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2016-03-11-10-48-28-554729a6-ed59-4d6d-abde-8a3167935044-original.jpeg Thanks to the ingenious and hard-working Chinese game developers, you will be able to play StarCraft/The Three Kingdom-themed Clash Royale Clone in the near future!

Clash Royale, the latest and hottest free-to-play mobile strategy video game brought by Supercell, is really a fun to enjoy. However, while surfing the Clash Royale section on Reddit, I stumbled on something extraordinary....

Clash Ro...StarCraft?!

At the first glance, I thought I just found the latest proof of Supercell's secret alliance with Blizzard--the Clash StarCraft. Look how cute the Terran units are!

But before I got really psyched about it, the small Chinese characterson the screen tells me this is just another cheap Chinese Clash Royale clone. One cannot help but think that:

lol it's ripping off starcraft and clash royale at the same time!

source: reddit

Some Reddit Reactions:

Do not worry. In about 4 more days they will have ones where they rip off everything. Naruto will replace the witch and make little Naruto clones, One-Punch man will be the prince, Valk will be Erza Scarlete, Musketeer will be Yusuke Urameshi, etc. Basically they will rip off that I think about it if they throw in an Evangelion as the Giant Skeleton they can count me in.

Oh my god, that, actually sounds amazing!

This Clash of StarCraft thing is just a simple screenshot appeared on the forums which is hard to say when it will go to the market. However, do not underestimate how fast Chinese people can be, because next I will show you a nearly finished fully localised Chinese version of Clash Royale....

Clash of the Three Kingdom!

This whole copycat thing really gets me interested in China's mobile game development. And through my prowess in Mandarin, I just found that there is a fully developed Clash Royale clone about to hit the market by the end of this month.

According to the Chinese game media website,, this mobile game called "Clash of the Three Kingdom" is nearly finished and will be published in China at the end of this month.
As you can see this replica looks extremely close to Clash Royale, in fact, it looks like Clash Royale in a new skin pack. It is said that it only took the Chinese developer team two months to make this game.

They even worked at 120 hours/week to solve critical programming issues.


120 hours per week?! Come on, this is insane. Now I guess we all can understand why China's economics grows so fast over these years :-p

I have linked the original Chinese report below in case you are gifted with Mandarin too.


Yeah, I just post a knockoff version of this news, because the original report on is not accessible without proxy. Irony.

How can they just rip off Supercell?

Before the righteous fire in your chest gets you really angry about this IP infringement case, Supercell might just be fine.


Dot Arena, the famous Chinese action card mobile game that apparently ripped off DotA from Valve, got sued by Valve and Blizzard and lost being purchased due to it. Even if Supercell can't shut those Clash Royale ripoffs down in court, it can effectively lock them out of the major app stores since Apple / Google / the Chinese Android app stores are pretty cooperative towards the big publishers like Supercell.

Foreign lawyers may indeed have no jurisdiction in China, but big firms will still have their way to protect their interest. It is the small independent developers that are truly hurt in IP infringement, like the 2048 and Flappy Birds.

For more fun story about gaming industry, check more at Clash Royalepedia!


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