Clash Royale Spam Deck Strategy
The main advantage of this deck is that you can counter almost every ground troop and can take out the enemies Crown Towers easily. You can also force your opponent to use a Spell Card for a more positive elixir trade. This will them vulnerable from your next attack.
2016-05-20-02-49-13-dual_push_deck_strategy_for_all_arenas.PNG Dual Push Strategy for all arenas
This Clash Royale deck is created for a diverse attack and pressure the enemies from both sides. You can possibly get to destroy both towers on the side before hitting the Double Elixir time.
2016-05-20-03-45-01-clash_royale_arena_4_control_deck.PNG Clash Royale Arena 4 Control Deck
Because of the size and colossal built of the Giant, this deck backbone’s is like a wonderful offense and defense combination. The spawns can also offer a much-needed penetration and distract the towers. In this way, the tankers and powerful damage-dealing units of this deck can go straight and destroy the opposing unit and the towers. This deck can be an invincible one if you manage to create a suitable mix and matches of the unit, and of course through the help of training.
2016-05-20-03-54-26-prince_valkyrie.PNG Prince + Valkyrie Deck On Arena 4 For Consistent Trophy Wins
With the Valkyrie's moderate HP and massive AoE damage, she is definitely a troop to watch out for. Combined with the Prince who can smash a building to pieces or ram a troop into oblivion, these two are such a powerhouse that can really push you towards the higher Arena! Simply put, the Valkyrie takes care of the Prince's weakness, which are swarm troops and the like. In this way, the Prince can focus on attacking the important tower instead of the low HP units surrounding him.
2016-05-20-03-56-16-low_level_low_elixir_deck.PNG Low-Level and Low-Elixir Deck For Arena 4!
Due to his speed, the Prince is usually used for pushing and destroying towers. Without any tankers to slow him down and just supported with a hand full of Gobs and Spear Gobs, he will take down a Crown tower in a flash. Speed will be the strength of this deck plus the low elixir cost so you can deploy all you want! Just remember to keep some to help you defend your base.
2016-05-20-03-59-34-clash_royale_hog_cannon.PNG Hog Rider + Cannon Deck Strategy For Arena 4 and Above
With the power that your spell cards possess, your Hog Rider can still wreck that tower easily. Your other troop cards will be the ones who are going to penetrate the game by defending your towers. Any enemy cannot reach a crown tower easily and before that happens, they were usually shut down already. This deck blends on how your Hog Rider must play his game so not having a Freeze Spell is not a problem at all!
2016-05-20-04-03-03-hog_giant_strategy.PNG Arena 4 Giant + Hog Rider Deck to Push into Arena 5
The most basic yet winning strategy will be at play on this deck the tanker + push + support. The Hog Rider's push for Crown Tower and the Bomb Tower formidable defense is where the strength of this deck lies. Aside from that many are familiar with troops like the Giant and the Mini Pekka. Utilizing them properly is something that anyone can do.
2016-04-26-08-00-12-hog_barbs_arena_4.jpg Hog Rider + Barbarians Deck — Arena 4 & Above
This set of cards can counter a spawner deck fairly due to the immense power of the Lightning Spell. Any other troops can be countered easily through the use of your available cards. The deck is balance in either air and ground troops. Due to this, you can easily switch from offense to defense or vice versa.

Arena 5:

2016-05-20-02-46-09-clash_royale_huts_deck_strategy.PNG Huts Deck Strategy
This is basically classified as a spawner deck, you can love it or hate it since the huts serve as both offense and defense. And these huts and spawn cards will shine when its double elixir time. And the poison card placed on the bridge is a pretty good defense.
2016-05-20-02-56-05-hog_rider_zap.PNG Hog Rider + Zap + Goblins Deck For Pushing in Arena 5
One of these deck's strengths is its low average elixir. You can easily cycle through your cards as you can easily deploy them. Hog Rider can easily damage your building while Valkyrie kills everything that will stand in your way. This deck can easily swarm your opponent if he fails to protect the lane.
2016-05-20-03-01-51-tournament_championship_deck.PNG Tournament Championship Deck by Jason
Jason's Championship deck can be found and used by several players even in lower arenas. (except you have to change Elixir Collector) However, it is a very great deck offensively if you master how to use it.
2016-05-20-03-43-05-balloon_freeze.PNG Balloon Freeze Strategy For Arena 5 & Above
This deck is powerful in terms of ground and air attacks. There is a proper blending of the cards, making them useful to each other. Even the elixir cost is tolerable, giving the user a chance to defend if being smashed, or attack if there is an opportunity. The splash damage of this deck is high, giving the Balloon the support it needs while on offense.
2016-05-20-03-51-12-low_elixir_deck.PNG Low Elixir Deck for Arena 5
This deck's strengths are control and defense. You cannot go offensive on this one unless your enemy has exhausted his elixirs. Most of the time you are going to defend and counter enemies' attacks while attacking the opposite lane with your tank.

