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Type Epic
Stats at Level 1 Cloned Common Level (6), Cloned Rare Level (4), Cloned Epic Level(1), Cloned Legendary Level (1)
Technical Details Radius (3)
Other Details Duplicates all friendly troops in the target area. Cloned troops are fragile, but pack the same punch as the original! Doesn’t affect buildings.

Clash Royale Clone Overview:

The Clone spell is an Epic Card that can duplicate any troop but with a very fragile HP. In a Clash Royale update this November - December 2016.

With its ability to clone or duplicate, will this card be an alternative to Mirror?

Clash Royale Clone in Action:


Check out how the Clone duplicated the Sparky. A cheaper alternative vs the Mirror. The downside of this is, it can easily be zapped and your Cloned Sparky is gone and your real Sparky will reset. A great card against this Cloned Sparky? That new legendary card, Electro Wizard!


Watch how a 1 elixir Skeletons get rid of the Cloned Miner. A not so good positive elixir trade.

What Reddit thinks of the Clone:

Since clones look like they die from a zap or one tower shot, I see it working well with miner/goblin barrel decks or zap bait decks. Launch gob barrel to bait the zap, launch a mirrored barrel and clone that.

probably would work great for back line ranged troops, as they don't need to be hit that often, anyway.

or maybe clone a princess, since its dying to basically one shot of anything anyway.

maybe clone graveyard, since all the skellies die in one hit anyway, but you'd have to do it towards the end of the spell.

Wait will a cloned GS at a tower do double death damage? Oy that would be op.

Clone Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Clone:

What do you think of the Clone Spell? Will this be a great addition to lure out Zap? Will it give out a good elixir trade? What deck are you currently thinking? Let us know!

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Last modified: 6,01,2017


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