Clash Royale is not just about the strength of the cards or the rarity of your troops, it is all about STRATEGY.

Knowing the cards' strength, weakness, and counters can win you a game. Knowing how to work around it, complementing with the best troop, plus a good strategy is a sure formula to success!

Even if the opponent is equipped with a strong Three Musketeers card, a high-level Fireball can end it. A high-level Legendary Card can be defeated by an epic, rare, or commons if you know how to strategize.

On this page, we will give you the most popular cards, how to counter it, and strategies that you can use on your arena.

Learn the current Clash Meta.

As there are new decks coming in and old ones coming out, we will provide you with the most viewed Clash Royale decks. Arena, level, and other combinations will factor but most of the time, people playing the game follow a certain meta.

These decks can range from different arenas to cover players from all trophy range. Some of it can be used by experts by changing some cards in the game. Feel free to click or tap on the image linked below.


Adapt to the strategy commonly used in your Arena.

Playing games clash like this, you have to know what are the best strategies to win. On every arena, there is a different meta. An example of this is the widely use of Swarms on Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl or having flying troops such as the Inferno Dragon, Lava Hound, and Baby Dragon on Arena 4 P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse. Hog Riders on the other hand are pretty popular on every stage of the game, be it on Arena 4 P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse his first debut until the last level the Legendary Arena where hardened players test out their skills.

On higher arenas like Arena 9 Jungle Arena, Arena 10 Hog Mountain, and Arena 11 Legendary Arena, the meta is continually shifting due to the number of cards available for use. Since Supercell and the team is continually updating, releasing new cards and arenas, you have to be versatile. You don't always have to go with the most popular decks in the game. Sometimes, the counter cards win against them fairly easy. A great example is the Golem card. It is at 8 elixir cost but you can counter it with the Inferno Tower plus other swarm cards. You can even add an Ice Spirit to stop it on it tracks. In the world of Royale, having the right combination of units in the game can win you trophies and will let you continue your Clash.

Are you ready to play and look for attacks and tactics that can be used on your arena? Click or tap on an Arena below.

We already simplified it based on your chosen troop.

  • Bear in mind that some decks are also usable in higher arenas. A good example are the tactics on Arena 8, Arena 9, and Arena 10 that can also be used on Arena 11.

2016-07-22-07-57-10-Bone_Pit.png arena2.jpg

Arena 2 is where new players meet and test their skills after winning through Arena 1. Having a Witch and a Baby Dragon on this arena can give you quite an advantage versus regular players but if not, we will give you decks that can help you breeze through the Bone Pit.

2016-05-12-01-25-21-Clash_Royale_Arena_3.png arena3.jpg

Arena 3- the home of Spawner decks. You can unlock the Barbarians on this arena that can be a staple for your defense. Another most-used defense building, the Cannon can be unlocked here as well.

2016-05-12-01-25-23-clash_royale_arena_4.png arena4.jpg

Arena 4, the middle ground. This is where average players test their skills against each other to move on to the next arena. The Hog Rider is the most-used troop in this Clash Royale arena and this is also where they can unlock their first legendary card, Lava Hound. Lastly, you get the first taste of coherent Clash Royale strategies here in Arena 4. An example is the Hog Freeze Combo.

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_5.png arena5.jpg

Arena 5, where players can get the Zap spell that is really popular in higher arenas, and also the crippling Ice Wizard. We'll teach you what troops and cards complement them!

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_6.png arena6.jpg

Arena 6, the playground of level 7, 8 and 9 players where they usually use their level 8 or 9 commons against each other. We'll teach you how to use your old Goblins back to your deck here plus the three legendaries Sparky, The Log, and the Miner!

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_7.png arena7.jpg

Arena 7, the home of the infamous Royal Giants, Three Musketeers and Princesses! This arena used to be the stepping stone for players who want to rub elbows with the best.

2016-07-04-08-11-47-Screen_Shot_2016-07-04_at_5.11.03_PM.png arena8.jpg

The newest arena on Clash Royale, Arena 8 - Frozen Peak. The house of the newest cards in the game the Bowler, LumberJack and the Ice Spirit. If you already unlocked them, we will teach you what Clash Royale decks to create.

arena-9-jungle-arena.png arena9.jpg

This Jungle themed Arena is full of Goblins and a lone Executioner. This arena closes the gap between Arena 8 and the Legendary Arena. We will teach you how you can get out of this Jungle with the best decks in the game.

2016-05-12-01-25-23-Clash_Royale_Arena_8.png arena-10-hog-mountain.png

Arena 10 - Hog Mountain is the old venue of the Legendary Arena. Supercell also decided to add unlockable cards in this new 3000 to 3800 trophy range. The Heal spell is the first addition. Let us help you bring back the glory and climb to the Legendary Arena, Again with these hand picked decks.

arena-11-new-legendary-arena.png arena-11-legendary-arena.png

Arena 11 - Legendary Arena, is a brand new area where you will face the best of the best the game has to offer. Although you can not unlock anymore cards here, you can unlock legendary cards in the shop whenever they are available. This is the home of maxed-out players and the skilled and hardened players in the game.

