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Clash Royale Data Mine October 2017
Get to know what is in store for Clash Royale October Update with this Data Mine.
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Every time there is a new Clash Royale update, expect data miners to dig deeper to give us details about what is in store within its files. milan_25 from Reddit gladly shared in the community what he found digging through the newly updated game.

New Cards:

Names of new cards?
Mentions about Ghost and Barb Barrel (Barbarian Barrel??)

For these new cards, Opegit Studio also released in their official Facebook page what seems like four new cards in the arena.


Tower Skins:

"Do you want to buy this skin?"
"Tower Chest unlocked!"
"Barbarian Tower"
"Bone Tower"
"Goblin Tower"
"Hog Mountain Tower"
"Ice Tower"
"Jungle Tower"
"Legendary Tower"
"Pekka Tower"
"Royal Tower"
"Spell Tower"
"Training Tower"
"Workshop Tower"
"Pony Love Tower"
"You haven't unlocked this skin!"
"New Tower Unlocked!"
"Contains any missing King Tower!"
"Tower not found!"
"Tower Collection"
"Towers unlock at level <level>"
Tower skins? Skin Chest? Skins according to arena?

This one sure is legit. During their Clash Royale AMA, one of the game devs mentioned something about it "Skins are great, You might see some in the new update.". As usual, Opegit Studio also released an image a few months back.



1.jpg 2.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg
5.jpg 6.jpg

"Victory Gold Boost"
-"Add an extra <num1> Gold to every victory in Arena Battles! (Maximum <num2> gold per day)."
"Crown Chest Boost"
-"Hype up your Crown Chests! Now with at least x2 cards and gold."
"Chest Speed Up Boost"
-"Turbo charge your chest cycle, with chest unlocks in half the time!"
"Boost Activated!"
"Boost Offer Has Ended"
Boosts for victory gold, cards and gold in Crown chest and for chests?

Boosters are something new in the game. We are still not sure if these boosters are unlockable by buying it with real money, gems, gold, or if it's even inside the chests. If you've been playing Brawl Stars, it is almost the same in concept. They have "Increase in Gold" that gives +300 per victory. There is also a booster that halves the opening time of chests.

Clash Nights:

"Reminder! Clash Nights meetup <name> starts in 24h!"
"Meetup has been cancelled!"
"A Clash Nights meetup you've responded to has unfortunately been cancelled! Please see Meetups tab for more information."
"You have linked your account successfully with Clash Nights meetup! Have fun!"
Ingame support for Clash Nights? (Something like FireSide Gatherings in Hearthstone)
Beta should be in: USA, Canada, Finland and Hong Kong

milan_25 shares that it might be something like FireSide Gatherings in Hearthstone. If you're not aware what FireSide Gathering is, it is a gathering of Hearthstone players in one public place where they can play Hearthstone. Players can easily assemble an event to make a tournament or a friendly battle.

Fixed Deck Battle:

"Fix the starting hand of each battle to the card order on your collection screen."
"Join 1v1 Fixed Deck Battle!"
"Join 2v2 Fixed Deck Battle!"
Fixed deck challenge? Will we be able to choose the rotation of the cards in our deck?

This is probably more like the Mirror Challenge, where players have the same cards but may or may not have the same card rotation.

Puzzle Quest:

"Puzzle Quest 1 (placeholder)"
"Complete the puzzle to win Quest Points and Gold! (placeholder)"
There is more info about this. It's a PvE. We will get a predefined deck and we will have to beat a certain troops, rewards are quest points and gold!
For example:
Puzzle 1 - Sparky
VictoryCondition - DestroyAllUnits
ForcedCards - Cannon
Location - PvE_training
ComputerPlayerType - Puzzle
TowerRules - Survive
WaveSpell - Giant
and much more variables...
So we have to beat Sparky with Ice Spirits and Barbarians???

A PvE type of gameplay with a predefined deck and then we have to beat a certain troop. My guess here is we have to figure out how we can defeat Sparky with a certain troop/s and making our towers survive.

QOL Changes:

"Level Changes!"
"Smoother Upgrade Progression"
"We've added some card upgrade levels\nto make progression feel smoother."
"Each level, after Tournament Rules,\nrequire less CARDS and less GOLD!"
"The total of CARDS and GOLD needed\nto MAX LEVEL remains the same as before."
"Your CARD COLLECTION has been adjusted to match the new system!"
This is in the game for some time already, so it won't probably be added

Upon reading through the thread, seems like these Quality of Life Changes have been in the game files for so long. It is probably not in the top list to even go Live.

Final Overview:

As mentioned by the Redditor, the information shown above are in the Clash Royale files. Whether or not the devs release them depends on them. The Redditor also shared that these files might also be a troll from the devs. But from all the info, I'm excited about the Boosters, Fixed Deck Battle, and Puzzle Quest. What are you excited for?

  • If you want to check the original Reddit post, CLICK HERE.

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Last modified: 18, 10, 2017

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