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Tips and Tricks to Win Clash Royale Touchdown
Clash Royale is bringing in some American Football into the game with its Touchdown game mode. Here are some tips!
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Clash Royale is bringing in one of America's favorite sport, Football, in the realm of Barbarians, Kings, Wizards etc. Introducing Clash Royale Touchdown! There is no tower to destroy but you need to make a Touchdown in order to win the game.

Touchdown Tips and Tricks:

Best Cards to Get in Touchdown Draft Challenge:

lava_hound.png Battle_Ram.png giant.png balloon.png
x-bow.png tornado.png hog_rider.png elite_barbarians.png
  • Lava Hound - It is tanky and it lets out a swarm of Lava Pups. If you're lucky and the opponent puts down a building near the Touchdown lane, it can pop and the Lava Pups will hit Touchdown!
  • Battle Ram - They charge towards a building. If the opponent happens to not have any buildings or is too far away, they can charge towards the Touchdown lane.
  • Giant - At 5 elixirs with a whole lotta HP, having a Giant can win you the game.
  • Balloon - Sometimes the opponents' range troops are too far, use this to crush their buildings if there is any or it can just glide through for the win.
  • X-Bow - Great defense card. Place it in the middle of your base and it can shoot down any incoming troop/s.
  • Tornado - Awesome clutch card. You can use it to pull units away from your winning troop or to pull any incoming troops near your touchdown lane.
  • Hog Rider - He is fast and he is there to win.
  • Elite Barbarians - Same as the Hog Rider. These two can breeze through the arena with their helmets on.

Additional Tips:

  • You can make spawner huts the star of your deck by swarming your opponents. This will make it tough for your opponents to counter them all and will give you extra troops to push. Aside from that, it can also lure fast moving units such as Battle Ram.
  • You can use the Rage and Heal spell on their side of the arena.
  • Battle Ram, Elite Barbarians, Bandit, and even tanky troops such as the Giant are recommended.
  • While your opponents are busy countering your troops, you can sneak in a Battle Ram or Elite Barbarians at the farthest left or farthest right for the win.


Touchdown, an additional game mode in Clash Royale is included in its mega October update. It doesn't have towers but this time, there are lines where troops need to cross in order to get a Touchdown.


Since there are no towers in this game mode, the first troop that reaches the line gets a touchdown thus earning the team a crown. Just like in normal Clash Royale battles, the first one who gets three crowns wins the game.


The game was initially introduced in Finland with big Youtubers such as Orange Juice, CWA, Woody, etc. It was via 2v2 Draft.

Additional Details:

  • Players will play 2v2 Draft in this game mode.
  • Players can only drop units on their side of the lane.
  • You can place Spells anywhere in the arena (minus the spell cards mentioned below).
  • Graveyard, Miner, Goblin Barrel, and The Log can be used until the halfway mark (mid area).
  • Even as minuscule as the Fire Spirits from a Furnace, they can still win you the game as long as they make a Touchdown.

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Final Overview:

This is a cool game mode. I am not yet sure if this is the game mode that the Clash Royale devs are sharing that can be played casually like 2v2s. But I am more than willing to play Touchdown in rotation of my daily ladder and 2v2 matches.

I have a hunch LumberJack and probably the Rage maybe used a lot. I guess the Bandit too? Of course, let us not forget the twin brothers Elite Barbarians.

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Last modified: 11, 10, 2017

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    • Hey buddy! We updated the page and information available. The gist here is to have a unit reach the end zone at the opposite side to win the game. You are only allowed to drop units inside the 30 yard lane or the first lane you'll see. Spells minus the Graveyard and The Log are allowed upto the mid area. There are a bunch of cards that are banned. :)