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2016-04-15-11-08-24-dark_prince_prince_wall.jpg In the legendary arena where highly skilled players reside, take a look at this Double Prince + Pekka strategy and see if you can be one of the masters of Clash Royale.


The Prince and Dark Prince made their own debut separately, making them two of the most popular cards being used today in the Clash Royale Universe.

The Prince possesses critical damage in a single-target while the Dark Prince carries the splash damage, making them a perfect combo together. As we focus on these two troops in this article, we will be introducing the decks we collected in each arena, here in Clashroyalepedia.


Prince & Dark Prince’s Strength

As stated, the Prince acquires a great amount of power in each of his strike focusing on a single victim at a time. The Prince is popular not only in early arenas but also in the higher arenas even without the help of the Dark Prince in some decks due to its versatility; he can be paired with any other troops available.

Most of the deck in higher arenas contains the Dark Prince and if he is present, you will frequently see a Prince acting as his best buddy. His shield in his first run, as well as his splash damage, are just what the normal Prince need in reaching towards a specific tower.

To use the power of these two in full burst, we will introduce effective decks you can use in any arena that you are currently in! Are you ready? Here we go

Double Prince + Pekka Deck:

Prince Dark Prince P.E.K.K.A Princess
Prince Dark Prince P.E.K.K.A Princess
Elixir Collector Ice Wizard Arrows Freeze
Elixir Collector Ice Wizard Arrows Freeze

Card Roles:

  • P.E.K.K.A - This card will help you out tank and damage at the same time.
  • Dark Prince - Splash damage at its finest. Use him with any other of your troops to see the difference!
  • Prince - Can deal a lot of damage in towers supplied with a bulk amount of HP.
  • Ice Wizard - Can make a delay from receiving heavy damage from troops ahead.
    • Ice Wizard's alternative card: Minions
  • Princess - Her range and fiery arrows can annihilate those troops ahead.
    • Princess' alternative card: Archers
  • Elixir Collector - Your extra elixir will help you all throughout the game from start up to the last. Very useful in not only in providing an additional elixir boost but also can be used in defending your base.
  • Freeze - To stop anyone who dares to kill your pushing troops or wreck your own defenses.
  • Arrows - Kill those swarm troops in just a snap by dropping these handy arrows in your deck.

Double Prince + Pekka Deck Battle Strategy:

Drop your Elixir Collector in the middle part of your base and wait for your opponent’s answer. If a PEKKA has been dropped, counter it also with a PEKKA. If a Dark Prince or Prince has been dropped, deal it with your own Dark Prince or Prince as well. Your crown tower will help you out to kill those pesky troops on your way and if successful, make a combo with your Dark Prince.

Dark Prince provides splash damage and if paired with your Prince, they are going to be unstoppable. Always drop your PEKKA behind your King’s Tower to buy time and elixir. Always prepare a help from your cards. Pairing it with the two Princes will be great, but make sure to have a supporting troop for them to counter any air troops that can be cast by your opponent.

Princess and Ice Wizard will play a vital role in your deck so using them in a timely manner is very important. Always be wary and prepared on those incoming Arrows for it can kill your Princess in one hit. Ice Wizard can cause a lot of delay in your opponent’s troops and due to this, your PEKKA and Princes can make their own way to enter the lair of your enemy.

Your PEKKA will definitely play his role freely if supported accordingly. Utilize your Freeze Spell in stopping your enemy’s move while having a push or defending your own towers. Use Arrows to stop the Princess or any swarm troops that will be demolishing your base.

Minions and Archers as Alternatives

If you do not possess an Ice Wizard card, the Minions card is a viable unit for it.

Minions can be used to eliminate incoming huge HP troops. You can use it as a distraction once your PEKKA and Double Princes crossed the river. As you prepare for your Freeze Spell, Minions will serve as the "extra killers" floating above your trio.

Archers must always be behind your troops to perform massive damage against the enemies. Place them in a spot wherein they will not be reached by any splash counters.

Double Prince + PEKKA Deck Gameplay

Here is the video for this one of a kind deck where the clasher called it as an OP deck in this level! Watch it and look for more tips visually to help you further.


As mentioned, highly skilled players reside in Arena 8. Which means the players know how to counter each and every strategy. They might use a giant to lure your Pekka away. And with your Pekka out, a swarm troop can quickly take down your Prince. Also, once you put down a Pekka, it is natural for the opponent to think that you have 0 - 3 elixir, letting him think of the smartest way possible to create a positive elixir advantage.

In order to make this work, we recommend that you focus on making sure your high attack troops are protected. In theory, if you cannot take down the enemy in the beginning, you can wait for the last 30 seconds where elixir is doubled so you can utilize the deck freely.

Clash Royale Double Prince Strategy
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Prince Strategy Arena 3 and Above

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Have you got your own OP deck together with these three epic cards? Share it with us in our comment section below!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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  • well, if you don't have, then there are certainly other ways. Poison can slow down enemies, as well as Freeze. -- 09:21, 22 June 2016 (UTC)
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