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2016-05-30-04-38-18-Screenshot_2016-05-30_13.37.39.png Here's how to get your way through Clash Royale's Arena 4 even without the elusive Baby Dragon and the tank Prince.


It’s pretty frustrating not owning your dream cards in the early run of the game. You always wait for a Free Chest. Or maybe wait for any other chest to be available and do hope for an epic card to randomly appear. But don’t worry my dear clasher, you are not alone. Even I do not have a Baby Dragon, yet. I have got the Prince but seldom use it as one of the cards in my main deck. Packed with early troops from the training camp, here is a more elixir friendly deck we have found on Youtube by Spencer23$! Here is the deck below!

Deck Strength

With an average elixir cost of 3.8, this deck can make an offense or defense move at the same time. Your Knight and/or Giant will serve as your damage soaker troop while your Bomber and Witch will do the splash damage. Both splashers have their own use when it comes to air and ground counters. With the help of your other cards, victory can be gained by making a team combo in every offensive play and carefully dropping your chosen troop to defend.

Giant Witch + Bomber Deck

Giant Knight Archers Bomber
Giant Knight Archers Bomber
Musketeer Arrows Witch Fireball
Musketeer Arrows Witch Fireball

Card Roles

  • Knight - Damage and Fair HP for tank purposes. Can be partnered with Giant for better performance. 
  • Archers - These girls might not be that strong but can kill time and can be a better support if partnered with Knight or Giant. 
  • Bomber - Ground splasher. Very useful in killing those pesky troops in a few seconds.
  • Arrows - Useful in times of pressure. Can defend your tower in just a blow.
  • Fireball - Can be used both for bringing down a tower or can be far more useful than Arrows in defending towers.
  • Giant - Your main tank in-game. Through him, you can advance in the lane with your supporting cards at the back. Clash time!
  • Musketeer - Armed with a harmful damage. Musketeer can wreck a tower if supported wisely!

Battle Strategy

Wait for the opponent to move and counter it. In this arena, swarm troops are usually used so this will be a great time to showcase the power of your splashers. Drop a Witch at the back of a tower. Then drop the Musketeer or the Bomber for full support.

If being swarmed by the opponent’s troops drop your bomber at the back of your main troops or tower to help out get rid of those. If successful, drop a Giant ahead and let him tank everything in front. Bomber will keep your Giant away from being killed because of its splash damage.

The Witch and the Musketeer tandem will be very useful together with them. They can attack air troops if ever your opponent drops them.

Arrows will be a good help to you. If you ran out of troops and being swarmed then drop it in the best place you know can kill every troop. While the Fireball is almost the same with Arrows, you can make an epic finale by using your Fireball in a dying tower or if lucky, in the King’s Tower. For threee!

Deck Weakness

This deck can be countered by a Valkyrie with some Minions or Minion Horde. Once you enter crossed the river, the enemy can drop a Valk in the center of your Giant and supporting troops killing any killers behind your Giant. It is important to make a distance when dropping your cards to see what will be the next move of your enemy. By doing this, you will avoid all your troops being killed at the same time. Use your Arrows and Fireball in a good timing, when being swarmed or while pushing.

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Travelling from Arena 3 to Arena 4 is tough with this guy, but if there’s a will, consistency and patience you can reach your dreams! Watch the video with a great commentary of the clasher below.

Clash Royale - The BEST DECK (230 three crown wins in 4 days!)

Source: Spencer23$ - Clash Royale and Clash of Clans


Having no epics does not mean you are in a disadvantage position in every battles. The combination of your available troops is more important than any cards out there. Strategize and win!

Special thanks to Spencer23$ for this very useful deck!

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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