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Clash Royale's Arena 2 or Bone Pit is easily one of the relaxing arenas in Clash Royale. If you are having a hard time picking the best cards to build a good deck. Check out suggested decks here to help you move up in Arena 3.

Trophies Required: 400+

Bone Pit, or the Arena 2, is easily the home of newbies in Clash Royale. It is based on skeletons, hence, all unlockables are, well, mostly bones. So, what are the best decks to use in Arena 2?

Giant and Witch Combo:

Giant Witch Spear Goblins Arrows
giant.png witch.png spear_goblins.png arrows.png
Bomber Musketeer Tombstone Minions
bomber.png musketeer.png tombstone.png minions.png

This deck has quite low average elixir (3.5) which makes it easy to push and defend lanes.

  • Giant and WitchPrimary units for attacking.
  • Spear Goblins and Minions - Defenders of the lane and can create distraction from other tanks.
  • Bomber and Arrowsuse to kill all the low HP units swarming the Giant.
  • MusketeerUse for pushing lanes or countering aerial units.
  • Tombstone - To distract other tanks, and to give an additional push with its skeletons.

How to use

This deck is pretty easy to use. The main focus of attack is the Giant and Witch. In Arena 2, it is a lot easier to win with a Witch, but it is hard to get one so you are lucky if you already have one in your deck.

Wait until you reach 10 elixirs. If the enemy attacks first, use minions, tombstone and spear goblins to counter them. Drop your giant at the back of your tower. After a while, drop down your witch behind the giant. This way, the witch will summon skeletons to aid the push, her AOE attack is also good for killing minions and skeletons.

Use arrows if the enemy tries to counter you with Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. If he fails to counter your push, this will lead to a tower being destroyed quickly.  You can drop down a musketeer on the other lane to confuse your enemy. She can also deal additional damage to the other tower just in case you need to destroy it in the overtime.

You can also combine Giant and Musketeer, they are also a pretty good team. 

Clash Royale - WITCH AND GIANT TAG TEAM!!! (best deck)

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The Epic Deck:

Knight Archers Spear Goblins Fireball
knight.png archers.png spear_goblins.png fireball.png
Prince Baby Dragon Lightning Bomb Tower
prince.png baby_dragon.png lightning.png bomb_tower.png
  • Prince and Baby Dragon - Main tool for pushing. Prince for offensive while the Baby Dragon is the one defending him from swarm units.
  • KnightSolid unit in lower arenas. He can easily defend a lane.
  • Archers and Spear Goblins - main defensive units for aerial attacks.
  • Lightning and Fireball - for destroying low HP towers and buildings put down by enemies.
  • Bomb TowerMain defensive building for melee units.

How to use

This deck is hard to build since there are 3 epics and 2 rare cards. However, if you manage to get luck and snag these cards in some of the chests you open. You are in for a treat.

First off, only go for defensive first. Prince can easily get attracted on anything he sees, unlike the Giant which can only look for buildings. Once the enemy attacks, put down the bomb tower if all of them are just melee units, put down a knight and archers if there is a tank or mini P.E.K.K.A. Use archers and Spear goblins if the enemy uses aerial units to attack. If he puts down a hut, destroy it with lightning.

The Prince will come into play once the enemy exhausts his elixirs. Prince has a horse and he is one of the fastest units in Clash Royale. When he charges, his attack is almost doubled. He can easily destroy a tower in seconds. You can put down a Baby Dragon to assist the Prince in attacking since the enemy would probably retaliate with low HP units.

This deck has pretty high average elixir so make sure to test the waters first, or check what cards he has by putting down some archers and a knight.

Arena 2 Dual Push Deck

Archers Bomber Musketeer Prince
archers.png bomber.png musketeer.png prince.png
Goblin Hut Mini P.E.K.K.A Goblin Barrel Minions
goblin_hut.png mini_PEKKA.png goblin_barrel.png minions.png
  • Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A - main tanks of the deck.
  • Bomber - Main defensive unit for melee. Its AOE damage is also good for defending the tanks.
  • Archer and Minion - Main defensive unit for aerial and they can distract tanks.
  • Musketeer - great defensive unit for aerial attacks and offensive unit for assisting the tanks
  • Goblin Hut and Goblin Barrel - key card for pressuring towers.

Dual Push Deck Strategy

Want to crush your opponent morale? Then try this deck that can utterly destroy both sides of the enemy's territory!

How to Use

This is a modified version of the Arena 4 deck I've built before.

First off, drop down your Goblin hut at the start of the match. This is to pressure your enemy. If you also have a Goblin barrel in your deck. Throw it on the tower where the Spear Goblins are pushing the lane.  This will prompt your enemy to counter it, since Goblin Barrel can be annoying. They can easily deal tremendous damage to the tower if left unattended. Otherwise, drop down a musketeer to have similar effects on the tower.

If the enemy tries to push a lane. Quickly defend it with archers and minions. Bomber is also good if it is low HP units. A musketeer is also good for defending a lane especially if the enemy is using Balloon or Baby Dragon.

If the enemy is trying to push a lane, you can sneak attack using the Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A. You can add a bomber to assist the tanks. The matches are always grinding which means you have to deal more damage if you cannot destroy his tower. 

By the 60-second mark, you can easily destroy his low HP towers by throwing a Goblin Barrel on their tower. Most players in Arena 2 do not know how to react to it and it is a win for you.

Clash Royale Episode 3 Level 4 Towers with the PEKKA and Prince

What do you think?

Try these decks if you are having a hard time building up a deck in Arena 2. It is usually easy to win in Arena just by having a good tank and support.

If you have any suggestion or comments, let us know!


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