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The Giant Skeleton is really great to use with most Clash Royale Decks and today, I'll show you how, when, why, and what's the perfect deck to use a Giant Skeleton with.


Unlike  Giants, Giant Skeletons can attack other Ground Troops but at the same time, has a huge amount of HP.

What makes them a lot better than Giants(albeit the fact that he is 1 Elixir higher than Giants) is that they are carrying a huge bomb. If they get attacked by MOBs, he'll drop the bomb if he gets taken down and that bomb deals a huge area/splash damage to enemy troops.

The Giant Skeleton Deck:

Giant Skeleton Witch Skeleton Army Goblin Hut
giant_skeleton.png witch.png skeleton_army.png goblin_hut.png
Musketeer Valkyrie Arrows Spear Goblins
musketeer.png valkyrie.png arrows.png spear_goblins.png

Card Roles:

  • Spear Goblins - Perfect for protecting your Giant Skeleton or other troops from your enemy. They can also be used to provide more offense.
  • Arrows - Cheaper than Fireballs. Your Giant Skeleton is your main tanker. They tend to be the number one focus of your enemy/opponent and they will definitely use MOBs to defeat him easier and faster. Arrows provides a wider range than Fireballs so you can hit more enemy troops which is great against MOBs.
  • Valkyrie - One of your main supports for the Giant Skeleton. The Valkyrie deals huge area damage and has decent amount of HP. So make sure to put her near your Giant Skeleton so she can protect them from MOBs.
  • Musketeer - She is a lot better to use than Archers due to her longer attack range. Make sure to bring her down a little bit later than the Giant Skeleton so she can protect them from a distance without getting focused by other enemy troops.
  • Goblin Hut - You may think they are useless but they are perfect defense buildings for enemy troops that are trying to split-push! So if you see your enemy putting down their troops on the opposite side of where your troops are, bring down the Goblin Hut to get those Spear Goblins to protect your Crown Towers.
  • Skeleton Army - They are perfect to protect your base from split-pushers or to destroy Crown Towers fast.
  • Witch: The Witch can summon up to 3 Skeletons that can act as a shield for your other troops.
  • Giant Skeleton - The Giant Skeleton is useful for taking out Crown Towers. When his bomb explodes upon the Giant Skeleton's death, it will deal a huge amount of damage to the Tower.

Deck Strengths:

This Clash Royale deck is very aggressive in the sense that many of the cards deals heavy damage to the opponent's cards.

Gian Skeleton Deck Strategy:

Put the Giant Skeleton behind a tower. After that, wait a few more second for your Elixir to recharge then drop down a Valkyrie near/beside your Giant Skeleton or a Musketeer. A Giant Skeleton + Valkyrie + Musketeer + Witch is your core setup. If your opponent doesn't use any cards at this point and (probably) accepted defeat, drop down a Skeleton Army and watch them swarm your opponents Towers! It's a fun sight to watch.

As for defense, this is where your Goblin Hut and Arrows shines! Tired of those pesky Split-Pushers? Deploy your Goblin Hut and watch your Spear Goblins defend your other Crown Towers as your Giant Skeleton and other troops are busy destroying your enemy base.

Deck Weakness

The only thing that we could see is if both players have the same lineup, or when the opponent's deck is purely defensive. Otherwise, this deck will be unbeatable.

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In Closing:

I hope you liked this Deck, don't forget to leave a like and a comment!


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  • For arena 5 I suggest to use zap lvl6+ and fire ball lvl5+ instead of spear goblin and arrows. What your opinion? -- 15:46, 2 December 2016 (UTC)
  • For arena 5 I suggest to use zap lvl6+ and fire ball lvl5+ instead of spear goblin and arrows. What your opinion? -- 15:45, 2 December 2016 (UTC)
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