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The Giant is a formidable tanker in Clash Royale. He's so bulky, capable of receiving damage yet will still take time to go down. This deck will focus on that side of the giant - him being a tanker. In that way, the troops behind your giant can do attack all the enemy troops and provide support in the rear to push on a lane.

We can confirm that this deck can easily let you push for trophies from Arena 3 to Arena 4!


The Giant has a huge amount of HP and destroys buildings faster than other troops. Although they are really slow and can be defeated easily by MOBs, the right troops behind him can spell the difference between utilizing this strategy to or against your favor.

The Giant Deck:

Arrows Fireball Spear Goblins Musketeer
arrows.png fireball.png spear_goblins.png musketeer.png
Valkyrie Barbarians Baby Dragon Giant
valkyrie.png barbarians.png baby_dragon.png giant.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant: The Giant is the main tanker of this Deck. If you don’t have enough Elixir to launch a decent push with Giant, drop him behind your King’s Tower so by the time it reaches the bridge, you can have 2-3 backup troops behind him. He can be used for either offense or defense. Take note that they are really slow and focuses on buildings rather than troops.
  • Baby Dragon: For only 4 elixirs, you can set the Baby Dragon alongside a Giant and a Valkyrie. Most importantly, it has splash damage to kill ground troops. Thus, it is an important support for the Giant.
  • Musketeer: With her huge amount of damage and long range, she can wipe out troops before they even come near close her.
  • Barbarians: The Barbs are the perfect defense for all Decks. Make sure to upgrade them first though so they can't be defeated by a single Fireball. You can use them behind the giant, but we prefer that you use them for defense, like when a counter push is happening at the other lane.
  • Valkyrie: The Valkyrie's area damage is important against swarm troops like the Skeleton Army. Also, she can kill other low health troops with just one swing of her axe.
  • Fireball and Arrows: These 2 spell cards are necessary. The Fireball can support in dealing damage to whatever is against your Giant or incoming enemy. The arrow is your last bet against swarm troops. The Fireball can also be a perfect way to end the battle. :)
  • Spear Goblins: If place behind the Giant, they can provide the damage needed against incoming enemies and towers that are so focused on your giant.

You can do some swapping here and there. For example, the Bomber can replace the Arrows.

Deck Strengths:

This deck is good for a slow build-up and push. This is perfect against Deck with low-elixir enemy troops or even decks with so many high-elixir troops. Before they can kill the Giant, it, together with the support behind him may have already snatched a tower before the enemy can respond.

Giant Deck Strategy:

Giant + Baby Dragon + Valkyrie + Musketeer will mainly be the core setup for your pushes. At the beginning of the match, put the Giant behind your King Tower so you recharge your Elixir before putting down another troop. Put the Valkyrie close to your Giant so she can wipe out those pesky MOBs that are trying to take down him down. Put the Musketeer about 2-4 tiles from your Giant so she doesn't get focused on by your opponent. This is also for her to take out enemy troops from a distance while not taking any damage.

If your enemy doesn't use any cards at that point, drop down the Spear Goblins near your Musketeer for extra defense and offense. If the enemy decides to counter you on the same length, the Giant should be the focus of their attack. Either way, add support behind him so they can die easily.

If you didn't get the card that you want at the beginning, you can replace the giant with a low elixir troop to start the match. Hopefully, the Giant card will appear. If there is still none, the Valkyrie or the Barbarian will do. Sometimes it will be much better to wait for your core setup to appear at this point if the enemy began pushing on either lane. 

Some popular alternatives for the push are Giant + Musketeer + Spear Goblin + Baby Dragon or Giant + Valkyrie + Spear Goblins. If you are pushing on one lane and then the opponent try to go to the other lane, use the Barbarians to hold them down.

Deck Weakness:

There's no really big weakness of the Giant deck unless you didn't get good cards at the beginning of the match. Sometimes if this is the case it will be better to just wait for the opponent so that you can counter him. If there's one, you might find it difficult to deal with the Giant Skeleton. If that is the case, prepare your elixir so that you'll have enough to draw cards once the Giant Skeleton is defeated. Another counter here is the Freeze spell, which is fortunately not popular in Arena 3 and in the lower levels of Arena 4.

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While the Giant is so slow, you can see from above that with the right troops behind him, you can snatched a tower or two. I hope this article helps you if you're thinking to ditch the giant. He is one of the best cards in the games as long as you utilize it properly.

Special thanks to people in the office who tried this deck and proved to be effective. 


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  • Awesome! We're glad to be of help. :) -- 05:36, 25 July 2016 (UTC)
  • Best deck ever!used it to rank up to A4 -- 11:13, 23 July 2016 (UTC)