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Jimmy Fallon 2v2 Deck
2v2 is right around the corner and what a great way to welcome it with the one and only Jimmy Fallon's best 2v2 Deck.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 15, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

Let us welcome back 2v2 with the one and only Jimmy Fallon's famous 2v2 deck. Who would've thought that this famous comedian is also playing Clash Royale. Here is his deck that he posted in his own Youtube account which is both fun and easy to use. It does not have legendaries too.

The strength of this deck relies mainly on the Prince's charging power. It also has two tanks, the Giant and the Baby Dragon. With that said, this deck can be a beatdown deck or an ambush deck with a sudden Prince attack to the other lane.

  • By the way, for the best 2v2 decks, click here. Keep in mind that, the best way to play 2v2 is with someone insync with you. No deck can win in 2v2 if you partner player is not doing his part!

Jimmy Fallon 2v2 Deck:

Baby Dragon Giant Musketeer Minion Horde
baby_dragon.png giant.png musketeer.png minion_horde.png
Poison Prince Witch Zap
poison.png prince.png witch.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - It can take care of any Swarm units both air and ground. You can also use it as a tank.
  • Giant - The deck's main tanker. You can put units behind him like the Witch or the Musketeer.
  • Musketeer - She can deal a great amount of damage behind the Giant. She can also take care flying tanks such as the Lava Hound.
  • Minion Horde - They can shred units to bits. A defense unit that can go into offense.
  • Poison - Spell card that can protect your push. You can either use it to protect your Prince or your Giant push.
  • Prince - In this deck, Jimmy uses him as an ambush card. He places him right away without any support if the opponent is trying his/her best in countering the Giant push.
  • Witch - A good AoE unit for both air and ground. Put her behind your Giant.
  • Zap - Clears away swarm units or resets the Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

Basing on Jimmy Fallon's strategy, he went ahead with a naked Prince at the bridge and waited for back up from his partner. He then added the Musketeer to add damage. If you have spells in hand, protect it with either your Poison or Zap.

Basically what you want to do is to rush into your opponent's crown tower with the Prince and then protect it with your spells. You then switch to your beatdown deck with your Giant and your support units in the other lane and once he/she is busy defending, go back with your Prince again to finish off the other tower.


This is all about rushing and ambushing. Start with a Prince and wait for your partner to back him up. After getting enough elixirs, place the Musketeer and then get ready for another spell. After your Prince push is countered, go for a beatdown strategy on the other lane. Have enough support behind your Giant and then rush in again with the Prince on the other lane to finish remaining health of the other tower.


You have your Minion Horde to finish chunky units. You also have your Baby Dragon and Witch to battle against swarms. With these troops, you can always go for a push just by placing your Giant at the bridge.


Just like with other beatdown decks, this deck looks like it is weak against Inferno Dragons and Inferno Tower. If the opponent plants one, you have your Zap and Minion Horde to finish them.


Watch how Jimmy Fallon plays live in 2v2 and get a 2 crown win!

Final Overview:

Since 2v2 is a couple of days away, I might actually test this deck myself. I just have to make my Prince in a good level and try this split / beatdown deck. It has a good aerial and anti-swarm units and you can never go wrong with the Giant in your deck.

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Last modified: 16, 08, 2017

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