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Elite Barbarians
Stats at Level 1 HP (450), Damage (90), Damage per sec (69), Hit Speed (1.3 Sec)
Technical Details Count(2), Speed (Very Fast), Target (Ground), Radius (5)
Other Details Spawns a pair of leveled up Barbarians. They’re like regular Barbarians, only harder, better faster and stronger.
They are stronger, faster, and better than their Barbarian brothers! Check out how you will utilize their strength, power, and speed on these Elite Barbarians Decks!

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Popular Clash Royale Meta Strategies

The Current Clash Royale Meta are the decks and cards that are most currently used. Find and learn more about them below:

Lavaloon Deck Trifecta Poison Deck Double Prince + P.E.K.K.A Trifecta Deck
lavaloon deck
The ultimate flying Clash Royale duo!
trifecta poison deck clash royale
Arguably the most popular Clash Royale strategy right now!
Double Prince Pekka Deck
High elixir but high reward Pekka Prince Combo!
Trifecta Deck Clash Rotyale
Trifecta on Steroids!
Royal Giant Witch Deck Miner Control Deck Hog Freeze Triple Legendary Deck
royale giant witch deck
The Royale Giant has been unstoppable!
clash royale miner deck
No one can predict the Miner's target!
Hog Freeze
Classic Clash Royale strategy!
triple legendary deck
Well, how lucky are you!

Clash Royale Arena Deck Strategies:

Looking for a decks that you want to use for a certain Clash Royale Arena? Find them all below:

Best Arena 2 Decks Best Arena 3 Decks Best Arena 4 Decks Best Arena 5 Decks
best Arena 2 Decks
Surprise your Arena 2 opponents with sheer expertise!

Defeat those Barbarians and Giants!

Don't be afraid of the Lava Hound!
Clash Royale Arena 5
The Hog Riders won't stop you!
Best Arena 6 Decks Best Arena 7 Decks Best Arena 8 Decks Best Arena 9 Decks
best Arena 6 Decks
Zap the Sparky!

Get ready for the Princess!

Drink a Rage bottle with the LumberJack!
Clash Royale Arena 9
Rub elbows with the best of the best!

Tier 1 Clash Royale Cards:

Below are the list of Clash Royale cards considered to be key elements of the current Meta:

Hog Rider Zap Royal Giant Cannon
Clash Royale Arena's staple card!
Can stop Goblins, Minions, and resets the Sparky!
Long range power from a distance!
The ultimate Hog stopper!

Other Clash Royale Tips and Strategies:

2016-07-29-10-00-25-getting_free_gems.jpg Getting Free Gems and Gift Cards the Legit Way for Clash Royale
Having a hard time saving gold to upgrade your cards? Do not worry now since you can get free gems without spending more money!
2016-05-23-06-50-44-maxresdefault__1_.jpg A Clash Royale Deck Building Guide to help you beat opponents
Are you constantly defeated at Clash Royale? Maybe it is time to re-examine your deck!

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Last modified: 25, 11, 2016