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Chief! We compiled some of the handiest deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!

Clash Royale is rampaging the smartphone world and continues to rise up leaving some other new mobile games to fall behind.


Due to its popularity, clashers tend to look for further appropriate decks to suit their taste in playing the said game. Some players say that Clash Royale is the new reason why they sometimes miss attacking in clan wars in Clash of Clans. Oh, poor village! Well anyway, here is a good list of Prince & Barbs deck starting in early arenas! Hope you find this helpful, mate!

[First] Prince Barb + Hog Rider Deck:

Prince Barbarians Arrows Tesla
prince.png barbarians.png arrows.png tesla.png
Bomber Minions Minion Horde Hog Rider
bomber.png minions.png minion_horde.png hog_rider.png

Battle Strategy:

Drop your Tesla in the middle of your base. This will help out in defending your crown towers. Tesla will distract any troops especially Balloon, Giant, Giant Skeleton, Hog Rider and Baby Dragon.

Once secured, let your Barbarians walk all the way. The moment your Barbarians reach the borderline of your base, drop your Prince to rush towards the tower. Wait for a good timing in dropping your Minions or Minion Horde to defeat your opponent’s troops. The Bomber can also help you out in cleaning the lane. Make it an alternative card if run out of elixir.

The Hog Rider is a strong card when used properly. Always pair him with some Minions or Minion Horde for it to become unstoppable. The Arrows can help you as well. We can suggest you to make a pre-emptive shot for this, but it depends on the situation.

If possible, make a trio (Barb + Hog Rider + Prince) for a more epic attack.

[Second] Prince Barb + Witch Deck:



Battle Strategy:

Drop your Goblin Hut and wait for your opponent’s counter. By this, you will know what’s your next move in the game. On the first run, you will be thinking to rush a single tower by dropping Barbarians and Prince together. However, you will consume all your elixir in one move so this will be dangerous.

If being swarmed, use your Witch to make a splash damage and kill all of those in an instant. The Witch works well together with your Barbarians or Minion Horde. The Minion Horde can also help you kill beefy tanks like Giant or Skeleton King. You can also use Bomber in this situation. Bomber can be very helpful when times are tough. He can single-handedly defend your tower from swarm troops like Barbarians and a bunch of Goblins.

Barbs will be in charge on the ground while the other is in the air, making your Witch have her skeletons rise and make her fully protected at the back. If you have enough elixir, drop your Prince in the border line of your base to rush forward. The Prince gets easily distracted by troops and the best way to deal with those is to use Zap. This will help you clear your Prince’s surroundings instantly.

[Third] Prince Barb + Wizard Deck:



Battle Strategy:

Drop your Cannon in the middle to distract troops like the Balloon and the Giant. When using the Prince, always wait for your Barbarians to get on deck. Put your Barbs at the back of any tower and patiently wait for your elixir to pump up. Once you got enough elixir, drop your Prince with him.

If there are lots of troops ahead, deploy the Wizard to wipe them out. The Wizard can also one hit a bunch of Minions / Minion Horde so leveling him up before using will be a smart move. Use the Rocket to deal drastic damage to the opponent’s tower. It can easily give you a crown if used wisely.

Use Spear Goblins in defending. Zap can deal enough damage to defeat those annoying troops in its radar. In this way, the Prince can focus on the tower.

[Fourth] Prince Barb + Rage Spell Deck:



Battle Strategy:

Drop your Goblin Hut and if needed, drop your Witch with it. The Barbarians will take all the damage. They can also be effective in killing heavy damagers like the Musketeer. Acting as your main tank, support them by dropping the Spear Goblins or the Minion Horde at the back of it. Wait for the right time for your Prince + Barb combo. Let your other troops overwhelm a single lane and try to attack the opposite lane using your Prince and Barbarians.

Use your Minion Horde if being attacked by a Balloon, Barbarians or even Giant. They are also useful in taking down the Witch. Just make sure to drop them around her. Drop your Barbs at the back of your crown tower, wait for your Elixir and drop your Prince at the right moment. Make sure to have ample elixir to support these two by dropping any of your available cards for your opponent will counter your move. Arrows can also help you well. If you successfully reach a tower, drop your Rage for faster destruction.

[Fifth] Prince Barb + Fireball Deck:


The deck consists of the following cards:

Battle Strategy:

First, drop your Goblin Hut to gain early damage in your opponent’s tower. Put your Witch at the back of any of your buildings. Before reaching the border, drop your Barbarians to support the Witch and wait for a good timing to drop your Prince. Once done, drop your Bomber or Fireball to support your troops ahead. Use the Bomber if the majority of your opponent’s counter attack is on the ground or use Fireball if in the air. You can help your Witch in defeating those troops on sight.

The Fireball will also assist you in demolishing a tower. Dropping it in a dying tower is very comforting. It boosts confidence and advantage in some situations. The Minion Horde can help you out in defeating those tankers like the Giant and Barbarians. Use a Bomber or Spear Goblins to help them move further.


Have you picked your favorite deck in this article? Try and share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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