Master the Clash Royale cards you use.

Supercell and the team are busy releasing new cards almost every two weeks. Aside from new card releases (and sometimes arena), they also do balance updates that can buff or nerf a troop, spell or building.

With all the new and incoming cards and balance updates, the game is forever changing. You have to be on your toes to be in the loop. Sometimes a minor nerf change on your favorite troop can kick it out. It is advisable to make use of five decks you can build in the game. Master each one of it and be ready for any change.

You have to master the gameplay not just the card. You have to choose if you want a beatdown deck that focuses on a tanker, a cycle deck that lets you change your units fairly fast, a counter deck that shatters and punishes foes for overreaching, or a siege deck that focuses on destroying the opponent's tower from the other side of the arena. Learning them can be quite tedious but practicing against your friends and even the Training option in the game can help you be better.

In this section, we compiled the top 20 cards in the arena. These troops, spells, or buildings are the same ones you will face during duels.

Hog Rider Decks Miner Decks Giant Giant Decks Bandit
Ride to victory with the Hog Rider!
Dig to win with the Miner!
The basic and humble Giant.
Dash and charge to win!
Graveyard Decks Ice Balloon Decks Lava Hound Decks Sparky Decks
Master the art of the Skeleton Spell!
Crush the tower with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd hit!
The strength of the flying tanker and its lava pups.
There's no OP in the Sparky dictionary!
P.E.K.K.A Decks Mega Knight Decks Elite Barbarians Decks Electro Wizard Decks
Counter and slash through your opponent's troops!
Win with the tankiest legendary in the game!
Rush through the towers win the twin brothers!
Beat them with the Zap!
Goblin Barrel Decks Battle Ram Decks Knight Decks Golem Decks
Go on a barrel trip up high!
Rush towards their tower!
The cheap and effective tanker!
A slow and steady beatdown strategy!

Learn how to counter each card.

With all the new troops, spells, and buildings coming in the game, you should know how to counter. Knowing how to counter and what cards will counter yours can sometimes be a deciding factor in winning a game. A great example is using a Zap spell against a Graveyard spell. It will just generate a few more Skeletons in a span of 10 seconds (or waiting for it to clump your tower before zapping). A great counter would be a Dart Goblin on the side of your King Tower and an Ice Golem to lure those Skeletons away. A good 5 elixir card vs 5 elixir cards. After a good counter, you can now set up a new push.

Knowing how to counter certain troop card like a Sparky or an Inferno Dragon is a must if you are already on a high level. Both of their power are devastating but a simple Zap spell or that new Electro Wizard and they're done for. A good elixir trade for you. That extra elixir can be used for another push, or probably a counter push to punish your opponent. Aside from the two units indicated above, Golems, Royal Giants, even swarms are not to be taken lightly. These massive tankers are equipped with high HP and can tank other units such as a Musketeer to add to the damage. Having a defense building card such as an Inferno Tower or a Tombstone can help you lure their focus while you set up a counter. Sometimes, even those Goblins and Spear Goblins do a chip damage that can hurt your tower. Having a good spell card such as The Log can help you clear the path.

In this section, we will teach you how to counter and what cards will counter your bread and butter. Good luck on your games clash on!

How To Counter The Graveyard How to Counter the Inferno Dragon How to Counter the Mega Minion How to Counter The Guards
2016-10-27-05-49-31-how-to-counter-the-graveyard.png 2016-10-03-08-38-10-how-to-counter-inferno-dragon.png 2016-09-19-22-26-52-how_to_counter_mega_minion.jpg 2016-08-26-10-41-52-COUNTER_guards.jpg
How to Counter the Giant Combo How to Counter The Log How to Counter the LumberJack How to Counter the Ice Spirit
2016-07-26-11-41-43-how_to_counter_Giant_combos.png 2016-07-08-06-52-12-counterlog.jpg 2016-07-05-08-59-58-how_to_counter_the_lumberjack.jpg 2016-07-05-06-26-43-counter_ice_spirit.jpg
How to Counter the Bowler How to Counter 2 Sparkys How to Counter P.E.K.K.A + Double Prince Deck How to Counter Poison
2016-07-04-13-16-11-how_to_counter_bowler.jpg 2016-06-26-10-21-26-sparkys.jpg 2016-06-26-14-36-42-pekkaprince.jpg fill_750_468_2016-05-10-12-05-57-hqdefault.jpg
How To Counter The Lava Hound How to Counter the 3 Musketeers How to counter Pekka How To Counter The Golem
2016-05-07-03-01-13-Mobile-Clash-Royale-xuat-hien-the-bai-moi-va-phan-thuong-khung-03.jpg 2016-03-30-10-42-20-Three_Musketeers.jpg 2016-03-30-03-05-16-PEKKA_guide.png 2016-04-11-01-21-48-l.jpg

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