Looking for a good deck that uses the Arrows to their full potential? Well, we got a deck for that!

Arrows Overview:

The Arrows are unlockable from the Clash Royale training camp. The elixir cost is only 3 and can take out low HP enemy hordes like the Skeleton Army and Minion Horde in a flash. A great card that almost all players use, its cheap elixir cost makes it a very useful card to play in a pinch. It can also be used to finish off low HP towers that opponents are defending desperately.

Arrows Strength:

It is a very cheap card that can be launched in no time. It has a wide radius of attack, making it easy to hit enemies with even if they move fast. Always keep your Arrows ready to launch after you made your push, as enemies tend to counter with many weak troops.

Arrows Deck Overview:

Arrows Goblins Spear Goblins Zap
Arrows Goblins Spear Goblins Zap
Lightning Cannon Archers Hog Rider
Lightning Cannon Archers Hog Rider

Card Roles:

Arrows - The main card of this deck. Always have them ready to launch.

Goblins - A cheap card to serve as a distraction to help your push.

Spear Goblins - Another cheap goblin card that can attack aerial troops.

Zap - Great for weakening all enemies in its attack radius. It also stuns enemies, allowing you more time to counterattack.

Lightning - The stronger brother of Zap, Lightning can severely damage high HP enemies and Towers.

Cannon - Used merely for defense purposes. Helps your weak cards take out even the strongest of enemies.

Archers - Great cheap attacker that attacks aerial and ground troops. Helps in your push to take down enemy towers from a distance.

Hog Rider - The muscle of this deck. With the support of arrows it can take down enemy towers in no time flat.

Arrow Deck Strength:

The strength of this Arrows deck is that it is a very Clash Royale cheap deck. Having a cheap deck allows you to cycle fast. In doing so, you allow yourself to always have that much-needed card to counter your enemy's moves. You can always cycle through your deck quickly and be able to launch Arrows to weaken or destroy enemy troops. This will leave you with more elixirs to deploy your Hog Rider while your enemy will have to wait until their elixirs are replenished.

This Clash Royale deck will not win you 3 crowns most of the time. It is a surprise attack deck. Your first rush is important, once you take out 1 tower, you play defensively. Your counter cards are capable of taking out the second tower as well so don't feel bad if the enemy takes out one of your towers.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, drop the Archers behind your tower if you have them ready. Let your elixir fill before they reach the bridge, allowing you to drop more support. Most opponents will not react much to just having two Archers walking towards them. You can use Spear Goblins in front of Archers as a meat shield. Since Archers attack just as fast as Spear Goblins but do more damage, you want to keep them alive for as long as possible. Your opponent will have probably dropped a cheap troop to counter your cheap troops, so drop your Hog Rider. Have your Zap or Arrows ready to launch as soon as you see your opponent deploy some troops. The best bet is to use Zap since it will stun enemies, allowing the Hog Hider to do as much damage as possible. If your opponent didn't counter properly by the first 30 seconds, the tower will be severely weakened, if not destroyed. You can now finish off the weakened tower with Arrows, Zap, or Lightning.

At 30 seconds, it is time to start playing defensively. Since your opponent will have seen all your cards by now, they know what to expect. Use your spell cards as defense to help weaken enemy troops. Your Cannon, along with your cheap troops, will finish off any troops. Have Arrows always at hand in case they send a Minion Horde. Don't drop all your low HP cards in the same location because the opponent might have Arrows as well. Drop enough troops to weaken enemy troops and let Cannon finish them off. If your opponent launched Arrows, a lot of your troops will be destroyed. However, since you did not drop all your cheap troops at once, you will always have counter cards.

At 2x elixir time, keep countering to keep your towers alive. If your opponent has a Spawner Deck, use your spells like Arrows to destroy those huts. If high HP monsters are used, have your Cannon lure those slow-walking troops to the middle while your weaker troops and towers help finish them off. Don't drop your troops all in one area, they will be wiped out by Arrows or troops that do area damage like the Wizard or Baby Dragon. You should be able to outlast your opponent and take 1 tower to victory.


The weakness to this Arrowsdeck is the Arrows card itself. Since this Clash Royale deck uses a lot of low HP troops, your whole defense can be wiped out in an instant with a properly timed Arrows. AoE enemies and spells can wreak havoc to this deck, too. Always know what card your opponent has that can destroy this deck and keep the card that can counter them ready to be deployed in hand.



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