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Clash Royale Quests
Clash Royale Quests are a new way to enjoy Supercell's hit mobile game and inspire more replayability.
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With the October 2017 mega update, Clash Royale is revamping the Free Chest players get every 4 hours. They are replacing it with the new Quest tab, where Clashers can get more rewards and bigger and chunkier chests for free.

  • Note: With the addition of the Quest tab via the October Update, they will remove the Achievements tab in their next update around December or January.

Quest Details:

Daily Gift:


With the removal of the Free Chest, you will still get your freebies in the arena via Daily Gifts. These daily gifts vary per player. It means it is not the same for everybody.

It also has free 5 Quest Points that you will need to open a featured Free Chest. Free Chest this time can be a Golden, Epic, Magical, Super Magical, and even a Legendary Chest.

Longer Quests:


These quests may or may not take long to accomplish but the rewards are fruitful. They can also give you cards, golds, and even gems. Aside from the usual commodity, you will also get a good chunk of Quest Points to open a Free Chest.


If you think you can not complete a Quest or you're not up for it, you can skip a quest once a day.

Quest Completion and Cooldown:


After completing a Quest, there is a cooldown of around 18 hours a day before you get a new Quest. This means you can not complete a Quest over and over just to fill your Quest Points.

As you can also see from the image, the bigger the chest the longer it will take to unlock. Since you only have 1 Daily Quest to complete, it will take time.

Quest Points:

These are the Points you'll get every time you complete a quest or get your Daily Gift. These are needed to open big chests.

  • Golden Chest - 50 Quest Points
  • Magical Chest - 300 Quest Points
  • Giant Chest - 300 Quest Points
  • Legendary Chest - 400 Quest Points
  • Super Magical Chest - 500 Quest Points

Final Overview:

With all these Quests rolling in, you will get more freebies than your regular Free Chests. Although, it also removes the probability of you getting a legendary card inside a Free Chest. With Daily Quests averaging 20 Quest Points and Daily Gift 5 Quest Points, you have to log in to Clash Royale every day and battle in the ladder matches. So see you in Ladder buddy!

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Last modified: 5, 10, 2017

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