Understanding how to get the most out of your Clash Royale Gems is critical for all players. Today, we are going to show you the best ways to do that.


In Clash Royale gems are actually very precious, yes really and no I'm not referring to the Lord of the Rings. Gems allow players to buy treasure chest, which could contain Legendary, Epic, Magic, Rare and Common cards. Along with Gold, you can all use them to open all the chest won from matches, instead of waiting 3 or more hours to open them. But this might not be the best option, we'll explain why a little later on.

While there are a few ways to earn gems in the game, such as through completing task/accomplishments (They really should rename that), or buying donating cards to clan members., you really should want to save them and here's why.

How to Spend Gems As a Free Player

Probably the most important topic we can cover here is how to manage your gems. Sounds like a finance class right?

You can think of gems as a way to get close to buy the Epic cards you've been wanting. This may come as a surprise but don't spend them on opening treasure chest. Instead, use them to buy gold and then buy the card you want/need or upgrade the cards you have.

Keeping your cards upgraded is a key factor in winning matches and moving up to the next Clash Royale Arena.

To further avoid the gold bottleneck, resist the urge to spend what gems you do have on speeding up chests. There will always be more chests. Instead, buy more gold and get yourself closer to buying some great epic cards or somesuch. Play the free way right, and you end up a more cautious, savvy player: you won’t advance as quickly, but you’ll have a better strategy.


What Level Cards Do You Need?

1st, save your Gems! You want to use them for one or two big buys that will equip you with the cards that you need in order to have a deck that will take you to Arena 7. So ideally you want to focus on getting your cards to theses levels:

Epic Cards: Level 3 Rare Cards: Level 6 Common Cards: Level 8

Here's how your Gems will come in, use 500 Gems to purchase 10,000 Gold. Be sure to make use of the 1,000 Gold bundle. By doing this, you save 100 Gems.


Next, upgrade all your cards. This makes it easier to win matches. However, make sure you to upgrade the cards you use for your deck strategies first as this will take a huge chunk of Gold. After that, you will want to buy one Epic Card 6 times, so that you can upgrade it to level 3, which will take it to 12,000 Gold.

The next step is to check the Shop every day and use your Gold to buy a Rare Cards. They aren't too expensive and you can make the profit off of donating them. Again only buy an Epic Card if it's the one you really wanted.

One more thing I'd like to warn you about is buying chests. As an F2P player, buying chest is not worth the risk. You never know what you are going to get. Even after you bought the chest, you might not have enough Gold left over to upgrade the cards you got from it.

How To Spend Gems After Buying Them


If you are buying Gems, then the strategy is going to be a little bit different. First, Gems could last for weeks or months before you run out. That's pretty nice.

Then you guessed it, after purchasing Gems to buy the 10,000 Bundle of Gold or 100,000 Bundle of Gold, only use them again to open Chests when your Chest Row is full.

When using Gems to open Chests, open Silver Chest during the day and then unlock Gold, Giant or Magical Chest while you sleep.

So these are our tips and tricks on how to earn gems for free along with how to manage them!

If this is helpful, please let us now by commenting below and if you have ay questions or opinions please share them as well!

Until next time, good game!



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