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Considered as one of the best defensive cards in Clash Royale, the Goblin Hut gives you the benefit of defending and attacking at the same time.


The Goblin Hut is an offensive and defensive card that can be unlocked in the Goblin Stadium arena. The spawned Spear Goblins are very useful, most especially if you are type of player that values the combination of defending and attacking. This card, if combined with a great tanker and supporting cast can be very effective in pushing for crowns and trophies in Arena 3 and beyond!


The best thing that the Goblin Hut can contribute on every deck, is its tenacity and pushing prowess. Both of which are vital in every battle. Goblin Huts can strengthen up the push by overwhelming every opponent. Though it costs you 5 elixirs, you can still stretch its usage and can make the most out of it. Presence of mind and quick reaction to every opponent drop is essential for this deck.

Goblin Hut Deck:

Goblin Hut Tombstone Spear Goblins Goblins
goblin_hut.png tombstone.png spear_goblins.png goblins.png
Giant Witch Cannon Minions
giant.png witch.png cannon.png minions.png

Card Roles:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Goblin Hut and Tombstone – These cards hand in hand will stand as the trump cards of this deck. Together, they will overwhelm every opponent with bunch of spawns. The Goblin Hut and Tombstone will not just overwhelm the enemies, they are also the perfect backup for tanker unit that will surge the push.

Spear Goblins and Goblins – They can be for defensive purposes just in card the opponent sneaks something on the opposite lane.

Giant - The meatshield of the push. The Giant will stand in front and will take every attack and damage in order to break through the opponent’s field.

Witch – Because of her spawned skeletons, splash damage, and area of effect, the Witch can easily wipe out hordes whether it’s on the defensive or offensive side of the game.

Cannon – Placing the cannon in between your crown towers can help you easily neutralize any attack.

Minions – These three can defuse an aerial attack and can also be efficient on taking out low HP troops.

Battle Strategy:

Before we start some action, wait until the bar of your Elixir is full. Wait for your opponent’s drop before deploying your card. This will give you a hint what kind of patterns your opponents will use and what type of cards he has on his sleeves. It will also give you time to quickly think what kind of defense and attack strategy you will give them in return.

Next, deploy the Goblin Hut on the side where your opponent is pushing. The spawning of the Goblin Hut will stand as the façade of your defense. Of course, some other troops can help to strengthen up the defense.

This course of defense and counter-attack cycle will continue until the Giant is available. Once the Giant is already on your deck’s roster, drop him behind your tower. Since the Giant walks so slowly, it can buy you sometime to replenish your Elixir. Once you reached the full bar status of your Elixir, you will be able to accompany the Giant with other troops such as the Witch and Spear Goblins.

If the combination of Giant and Witch failed on the first attempt, do not be afraid. You still have the cannon and the Goblin Hut to neutralize the remaining troops of the first clash. The process of defend and attack will last, roughly on the 2 minutes mark of the match. Defending your field from the attack through the assistance of Goblin Hut and Tombstone can gradually relieve you and take some time to reload your Elixir as well.

If you somehow managed to break through your opponent’s field before reaching the 2 minutes mark, this will give you an extreme advantage. The continuous spawn of Goblin Hut and Tombstone will continually pressure your opponents.

At the last moment, surprise your opponent with a full force attack from Giant, Witch, and Spear Goblins . The tanking job from the Giant and Witch’s summon can easily distract the units, leaving the Witch and Spear Goblins unfazed and unchallenged.


2016-04-18-08-02-47-Goblin_Hut_Weakness.JPG 2016-04-18-08-02-45-Goblin_Hut_Deck_Weakness.JPG

Though we can find the strength in numbers on this deck, it also has its own weaknesses when matched to other cards, most especially cards with high HP and splash damages. If there’s any instances your opponents are wielding any of the troops above, don’t fret and lose hope, as you all have the power to experiment and formulate combinations that can cancel them out.

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