Arena 6:

golem-poison-beatdown-deck.png Golem Poison Beatdown Deck for Arena 6 and Above
Baby D + Golem + Poison Deck!
2016-05-20-03-35-31-dual_pekka_deck.PNG Dual Pekka Deck For Quick Tower Wins in Arena 6!
I will base the strength of this deck to two cards. P.E.K.K.A's damage in level 2 is 495. Mini P.E.K.K.A's damage in level 4 (at least) is 432. If they simultaneously hit a tower, they will surely destroy it in 2-3 hits for each unit.
2016-05-20-03-52-41-rocket_cycle_deck.PNG Rocket Cycle Deck for Arena 6 and above!
This deck revolves around the Rocket and the Fireball. You can use them to destroy towers since they cannot be countered. Also, a level 8 Rocket can deal 541 damage to a tower and a level 8 Fireball can deal 251 damage. That is already 800 damage if you focus hitting the tower. A level 8 to 10 crown tower hovers around 2,352 to 2,730. If you do the math, it only takes 4-5 hits before a tower goes down.
2016-05-20-04-05-23-super_fun_deck.PNG Arena 6 Super Fun Deck to Take Seriousness During Matches
With the Elixir Collector, you have as an elixir bank and sometimes a lure, this can be a sure win for you. The strategy here is always the same. Put the Elixir Pumps at the back or the middle. Use your Prince to charge wherever your opponent's weakest. And split your Barbarians by putting them in the middle to do a double push! With a lot of elixirs in your pocket, low elixir troops, a Cannon, with an average elixir cost of 3.1, you can definitely win the game if you play it with all seriousness!
2016-05-20-04-08-35-no_epic_deck.PNG No Epic Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 6 - 7
This Arena 6 Deck without epics makes use of ranged troops as your pushing units. Since they're at the back of the tanker - the Giant they're free to aim and fire at any countering troop. They can also target the tower without being damaged.

Arena 7:

siege-god-deck.png Siege God Deck for Arena 7 to 11
Play extra dirty with the Mortar, X-Bow, and Royal Giant!
goblins-pressure.png Goblin Pressure Deck for Arena 7
The Baby Dragon Backed by the Musketeer and Archers. Sneak the Goblin Barrel when everyone's busy.
1CrownWinDefend.png 1 Crown Then Defend Deck for Arena 7
Siege with BOTH the Mortar and the X-Bow. Protect it you must!
electro-gravy-furnace.png Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above
Can the Furnace be the new power card? Let's see how it will work with Graveyard + Electro Wizard!
2016-05-20-02-54-06-clash_royale_deck_with_no_counter.PNG Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck With Almost No Counter
This deck can deal well with any building deck strategy through the proper use of your cards. It can also fairly match a swarm deck type if you drop your cards smartly. Any beefy tanks are no match in this deck for they can be dragged to the position where the Inferno Tower was planted. Their HPs will be drained easily as time passes by.
2016-05-20-04-17-14-win_trophies_deck.PNG Win Trophies with this Free-To-Play Deck in Arena 7.
This deck does not use any epic cards except Freeze. It is still a great card even in level 1. This is a great defensive deck especially because of the Bomb Tower. Valkyrie has been a great unit too, as she became more of a valuable unit in decks now. She can hurt the Tower really bad if left alone. Most of the units here can counter a push while you drop a Hog Rider on an opposite lane.
2016-05-06-05-53-16-lavalooon.jpg Lavaloon Deck - Arena 7 and 8
The HP that the Hound holds make any other cards safe for support giving a lot of advantage while on offense. Even the defense phase of this deck is balance and can turn any cards from defending to a pushing state. This deck puts real pressure against any decks that does not possess a lot of cards to counter air units.

Arena 8:

free-2-play-hog-cycle.png Free-2-Play Hog Rider Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Try out this F2P No Legendary Hog Cycle deck as shared by Surgical Goblin that doesn't have epics and above.
hog-mortar-deck.png Hog Mortar Deck for Arena 8 and Above
For F2P players who don't have high-level epics and legendaries.
no-legendary-giant-loon-deck.png 2.9 Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8 and Above
A new Mortar Deck aided by Knight, supercharged by the Rocket! No Legendaries!!
2-9-mortar-cycle-deck.png No Legendary Giant-Loon Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Bringing back the Giant Deck in September 2017!
updated-graveyard-freeze-deck.png Updated Graveyard Freeze Deck for Arena 8 and Above
The Graveyard and the Freeze deck that works wonders with the Aug 2017 Update.

Arena 9:

raged-electro-dragon-deck.png Rage Electro Dragon Deck for Arena 9
Hog Rider + Inferno Dragon to Kill Towers Quickly.

Arena 10 & 11:

goison-graveyard-hunter.png Goison Graveyard Hunter Deck for Arena 10 and Above
Classic Goison with the Graveyard and the Hunter.
mega-gy-deck.png Mega Graveyard Deck for Arena 10 and Tournaments
Experience the might of the Mega Knight along with the Graveyard!
nightwitch-xbow-deck.png NW X-Bow Deck for Arena 10
New Lava Hound + Balloon + NW for Arena 9!
2-8-mortar-hog-cycle-deck.png 2.8 Mortar Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11
A deck you would want to use after the August 2017 Balance Update!

Decks for Challenges:

mortar-rocket-cycle.png 2.9 Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck for Tournaments
Easily cycle your Mortar and defend it with your troops. If all else fails, do a Rocket cycle.
mortar-ladder-deck.png Mortar Ladder Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Destroy the enemy's pushes with the Mortar!
pekka-bridge-spam.png P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam for Challenges and Tournaments
Pekka backed up by the Bandit and the Electro Wizard.

Other Archer Decks:

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