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Dark Golem LumberJack Deck for Arena 8 Above, Challenges and Tournaments
Still lost in this new meta but love the Golem? Try out this effective and OP deck by TMD YaoYao.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 18, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

The Dark Prince is getting some love after the recent August Balance Changes and it includes TMD YaoYao. YaoYao now adds the Dark Prince in his signature Golem deck along with the newly buffed Bats. It is quite heavy though but once you get the ball rolling, it is almost unstoppable.

The strength of this card is its pure strength. During regular elixir time, you can initially make a push with just the Dark Prince and Baby Dragon just to learn your enemy's deck. Once you hit double elixir, it is now time to unleash the Golem beast and start your big push for a three crown win.

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Dark Golem LumberJack Deck:

Baby Dragon Bats Dark Prince Electro Wizard
baby_dragon.png bats.png dark_prince.png ElectroWizardCard.png
Golem Lightning LumberJack Tornado
golem.png lightning.png LumberJack.png tornado.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - It provides splash damage that can protect your Golem. It can also act as a tank during regular elixir time for your Dark Prince.
  • Bats - Great and cheap counter units against Hog Riders and other ground troops. You can also use them to distract the Infernos.
  • Dark Prince - He will be your main damage dealer at the start of the game. He will also be your Golem's support at the back to deal with ground swarms. He will help your Baby Dragon.
  • Electro Wizard - A great counter and support unit. Place him behind your push to reset the Infernos.
  • Golem - Main tanker of the group. Deploy him at the back of your king tower during double elixir time.
  • Lightning - This is a very strong spell that costs a lot. Only deploy it IF necessary. Use it during double elixir when your Golem is already out.
  • LumberJack - You can deploy him initially with your Dark Prince or as support for your Golem push. His rage is pretty useful.
  • Tornado - Pulls units into a clump. Great card to pull troops away from your tower too. You can use it with the Baby Dragon.

Legendary Alternatives:

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to play it slow during regular elixir. TMD YaoYao starts his play by planting the Dark Prince at the back of his King Tower and Baby Dragon at the bridge to tank. This move will also let you know what cards your opponents has. If he/she has the Hog Rider, you have your Dark Prince + Bats to counter and then add the Baby Dragon. You can also use the LumberJack in the process. During double elixir, deploy the Golem at the back of your king tower followed by the LumberJack and Baby Dragon. Once you have enough elixirs, put down the Dark Prince and start your big push for the three crowns.


Start with the Dark Prince at the back of your king tower. If the opponent tries to push, use him with the Bats and Baby Dragon. This can go to a counter-push. You can also add in the LumberJack for some Rage.

At double elixir, drop the Golem at the back and continue spamming your units behind him. Don't forget that your opponent might sneak in the other lane, you can use your other units to finish them off.


Your main defense unit here is the Dark Prince with the Bats and/or LumberJack. You can also use the Tornado along with the Baby Dragon for a positive elixir trade. The Lightning is a heavy spell that you can use during double elixir. Try to restrain using it during regular elixir time.


The weakness of this deck is that it is really heavy. It has no elixir pump to help you get enough elixirs but instead, you use the double elixir time to do your heavy push. TMD YaoYao is typically patient in his pushes and just do a Dark Prince + Baby Dragon cycle to chip damage while waiting for double elixir time. Don't spend the Lightning too if it's not necessary.


Watch TMD YaoYao 's gameplay while CWA explains his moves. Check out how he continously cycle through the Dark Prince + Baby Dragon and waits for the double elixir. He also faced a Hog Cycle deck and won with even with a heavy deck like this.

Final Overview:

Watching how TMD YaoYao wrecked through his opponents and even getting a three crown win is quite astounding. This deck makes me want to spend gold in upgrading my own Dark Prince. This deck looks good and balanced even if it doesn't have any Zap or other cheap spell in hand. You have to play smart and make good placements.

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Last modified: 22, 08, 2017

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