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Clash Royale October 2017 Leak Sneak Peek
Get to know what is coming in Clash Royale this October 2017 with these official leaks from the game devs.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on October 3, 2017.
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With its new Clash Royale update just around the corner this month, the game is stepping up the hype and released a few leaks and sneak peeks for you to munch on. Aside from the new game mode Clash Royale Touchdown and Clash Royale Quests, there are still a bunch of tricks up their sleeve.

October 2017 Update Leaks:

Aside from the minute details they teased us during their August Clash Royale AMA, we already confirmed two things, Touchdown and Quests. With this newest Sneak Peek from Clash Royale's Royale Radio, we confirmed that there are more to come.


This is the first leak that rang a bell to a lot of players in the arena. According to CWA, the game confirmed that players will have one new quest a day. This quest should be completed in ladder matches. There will also be a "long term quests" that you need to complete in order to open big chests.

  • They will also get rid of Free Chests but they will put it inside the shop instead. Players will now get free gems, coins, etc from the shop. Yes, no need to buy it.
  • More information on Quests here


We already have a preview on how the game will be. It is an arena without any King Towers and rivers and troops have to cross their end line to win a crown. Some cards are banned, some cards can only reach halfway through the arena, and spells can reach anywhere (minus log and GY). If you want to know more about this new game mode, you can click HERE to send you directly to our Clash Royale Touchdown page.

2 New Ladder Modes:

These two ladder modes are in rotation. They are like "events" that players need to participate in before the time ends.

Gold Rush:


Clash Royale is now making gold farming a little easier by having this new mode. With Gold Rush, for every tower you take down, even if you lose, you will earn extra gold.

For the first Tower, you will earn 100 Gold, second crown tower will earn you 200 Gold, and if you're able to take down the King Tower, you will get a total of 600 Gold.

The maximum Gold you can get for every Gold Rush is 5000.

Gem Rush:

This is what everybody wants. FREE GEMS! Mechanics is the same in Gold Rush but you will get Gems instead of Gold for every tower you destroy.

2v2 Revamp:


Players who enjoy random 2v2 will love it even more. With 2v2 additional features like Rematch, players can now battle with their new 3 minute bestfriend as long as they want. Sometimes, you just get paired with that perfect stranger that matches with your own deck. Crush through the 2v2 arena by using that new Rematch button. They are also adding new emotes that will let you chat with your new found friend. These pre-made chats are all randomized.

Casual Challenge:


The devs are making Challenges simpler. In Grand, Classic, and Event Challenges, the game will kick you out after three losses but in Casual Challenge, you can still continue. In this new Challenge Mode, the game doesn't count the number of losses but counts the number of wins. You can lose a bunch of times and still retain your ranking. Aside from that, you will also get rewarded with a free entry to another challenge. They are calling this a Multi-Stage Challenge.

Low level players can also get to enjoy Casual Challenge. They're bringing it down to level 3 from level 8.


Another addition is the ability to invite a friend in 2v2 Challenges. With this recent addition, you can now play with a tried and tested friend to work out a strategy before going in the actual challenge.

Mirror Challenge:


The most awaited Mirror Challenge. This challenge is where players are matched with another player with the same deck and card rotation as his. Both deck has the Mirror card to potentially give another player an advantage. As of this writing, the game is introducing it via 2v2 mode.

Shop Revamp:


The shop is getting a revamp. Since the Free Chest is saying bye-bye, sometimes you'll get freebies just like in the image above. You can no longer buy units per piece but in bundles. Commons are for 10 Gold each, Rares are 100 Gold each, Epics are still at 1000 Gold a piece. They are still offering Legendaries in Arena 10 and 11 but you can no longer buy more than 1.

The bundles you get each day differs with a number of cards you'll get to the price. Sometimes, 3 epics can only cost you 3000 Gold, which is a good deal as the prior Shop will charge you 6000 Gold for 3.

On Epic Sundays, you will get 1 free Epic card. In other days a free Silver Chest or a Golden Chest may also pop out.


Watch Bangs, Cip, and Dave talk about the incoming Clash Royale update and some cameo from Tim.

Final Overview:

This new Clash Royale Update is exciting. They are breathing new life in ladder matches and is also making low-level players experience the Challenge mode and practice. Of course, let us not forget that they said in Clash Royale AMA that they are also revamping the loading screen. Let us see what they have in store this October.

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