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Welcome to Clash Royalepedia!

Clash Royalepedia is an independent Clash Royale Wiki and Clash Royale Decks site! We have articles on Cards, Arena Deck Strategies, Tournaments, Events, and more! Clash Royale has now evolved in to a competitive mobile game. With that, we try to cater to the Clash Royale Community by offering the following:

Arena Deck Strategies Card Deck Strategies Clash Royale Meta Decks
clash royale arena deck strategy
Strategies from us and from the Internet!
Card Deck Strategies
Clash Royale Decks focused on a main trooper
Clash Royale Meta Decks
Check the popular decks in the arena today!

At Clash Royalepedia, we strive to be the players who bring you the latest popular strategies. We only cover the ones that will be useful to you, the Clash Royale player!

With that, each of the above pages cater to a very particular strategy or technique. The Arena Deck Strategies cover strategies per Arena. If you want a deck focused on a particular card, check the Card Deck Strategies. For Popular Decks right now, the Meta page is for you.

Also, do you have trouble in countering the Sparky? Do you find it hard to stop the Lava Hound? If so, the 'How to Counter Page' is for you. The page gives Counter Information for each card. yes, even Spells and Buildings. Never get overpowered by the Sparky Again with our guide!

Take a look at some of our content in detail!

Popular Clash Royale Decks Meta Strategies

Note: Our Meta Page is Updated Every Month. You May Visit it HERE

The Current Meta decks are the decks and cards that are most currently used right now. These are the Clash Royale decks you will encounter in the higher Arenas. These are the decks that you will see in competitions.

But first, a few things. The Meta always change. Your deck last month will be trash today because of the Balance Update. Have you been using Zap? Too bad, it can't kill the Goblins now. The Meta page will provide you details on what are the biggest decks right now. If your deck can't stand against them, maybe you should use those decks as well.

Find and learn more about them below:

The Best Clash Royale Decks Right Now - August 2017:

Gravy Bats Deck Hog Bats Cycle Deck Bowler Splash Deck Zap Log Bait Deck
Swarm along with the Bats!
Wreck and Cycle!
Swarm. Bait. Rocket!
Miner Ram Bandit Deck Heal Three Musketeers Deck LavaLoon Deck Mortar Cycle Deck
Dash and Pop!
Spread some doom with the 3 muskets and the Ram!
New and improved Lava-Loon!
Pressure with the Mortar!

Feature Pages:

Here in Clash Royalepedia, we tend to help Clashers in the best way we can! How do you build a deck? What are the top decks right now? Is my strategy still good? Is it now obsolete? Should I add this card to my deck? Should I remove the Minion Horde? Check some of our notable articles in the table below.

What we have here is a Deck Building Guide to help you form your team. You see, you can't just add all your favorite cards in your deck. You need to check the average elixir cost. You need to make sure that your deck is well-rounded. That your deck can withstand any other kinds of decks.

For Card Information, Check out our Card Popularity Ranking and Best and Worst Cards. Lastly, we have a unique article on how to get a Legendary Card. Please check that out as well.

Deck Building Guide Clash Royale Weekly Deck Ranking Card Popularity Ranking
clash royale deck builder
Re-evaluate your deck to ensure victories in the future!
Top 10 clash royale decks of the week
Here are the most viewed decks here in Clash Royalepedia!

Be informed on the latest popular units in the arena today.
Clash Royale Strategy How To Get a Legendary Card Clash Royale Guides

Broaden your knowledge to further advance in the game!

Let the article explain further.

Your one-stop guide for the things you need inside the game!
Clash Royale Tips Submit A Deck Help CRpedia
Tips in Clash Royale
Arenas, hacks, chest guides and more!

Participate and let your deck be featured here in our website, Chief!

Help us to improve our site!

Clash Royale Arena Deck Strategies:

Each Clash Royale Arena is unique. The meta changes from time to time. Sometimes, you'll encounter cards from higher levels in your Arena. Why? Because they lost a lot of trophies and are trying to recover. Each of our Arena Deck Indexes caters to one goal. That is to help you beat that stage and move to the next Arena.

For a bit of a background, each Arena has a new set of cards you can get from the chests. Also, each Arena has a particular set of decks that are used all the time. In the past, Arena 3 has a lot of Spawner Decks. Arena 2 right now has a lot of Prince Decks. Arena 4 is where you'll have a first glimpse of the Lava Hound. Arena 5 is where many intermediate and advance levels meet.

Arena 6 ad 7 are where things get interesting. First, there are now many Legendary Cards. You'll meet people who were once in the Legendary Arena. With that, expect a mixture of old and new cards. Expect the Ice Wizard and (gasp!) the Log! Soon, the Executioner and the Dart Goblin will be present in many decks.

Arena 10 is where the best of the best are. Every player has a chance to be in the Legendary Arena. Yes, even free-to-play players!

It is important to know all of these so that you will know what you are facing in each stage. For a full list, click any of the items below:

Best Arena 3 Decks Best Arena 4 Decks Best Arena 5 Decks Best Arena 6 Decks

Defeat those Barbarians and Giants!

Don't be afraid of the Lava Hound!
Clash Royale Arena 5
The Hog Riders won't stop you!
best Arena 6 Decks
Zap the Sparky!
Best Arena 7 Decks Best Arena 8 Decks Best Arena 9 Decks Best Arena 10 Decks

Get ready for the Princess!

Drink a Rage bottle with the LumberJack!
best jungle arena Decks
Visit the Goblin's tribe in this forest themed arena!
Clash Royale Arena 10
Rub elbows with the best of the best!

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