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Since Clash Royale's Arena 4 is full of skilled players, the days of you smashing through towers with just your Prince is over.


The main objective of this Prince deck for Arena 4 is to build a superior defense and a potent offense. With an excellent defensive capability against any flying cards, the sole purpose of this build is to defend and to provide an efficient offensive attack.


Basically, this deck is all about hordes, spawns, and splash-type troops. At the start of the battle, you just have to wait for the opponent to drop any troop, just like a strategy in a chess match you need to defend your king and prepare for a massive fight back.

The Prince Defensive Deck:

Bomber Minions Spear Goblins Witch
bomber.png minions.png spear_goblins.png witch.png
Baby Dragon Giant Goblin Hut Prince
baby_dragon.png giant.png goblin_hut.png prince.png

Card Roles:

Originally, the idea of this Clash Royale Prince deck build was from So now, let’s start on breaking down the role of the following troops on this deck.

  • Prince - The key and main powers of the deck.
  • Baby Dragon and Witch – Will provide splash damage for hordes and swarm type of cards
  • Minions – Players can use either of the two swarm type units to see the opponent’s initial reaction.
  • Spear Goblins – Can be very effective to such airborne attacks
  • Goblin Hut and Witch – These guys are the excellent choice on delaying a very powerful tower destroyer such as X-Bow and Balloon
  • Giant – The Giant will absolutely help and serve as a tanker while the Prince is attacking

All troops are effective both on the defensive and offensive side of the game. The only thing that the players need to do is to experiment on different kind variations and combination for a much more powerful defense and attack.

Battle Strategy:

As what you can see from the deck, there are only two epic cards and the prince is only the main and important card. If Baby Dragon is not available in your rotation, you can simply replace it with another card with splash damage.

As what I’ve mentioned, the strategy of this deck revolves around the prince. As you will notice, we also have two range splash attackers such as the Baby Dragon and the Witch. These troops are going to support the Prince because he is kind of weak against hordes of low hit point troops like Goblins, Barbarians, and Skeletons.

First off, try to gauge your opponent’s reaction and cards by deploying a swarm of troops such as the Spear Goblins. These jolly green fellow are excellent on defending and fighting back against flying troops while the Bomber and Baby Dragon combination are great on countering spawn spammer deck.

The Witch and Goblin Hut can be very efficient on slowing down the pace and delaying some dominant outbreaks from commanding tower demolishers. After defending and enduring some assaults, the Prince can be used on fighting back. The Prince and Spear Goblins combination can be a wreaking havoc and will undeniably crash and burn the opposing Crown Tower.

Let’s also not forget about our jolly gentle Giant! This guy will be the best tanker the will absorb attacks for the Prince.

Deck Weakness:


Minions, Barbarians and Minion Horde - are great defensive stoppers against tankers

Spear Goblins and Bomber – Are units that can distract and overpower the Giant

Fireball and Baby Dragon - Can deal and stop the push from swarm of troops

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Though this video from Ash doesn’t share the same troops on this deck, we do have the same agenda which is to protect and surround the prince with range slashers units that will help him surge to the tower.

So what do you think of this deck guys? Please let us know and comment it down below!


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