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Featured Page - Electro Dragon Decks
A new dragon that can shoot Zap that can bounce up to three units/buildings! Check out the best Electro Dragon Decks in the game!
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Giant 3M Ladder Deck Valkyrie Bait Deck
A Giant 3M and Battle Ram deck without legendaries to push for trophies!
With the Valkyrie buff this bait deck is getting a make over!
Night Golem Jack Deck Broken Mortar Rascals Deck
Support your Golem with splash and buff him with the L-Jack's Rage!
The Broken Mortar, Miner, and Rascals deck that pros want to get nerfed!

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With that, each of the above pages cater to a very particular strategy or technique. The Arena Deck Strategies cover strategies per Arena. If you want a deck focused on a particular card, check the Card Deck Strategies. For Popular Decks right now, the Meta page is for you.

Also, do you have trouble in countering the Sparky? Do you find it hard to stop the Lava Hound? If so, the 'How to Counter Page' is for you. The page gives Counter Information for each card. yes, even Spells and Buildings. Never get overpowered by the Sparky Again with our guide!

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Here in Clash Royalepedia, we tend to help Clashers in the best way we can! How do you build a deck? What are the top decks right now? Is my strategy still good? Is it now obsolete? Should I add this card to my deck? Should I remove the Minion Horde? Check some of our notable articles in the table below.

These articles are our most visited pages. This information lets us gauge our readers that most of them are in Arena 9, 10, and 11. If you're still in lower arenas, feel free to go to our Arena Deck Page so we can help you move up.

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Clash Royale Arena 9
Join the Goblin family together with the Bandit and Executioner.
Clash Royale Arena 10
We will help you take the last step towards the Legendary Arena.

Clash with the best players in the world using these decks.
P.E.K.K.A Decks Mega Knight Decks Flying Machine Decks

Swing the PEKKA sword for that perfect counter-push.

The tankiest and jumping tanker in the game.

Your flying and faster alternative to a Musketeer

New Card Decks:

With new cards being released every month, we will bring you the best decks there is to utilize your new troop. We understand that every time you unlock a new card you will feel the itch to use it, whether it's a new support card, tank card, or even spell card. We will give you the best decks that complement that card's strengths and weakness.

In this section, we will give you the last three cards released in the game. Tapping or clicking on the image will get you straight to their Deck Indexes.

Flying Machine Decks Mega Knight Decks Cannon Cart Decks

Your flying and faster alternative to a Musketeer

The tankiest and jumping tanker in the game.

The mobile and fast Cannon on wheels.

Popular Clash Royale Decks Meta Strategies

Note: Our Meta Page is Updated Every Month. You May Visit it HERE

The Current Meta decks are the decks and cards that are most currently used right now. These are the Clash Royale decks you will encounter in the higher Arenas. These are the decks that you will see in competitions.

But first, a few things. The Meta always change. Your deck last month will be trash today because of the Balance Update. Have you been using Zap? Too bad, it can't kill the Goblins now. The Meta page will provide you details on what are the biggest decks right now. If your deck can't stand against them, maybe you should use those decks as well.

Find and learn more about them below:

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