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Clash Royale AMA - August 30, 2017
Clash Royale Dev team gladly answered questions in their Reddit AMA. Find out which Q&A made their mark in this article.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 31, 2017.
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The Clash Royale dev team recently made an AMA on their official Reddit account. They also posted a notification in the app itself to let everybody know and join in. Questions revolved around matchmaking, a Sparky buff, 2v2, etc. In this article, we will talk about the incoming October update and their plans.

October Update:

Yes, the Clash Royale dev team gave us a sneak peek in the upcoming October update and these include the following:


Summary of spoilers:




And much more :D #bestupdateever


These three new spoilers coming this October Update is pretty exciting. My idea of their "Quests" quote is more like missions. It will probably work like you need to use a Hog Rider or use a card in order to get a couple of gems or gold.

New Arena:

We are currently working on a new arena!


Anybody noticed the gap between Arena 10 - Hog Mountain and Arena 11 - Legendary Arena? It has an 800 trophy gap. More or less this new arena will sit at 3400 trophy range to make the Legendary Arena more reachable.

New Cards Release:

We're aiming to release one new card a month, so our next new card will most probably come out towards the end of September.

We haven't decided what cards will be in the next update yet, but we've been toying around with the idea of the ghost again!


Since the Mega Knight recently launched, expect a new card at the end of September. It can be the Flying Machine or the Skeleton Barrel. As Tim shares, they are also checking out the Ghost. You can see its image | HERE.


Skins are great, You might see some in the new update.

The Skins here are not for troops but for towers instead. If you can still remember Clash Royale Red, where towers are in Red color, this is going to look the same.

New Intro Screen:

Yeah, definitely. It's currently being worked on (it might make it in for the next update).

Working on it :)


The game is more than a year now and they are currently planning to change the intro / loading screen. This update may also come on the October update.

Refund on Tourneys:

We're actually removing the full refund (when canceling tournaments) in the next update.


I am not aware how these Tourney scamming goes but seems like some players are canceling tournaments to get a refund. Probably after getting a couple of cards and then canceling.

Mirror Mode:


We agree that it had potential but it just wasn't quite as good as it should've been. For the next update, we have one cool variant coming of the random deck mode that I can talk about: The Mirror mode where both players get the exact same random deck with the exact same deck rotation. It's kind of hard to find excuses when losing one of those matches and we've had a blast playing around with the mode :)


PS. This is different from the other cool secret gamemode that Bangs has been teasing about all over the place :)

Remember the King's Cup Challenge, where players are given random decks to play with? This new game mode is almost the same but both players will have the same cards and same card rotation. This will test out your skills and good placements of cards. Exciting!

2v2 being permanent:

Tim has no plans to remove it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hmmm... OK! For you, ZealTheSeal, I'll keep it in the game.


With this 2v2 game mode kept in the game, there is almost zero chance for you and your team mates in getting 10/10 crown chests. Unless there's only you and your lazy team mates grinding.

Final Overview:

The October Update is going to be pretty big! With a lot of spoilers hanging around in their AMA, we are getting hyped. The Ghost idea is pretty wicked too. More or less, they might release it in Halloween or around November. If you want to read their full Reddit AMA you can click | HERE.

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Last modified: 4, 09, 2017

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